November 28, 2010

Men in Leather? + New vids by bccmee & CDoart + Listen to Gaskell's Wives&Daughters Online + Richard Armitage Reads N&S Excerpt + Ted Hughes Letter + New GoT Teaser + Guy's Fall From Grace by poetic sounding liksomkjeks:) + The Hobbit Director's Christmas List(article link below)

Need they ask?? Really?...UK Telegraph misses the best example in today's pictorial 'leather' spread.

Time to recast some classic Westerns - move over Clint...

Listen as RA reads an excerpt from North and South - created by Spikesbint

Richard Armitage Reading North & South (Birthday Video) from Spikesbint on Vimeo

Why not follow the ETT twitter account in order to demonstrate strong interest in the prospects of their production of the play The Rover starring RA..

Only a few select things make me salivate with expectation (despite appearances;) - the latest HBO teaser for Game of Thrones had that effect..

Link below for article about Jackson's camera shopping list for TH - Nothing but the best will do for the best.     Christmas season has begun...

Guy's Mini-Me Thorin???
Never expected to need to incorporate the ageless admonition of "it's not about size" when we started this journey down RA Lane, did we;)

RA reading a letter Ted Hughes wrote after his wife commited suicide..uploaded by poetictouchchannel

SB vid by bccmee & Lucas and Harry by CDoart(Had to chuckle at Spooks explosions w/pleasant background piano music:)  (skeleton Lucas looks even scrawnier over time)

November 26, 2010

Wm Blake Coin*k*idence Discovered by Musa + READTHROUGH!! Reported on Twitter + Sylvester review + Amelie

Will the cavalier Willmore look anything like..

Apparently 'The Rover' is a go according to a tweet by the production company and retweeted by RA_ Central  1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply »

ETTtweet ETT:     by RA_Central

Great read-through of The Rover with Richard Armitage yesterday! Positive feed back and things are looking good!   4 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
RA_Central RA Central  - Lovely review of Richard Armitage's reading of Georgette Heyer's Sylvester audiobook.      
24 Nov Favorite Retweet Reply
Historical background of the play and it's lightyears-ahead-of-her-time female writer:

One item at the above link: From Stage Magazine, link below : Spooks star Armitage plans return to stage

>Published Thursday 22 April 2010 at 11:52 by Matthew Hemley

Spooks actor Richard Armitage is set to return to the theatre after a hiatus of almost a decade, with plans for the performer to appear in a new production of Restoration comedy The Rover.

Armitage, who started his career in theatre, made his last major appearance on stage in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2000/1 production of The Duchess of Malfi at the Barbican.

He subsequently took part in a rehearsed reading of a new play presented by the Operating Theatre Company in 2002, but has spent the last eight years focused on television.

Armitage is now hoping to make a return to the theatre and he told The Stage he was particularly keen to do some comedy, because his most recent roles have seen him appear in action-based TV dramas, such as Spooks and Robin Hood. His latest is the Sky One series Strike Back, which is based on Chris Ryan’s book.

The LAMDA-trained actor said he wanted to have a “bit more of a laugh” and revealed that one of the options he is considering is a new production of Aphra Behn’s The Rover.

He said: “I did it at drama school and it’s something that has come back on the horizon for me. It would be a great big bawdy romp through a carnival, with lots of sex and naughtiness. It would be very different for me.”

The actor revealed that the production is in the “early stages of development” and added he was looking to take a theatre role when the ninth series of Spooks finishes recording in July.

However, he ruled out an imminent return to musical theatre, where he started before his professional training at LAMDA. He said: “Things do come up occasionally, but I have not quite explored enough of classical theatre. And there are so many things I would like to do before I go back to it [musical theatre].”<

In observance of William Blake's birthday, US film critic Roger Ebert (at his journal) listed some of Blake's work.  The coincidence is his first choice of paintings...
Some other Ebert selections are listed on right sidebar, including 2 Brit comics doing their Michael Caine impressions....hilarious!
Tweeted by middleearthminutes..


Am I the only one in the world who had not until the past few days stumbled upon this sweet, funny and oh so true film - Amelie? Adorable love story..

