January 27, 2018

Richard Armitage: Big Finish RA Narration Promotion(see photo and link) + Twitter's Saucy Wenches Book Club Excitement! ;D (see link) + Vampire Chronicles Are Back! (see link) + 2 RA Fanvids + Berlin Station 2 Screencaps

The "Saucy Wenches Book Club" on Twitter are looking forward to his new 'Wanderlust' narration with gReAt anticipation. Lol
Above promo for new Richard Armitage narration of HG Wells classic--The Martian Invasion of Earth.  Scroll https://www.bigfinish.com/vortex/pdf/108
Thanks to Tanni for this vintage fanart classic from years ago..
Would RA be interested in playing a vampire?
From recent Paris Berlin Station promo visit..


January 12, 2018

Richard Armitage: Berlin Station CIA Agent Gets Cozy w German Spy?? Whaaat?(see video below) + New Narration 'Wanderlust' Available for Pre-order at Audible(see below)

RA in Paris - Berlin Station 2 presentation...
       Is this the German spy?? Agent Miller looks rather cozy with her...
aha! The plot thickens--in a recent interview RA said the above cat still lives in Daniel Miller's apartment and might have a chip in it's head. hmmm and the feline acts so innocent...Lol

January 3, 2018

Richard Armitage:Excerpt From The Tatooist of Auschwitz Narration + New Interview in Australian Mag(see below) + Let Us All Keep RA and His Family in our Thoughts and Prayers(see tweet below)

Read new interview below:
Interviewer: How was it playing Daniel in Berlin Station?
RA: I think it's interesting to play someone who has to portray a facade at work despite how they feel inside.
Interviewer: You had to learn German and speak in an American accent.
RA: I've done a medical drama earlier that had a lot of jargon, and I recently did a movie where half my dialogue was in French, so I actually enjoy the process of sounding different to me.
Interviewer: Earlier in your career you did musical theatre.
RA: I'm ready to sing again somewhere. I don't think I could do a musical that's kind of toe-tapping, sequins, jazz hands, but I think I'd be interested in doing something with my voice that's unusual.
Interviewer: In the meantime, do you have a go-to karaoke song?
RA: Maybe Radio Ga Ga by Queen - you always get people clapping and cheering on the chorus - a good rouser.  
                     RA's most recent tweet - keeping Mrs A in our prayers...
.@theresa_may @Jeremy_Hunt My mother’s urgent surgery was cancelled for a second time yesterday. It may not seem like a crisis to you but many people feel they are on borrowed time.