October 9, 2010

Which House & Garden Would He Most Likely Choose? (see poll) + 'Somebody Else' by bccmee

Of the following 2 bdrm houses, which in your opinion would RA most likely choose?..
                                                                1.  The Gisborne
                                                               2. The Thorntons
                                                                   3. The Lucas
Setting the mood for Ep 4...Spooks vid 'Somebody Else' by bccmee..


Judith Johnson said...

Based on your prior posting, I will guess the cheapest one!! I actually like the Lucas the best but since I must be loyal to Sir Guy I guess I must pick the Gisborne. I should think that Sir Guy and Lady Gisborne would have much more medieaval digs however.

Ricrar said...

judith, they're in the London area, therefore even the cheapest is a very large chunk of change.

Found it very revealing that Richard avoided financially over extending himself while millions of worldwide urban home buyers (those were the locations where the vast majority of the housing bubble occurred) were following the 'bigger is better' sales pitch. Either he took JT's philosophy to heart or perhaps that's always been his nature. Remember when asked a couple yrs ago about his love life, the cautious reply "very sparse."

Wouldn't he be wise to keep that careful attitude in most areas of life as his celebrity increases?

C21 choices didn't provide anything w/a medieval flair:) The Gisborne hasn't as yet received one vote--reminds me of all the misfortune that befell young Guy in RH3...slight exaggeration;)

Judith Johnson said...

Was thrilled to read that RA is frugal and a saver both qualities I admire (shades of JT) however, I would hope he wouldn't have qualms on buying nice jewelery for that special someone! GoG evidently has a flair for giving jewelry as presents as he gave Marian two lovely rings but he *appropriated* the necklace from someone else!

Anonymous said...

RA mentioned in an interview he got ideas on how to propose from VoD so maybe he also had picked up ideas from Guy on gifts, hehe.


Ricrar said...

Once he'd made the ceremonial ring purchases and possibly passed along a family treasure...maybe a grdmother's necklace or pin - he could consider himself free from the jewelry purchases requirement for me:)

Only wear it for special occasions & then it's usually wedding/engagement rings & one of a couple necklaces passed down by previous generations. Everything else sits in a jewelry box(a gift) & gathers dust:) Hubby's well aware of that fact.

My deliriously happy reaction to his recent Kindle surprise probably reinforced the 'something other than jewelry' impression on his mind.

Does richard study a special someone's stated preferences and act accordingly when purchasing gifts.

We know on the receiving end he would be happy w/a surprise getaway to some remote ski chalet. Wonder if he would also appreciate a vintage wine or perhaps some unique tiny treasure associated w/Richard III?..definitely theatre tickets.

Believe we can assume he has a never-ending supply of chocolate:)