November 22, 2010

Spooks 9 Special Features + Don't Miss This Bus:) + New Lucas Vid 'Breaking' by Marian + Let it Rock! & She Drives Me Crazy Poll + RA:Police Car?? + 700 Would-be Hobbits Tryout + Play Review Excerpt + New Vid 'Leaving You for Me' by MissMarian825

You don't want to miss this bus :)

If Thanksgiving is already here, you know what can't be far behind...
New Lucas vid 'Breaking' by Marian..

Great laugh of the day and, if RA has seen it, you know he enjoyed a hardy chuckle as well.  The following pics say it all(sort of ;)  Photos from London newspaper of post '24 Hour Plays' activities. Could prompt the question 'just how much did RA enjoy the post event party anyway?'  *wink,wink*
Links courtesy of:

Posted on Twitter about RA's play...
>The first play was the most amusing and the audience was immediately responsive- in some instances the characters were cast as themselves with tongue and cheek allusions to their public personas. In this sketch Richard Armitage played the counter part to his on stage character, an obese forty year old man living in a run down apartment who had wished on a magic Christmas tree that he looked like Richard Armitage. Married to a well-rounded woman who had wished them into a large penthouse (suggested by the size of the small Christmas tree which had once been life-size in their ‘previous’ flat), this unlikely couple dance around and frolic with a new found zest. Each actor is asked to bring an inspirational prop, hence the appearance of a premature ornamental Christmas tree. Such clever gestures exemplified the creativity of the writers, some of which were more interesting than others.<
700 would-be hobbits lined up for tryouts...are all the females RA fans;)

Hobbiton is being restored...trees planted...plans for additional hobbit holes...Oh, the excitement of it all:)


Let it Rock! (by Kitsunify) How similar will Thorin look to this Guy?

She Drives Me Crazy by delicateblossom1984

A few Christmas webcams: last is best so far..will add better quality views after Thanksgiving holiday..

Game of Thrones:  Mark Addy was interviewed recently in the York Press where he talks about his role in Game of Thrones. He confirms that he has finished filming and also mentions that he has heard they plan to start airing the show in April. Here is what he has to say about his role:

“I’m playing King Robert Baratheon, who has assumed power through a rebellion against the former regime – and in this game of thrones you either win or die.

“They’re pretty good stories actually. It’s a bit like Tolkien, but with sex and violence…there’s something for everyone!
                                                                      “Not so much the sex for me, but there’s a little bit of violence. He’s not your standard idea of what a king would be. He’s stuck in a loveless marriage and having to make decisions he doesn’t want to. He once wanted to sit on the throne but now it’s not the bed of roses he might have wished, as he’s surrounded by enemies everywhere – and he’s a bit of a grump, which is different from what I usually play.”
Wk #1 for new to the US show 'Skating w/the Stars'.  Only one competitor worth watching(meant in the kindest sense of the words;) and that's Olympic gold medal winner Jonny Moseley.  He was a champion moguls skier but never ice skated until  5wks ago.  Couple interesting remarks he made during rehearsals were first that his skiing skills are exactly opposite to those necessary for ice skating and second - he's never afraid he might fall on the slopes, but terrified of it on ice. The mohawk hairstyle does absolutely nothing for him...hope he jetizons that aspect of his routine next wk...the leather is kinda nice;)


November 19, 2010

Additional PIX..Wibble:) + RA 24 Hour Plays Photo(thx again Ms Musa;) + Hottest Chef's Aide on TV + RANet 24hr Plays Tweet + Capt America Merchandise +Two Sides:Guy&Marian by CarrowGray + Sexiest Men Alive!! RANet Tweet - Hooray!

Appears restrictions only apply in UK...
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 21: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME. MANDATORY CREDIT PHOTO BY DAVE M. BENETT/GETTY IMAGES REQUIRED) Actor Richard Armitage attends an after party for The 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala 2010 in aid of Old Vic New Voices at St Martins Lane on November 21, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

                     Some details of RA's '24 Hour Plays' performance from various sources:
 Richard played a formerly overweight, balding man named Dennis. He and his wife bought a Christmas tree with magical powers. They each made a wish and Dennis wanted to look like RA:) His wish had just come true & he was enjoying his sexy new body.

