March 27, 2014

Richard Armitage:Today's Interview(see vid) + Jameson Empire Awards(see videos) + Thanks to richardarmitagecentral website for Finding Hamlet Samples(link below) + Photo from Cinema Con, Las Vegas + New Teaser Trailer for #IntoTheStorm Opening Aug 8

Brilliant Then and Now comparison by fan Chrissy:
Fans have decided the Chop look is *Guynetesque*...
NEWS: found samples of RA new Hamlet a Novel narration.  Listen at
RA accepts Best Sci Fi Fantasy Empire Award for DoS:
Above: RA (sporting his  longer Chop hair) today in Las Vegas with his Into The Storm co-star Sarah Wayne Callies(she appeared in The Living Dead with his former Strike Back co-star Andrew Lincoln)

March 24, 2014

Richard Armitage:Photos--Gary Morris Pre Storm & Into the Storm + RAnet Tweet Confirms He Will Attend CinemaCon in Las Vegas,Mar 27 + USA Today on Into The Storm Preview

Asst Principal Gary Morris looks dry so this must be the calm before we go #IntoTheStorm..

NEWS: twitter account tweeted it is confirmed that  RA will attend CinemaCon this Thurs, Mar 27.  The Into the Storm director tweeted the film's teaser will be released Thurs afternoon..
Found it on Twitter:
Live life Like somebody Left the Garden gate open ... (Unknown author)

This exclusive first look shows the awesome tornado power on display in 'Into the Storm.'

Richard Armitage, left, and Sarah Wayne Callies brave some pretty nasty weather in "Into The Storm."(Photo: Ron Phillips, Warner Bros.
Richard Armitage, left, and Sarah Wayne Callies brave some pretty nasty weather in "Into The Storm."(Photo: Ron Phillips, Warner Bros. Pictures)
Storm follows multiple subjects who are brought together in small-town Oklahoma on a day when the area earns its "Tornado Alley'' nickname. Callies plays a meteorologist gathering data from close-up tornado observation who has teamed up with a storm chaser (Matt Walsh) intent on getting the ultimate shot — with the help of a new tornado-proof armored vehicle named Titus.
"It's a bit of a contentious marriage of convenience," says Callies. "And we both end up massively over our heads."
Meanwhile, Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) is an assistant school principal who goes from overseeing a graduation ceremony to frantically trying to find his missing son in the midst of near-biblical weather.
Nearly two decades after 1996's Twister whipped through the box office, director Steven Quale believes the subject matter is even more timely due to increased storm frequency, much of it now captured and posted on YouTube.

"In the past five years the activity has been insane. And the footage really shows the raw power that nature has," says Quale. "With filmmaking we can do justice to show how beautiful, deadly and spectacular these tornadoes can be. My goal was to make it as real as possible. We do an impressive job."
The film is to tornadoes what Jurassic Park is to dinosaurs — a showcase for a wide variety of deadly stars. There is a giant wedge tornado, which can be two miles long and rips up anything in its path, plus smaller and faster tornadoes moving unpredictably, and even fire tornadoes.
Quale says the labor behind the computer-generated effects paid off when he proudly showed the film to tech-oriented director James Cameron. "He called them 'flawless,' " says Quale. Next up, unleashing the storm power onto cineplex movie screens.
"People are going to be blown away," Quale vows, adding, "What Gravity did to space, this movie will do to natural phenomena and weather."

While the tornadoes are tech magic, Callies says the 100 mph wind fans used on the Detroit set gave an all-too-realistic sense of being in their midst.
"The first time they turned on the fan it blew me off my mark 25 feet," says Callies. "The fan pulls the air out of your lungs so you're kind of gasping. Of course they are throwing leaves into it. When that hits your face at 100 mph it feels like being backhanded."
Still, she concedes that it's slightly less creepy than being grabbed by zombies.
"They are both terrifying prospects, but at least tornadoes don't have rotting flesh coming off them," says Callies. "Tornadoes are not after you specifically. But they will flatten whatever is in their path. It's nothing personal.
Even the weather department at USA Today daily newspaper is using Into The Storm for coverage. Their tweet...
 Retweeted by 
Storm chasers document the destruction in a scene from "Into The Storm."

March 21, 2014

Richard Armitage:USA Today:"Into The Storm is to tornadoes what Jurassic Park was to Dinosaurs" + Photo at Audible for Hamlet Narration + Vote 4 Thorin in TORn's Mar Madness(see link) + First Photo of Chop from Set + Davinci's Demons Season 2 ep 1, season 2 Mar 21

Star, Tom Riley, and composer, Bear McCreery, discuss Davinci's Demons2:

Ricky has sorta an Elvis air about him with that white scarf. In celebration of RA at Cinema Con in Las Vegas, everyone out on the dancefloor for Just Dancin & Elvis 'Viva Las Vegas'!..

Must have blinked and somehow missed this Strike Back scene *cough*
Nice theme we seem to have going here - leather jackets worn with extra sizzling creativity. Following is Tom Riley in character as Leonardo DaVinci..

March 14, 2014

Richard Armitage:VOTE(See links below) + New RA Project Revealed + Early St Pat's Day(Mar 17) Photo Blitz

The Out Takes from recent interview:
VOTE for Thorin..
NEWS of New Role:
Richard has been cast in Urban and the Shed Crew, a Blenheim Films production, which has just started filming in Leeds in the UK. The filming will take place over the next 6 weeks. This film is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, written by Bernard Hare. Richard will play 'Chop', an ex-social worker who befriends the eponymous character 'Urban'. 