RA(Dennis) then danced around the stage with his wife - a very heavy-set woman. She was thrilled with his new look(what a surprise:) - touched him all over just short of turning it into a very adult play. *dribble* ;)
He mentioned at one point that he had just felt his pecs and took a Lucas stance with gun in hand.
Tim Piggot-Smith was mentioned as a participant - wasn’t he Mr Hale in N&S? Wonder which part Miranda Raison played?--perhaps Dennis’ wife wished to be her?..did anyone else read that she was part of RA's group?

Read somewhere as well that one fan sat close to Richard on the shuttle bus to the post event party -  he asked her "how are you?"      ...hugging a fan during recent radio interview...
p.s.  Love the style of above topcoat on RA.  He says he's not into clothes, if true he must have someone who makes certain he's in sartorial splendor;) Need to ID the designer..

More details of play:  The Third Wish

Playwright: Stephen Beresford    Director: Charlie Westenra   Asst. Director: Natasha Nixon

Dennis: Richard Armitage
Debbie: Debbie Chazen
Niamh: Niamh Cusack
Miranda: Miranda Raison

A fan on twitter recently gave the advice to remain calm and think of Lucas that even possible?:)

Wording w/the above pic:
>Richard Armitage:    You Americans may not know Richard Armitage now [Ricrar: His name does sound vaguely familiar, doesn't it?;] but this British actor is quickly becoming THE IT ACTOR in England. And you’ll be seeing him soon in some very high profile films — playing a Nazi in Captain America, and then the leader of the dwarves in The Hobbit. A Nazi and a dwarf? Where do I sign? Also I’ve seen him in person and he is staggeringly handsome. Let’s all try to make him super famous.<
Tweet below announces the great news that Mr Richard Armitage is included on the list of Sexiest Men's about time they and the rest of the world caught up, isn't it?;) Photo above seems to be chosen quite often for this type of spread - isn't it from PR for Cold Feet?  (is Best Week Ever a British or US mag?)
[pssssst!..Richard is by far the hottest man on the list.  The only other one who comes close is a 'young' Michael Caine. Believe the above pic was used years ago when RA said in the accompanying interview that his mum felt embarrassed by the publicity for Cold Feet]

TWEET:  >RAnetdotcom RichardArmitageNet

Richard Armitage is in this list - good taste! RT @BWEtv's Smart Girl’s Guide To The Sexiest Men Alive (via @michcoll)           29 minutes ago

RAnetdotcom RichardArmitageNet

>The Independent on the 24 hour plays gala - Richard Armitage, Natascha McElhone, Paterson Joseph, etc<

TWEETED..7 minutes ago

Stars take on 24 Hour Plays gala challenge

By Rob Sharp, Arts Correspondent, The Independent

Sunday, 21 November 2010

EXCERPT: >Dan Stevens and Kelly Brook rehearse their lines on stage for the play 'Late At Night'

Some of the biggest names in theatre descended on London’s Old Vic this weekend to write and perform six plays from scratch as part of the theatre’s seventh “24 Hour Plays” celebrity gala.

The charity event, hosted by former Python John Cleese, saw stars including Natascha McElhone, Ronni Ancona, Richard Armitage, Kelly Brook and Paterson Joseph perform material penned in under a day by the likes of Richard Curtis, Spaced’s Jessica Hynes, award-winning playwright Alexi Kaye Campbell and Scottish writer DC Jackson. Writers convened on Saturday night to write their work in time for rehearsals beginning this morning.

Within an hour of arriving the actors were up to speed.<
By request:

Well...upon checking Capt America merchandise, just could not seem to find items to suit our interest in the new film; therefore,  tweaked here & there and Voila!..

A Poster - Expresses more accurately our sentiments:)
In the brevity is the soul of discretion department -  your significant other won't object to wearing these will he;)

Is one of the men wearing suits, in the last frame of this Capt America comic page, Heinz Kruger?

The travelling bard of Westeros, Geo Martin, is finally home.  Recent journal post...

>Nov. 16th, 2010 at 5:52 PM

Back in Santa Fe again.     And tomorrow, back in Westeros.

The road goes ever on and on ... but there's no place like home.<

Meanwhile his upcoming piece de resistance 'Game of Thrones' was featured in Entertainment Weekly photos....a sampling including Sean Bean as Eddard Stark...


Two sides to Every Story:Guy & Marian by CarrowGray..

November 17, 2010

RA Reads Excerpt From An American in Paris + Harry Potter Speaks American + Bilbo Baggins House Where Thorin Visits + New Lucas Vid: 'Lies' by ThePhylly3 + Why Can't Dwarves be Sexy, asks Hobbit Fan + The Reeve + Richard Armitage Pics


>RAnetdotcom RichardArmitageNet

Coventry Telegraph: Richard has recorded a eulogy to be played at Betty Pattison's memorial<

Spooks star's tribute to Coventry dance legend Betty Pattison
Nov 18 2010

SPOOKS star Richard Armitage will tomorrow lead the tributes at a service to celebrate the life of legendary Coventry drama and dance teacher Betty Pattison.

The 39-year-old actor has recorded a moving eulogy to his former mentor which will be played during the memorial service at Coventry Cathedral from 7pm.
Entire article:  Beautiful new cathedral:
[Link below to photos of the original cathedral.  Remember in Spooks 7, when the Russian mole spook related to Lucas the history of the attack during WWII on the city of Coventry? She explained that the German code had been broken, and therefore they were aware that an attack was planned. The excruciating Sophie’s choice was whether to evacuate the city and thereby alert Hitler that their code had been broken. Nothing was done and, of course, keeping the secret was crucial to the Allies ultimate victory.]Photos taken at the time of the church's destruction - this was one of many during the blitz:
Link below to richardarmitageonline with many more details...

>He began by quoting from one of his old school reports from 1986, which commended him for gaining a distinction in his Grade 5 Speech examination.

A pleasing examination report. Richard has gained confidence, and should now widen his sights by doing more acting.

He continued, "Well Miss Pat, you were right, and the reason that this tribute is being delivered in a recording is because I'm sitting in traffic on the M6 after a day of acting at Shepperton Studios, where I'm lucky enough to be filming Captain America. But I wouldn't be doing that if it hadn't been for your school report.<

More details graciously provided at
Including mention of RA reading the following excerpt from the movie 'An American in Paris' - one of his former teacher's favorite musicals..

The Hobbit fans seem to be getting with Peter Jackson's program judging from the following website

>◦The next sexy, Legolas-like break-out Tolkien-inspired character will be … Thorin Oakinshield (to be played by Richard Armitage in The Hobbit), at least according to Peter Jackson. Hey, why can’t dwarves be sexy too?<
We definitely might prefer that Jackson not include dwarf women in his new movie.  It seems Tolkien stated the women as well as men had beards:)..not very romantic.
 Fans at youtube debate the subject..

hehe..couldn't resist...

The answer to The Canterbury Tales poll is The Reeve:
>The Reeve was a slender, fiery-tempered man.
He shaved as closely as a razor can.
His hair was cropped about his ears, and shorn
Above his forehead as a priest's is worn.
His legs were very long and very lean.<
How adorable is this and how talented is the woman who built Bilbo Baggins house at Bag End(link below)
Apparently RA has more in common with The Hobbit author than was obvious at first glance---both men trained to be spies..of course the former in only a dramatic sense (as far as we know:)
Article from The Telegraph in early Sept: 
>JRR Tolkien trained as British spy

The novelist JRR Tolkien secretly trained as a Government spy in the run up to the Second World War, new documents have disclosed. <

Will there be a female dwarf or elf afterall?  If so, will she be a love interest?  Why wouldn't the actress' name have been included in the recent casting announcement.  Perhaps circumstances changed since director Jackson's comment on the subject in Dec, 2009
                                                                   J.R.R. Tolkien
Cat demonstrates the 'blitz spirit'...hilarious..(wasn't it Spooks7?..ep w/teen and his mother - Lucas asked the latter "where's your blitz spirit?" after she looked disgruntled over the conditions of their hideout)

Who knew Harry Potter could speak American? teehee:)  Daniel looks like a downsized-version of RA in this vid, doesn't he..(almost included the word hot..then decided it would be irreverent to refer to HP in that way.  Certain his girlfriend does not share the sentiment;)