More information at says the information comes from an anonymous reliable source, who has been given the go-ahead that this information can be shared.
From Amazon website:
You're twelve years old. Your mother's a junkie and your father might as well be dead. You can't read or write, and you don't go to school. An average day means sitting round a bonfire with your mates smoking drugs, or stealing cars. Welcome to Urban's world. Bernard 'Chop' Hare was on society's margins, living on one of Leeds' roughest estates and with a liking for drink and drugs. So he knew what life in the underclass was like in '90s Britain. But even he was shocked when he met Urban, an illiterate, glue-sniffing twelve-year-old. And through Urban he got to know the Shed Crew -- an anarchic gang of kids between the ages of ten and fourteen; joy-riding, thieving runaways, who were no strangers to drugs or sex. Nearly all had been in care, but few adults really cared. Bernard decided to do what he could. He didn't know what he was letting himself in for.
For those curious about RA's current 'Urban/Shed Crew' shooting location, a friend forwarded this photo recently posted by a local..
New series coming this summer..
Great fan graphics..don't know who to credit..if you do, please give me names..

March 5, 2014

Richard Armitage:Game of Thrones 4--Foreshadowing(will make you impatient for the new season) + Part 3 of AC Interview + AC Interview Part 2

Gearing up for Game of Thrones 4 - cast asked who should become ultimate ruler of Westeros. Ian(Ser Jorah) is loyal to Dany even off the screen..
                          Game of Thrones 4: A Foreshadowing..

March 2, 2014

Richard Armitage:(See Link)German Mag Mentions Into The Storm + USA Today N&S,RA Mention(see below) + See Link to Audible to Pre-Order Hamlet narration + Link to Transcript of Pt1 + Latest Comments from AC about today's Interview + Anglophile Interview Part 1

Thanks to for following photo and translation. German Magazine includes Into The Storm in an article entitled Hollywood Destroys the World;) QUOTE: "Into the Storm
Alarmingly close to reality: A mega-hurricane follows in the wake of the tornadoes that sweep across Silverton, Colorado. Between low-flying debris, a desperate father (Richard Armitage, "The Hobbit") is looking for his son"

Why isn't Lucas North in Moscow when West could really use him there;)
Audible is accepting pre-orders of 'Hamlet Prince of Denmark: A Novel" Narrated by Richard Armitage.  It will be available for download on May 20.  Writer mention her 3 fav movies are Forrest Gump, Breakfast at Tiffany's and this comment about RA's North and South.
• North & South (2004). The glances, the touches, the conversations. The final scene alone in this BBC miniseries is proof that a movie doesn't require nudity to be hot. You should know, a female extra crisscrosses through this scene multiple times. I think it's because she couldn't get enough of Richard Armitage looking all smolderingly yummy with his collar undone.
Here's an excellent show:
And don't forget the always super exciting Person of Interest on Tues:

Sincere thanks to
for transcript interview--part 1..
Love this RA fan, riepu10's, interpretation of teacher Gary Morris. That's RA's role in upcoming film Into The Storm.  Opens Aug 8, 2014..

Posted by Anglophile Channel:
Good Morning Anglophiles!! We are OVERWHELMED by your response to our Richard Armitage Interview! THANK YOU for your amazing, heartfelt and enthusiastic comments. Your main observation has been that this is the most exuberant you've ever seen Richard in an interview and that makes us very happy. It was my goal to set a fun/happy tone for this interview. SO many questions coming at us. (#1: edited: Too personal a question to ask an interviewer) #2: Is he attending the Oscars? Answer: No. #3: Is he in LA for auditions? Answer: Yes! #4: Will there be an "outtakes reel"? Answer: Absolutely YES! If for nothing else but the "bunnns" comment. It's gone viral! And speaking of viral...YOU can make this video go viral as well. Watch the interview(s) over and over! My thinking is this (and this is why some "familiar" questions are asked in this interview, that the Army has heard dozens of times over)...shockingly, he's STILL not a household name in Hollywood, or even America, but he has the fan-power to make him so. If any of these producers or directors knew what kind of worldwide support he has in his fans, they would know that casting him in their project would/should make it an instant hit. If I were a producer/director hiring on a film or series it would be a no-brainer for me. Did he have to answer some of the same questions that he's answered before? Yes! Has the fandom heard these questions a thousand times? Of course. Has everyone? NO! And therein lies the rub! There are still people out there that DON'T know who he is, or where he trained, or how he got his Equity card. There is a whole audience out there that we would like to reach, that we would like to introduce Richard to. This is the opportunity to make it the "Quintessential Richard Armitage" interview because it's NOT just a 5-minute press junket, newspaper interview or 10-minute talk show segment. As far as I can tell (and the Army can confirm whether or not I'm right.) no one has had this kind of exclusive 45-minute sit-down with him before and because of that he WAS able to 'let his hair down' and relax and let his personality shine through. We are thrilled that you guys have responded so positively to Part 1 and yes, more is coming! Today is Oscar Sunday (it's like a religious holiday in Hollywood), but we'll be back in the editing bay by tomorrow morning, promise! In the meantime, help this video go VIRAL and get the word out to watch the Richard interviews! Thanks again for your incredible support. You guys have all been awesome! Cheers, Marlise