February 28, 2013

RA Scheduled to Appear on Brit Talk Show on Thurs(Thx Musa;) + Game of Thrones Season 3 Countdown: Starts 4 Wks from Sun

Another clever fan creation..
Clever RA fan on twitter apparently felt Thorin needs something soft & cuddly..

      Vol II: A Clash of Kings(Geo Martin's  A Song of Ice and Fire)
..for the first time, Jorah tells Daenerys of his ill-fated marriage to Lynesse Hightower. He mentions that Daenerys resembled his dead wife, and Dany realizes for the first time that Jorah loves her romantically. She doesn't speak of her realization nevertheless, she increasingly begins to worry that Jorah sees her primarily as either the child she once was or as a potential romantic partner, rather than truly respecting her as a queen.
Falling more and more in love with Daenerys, Jorah eventually stops sending reports,[7]sending the final one from Qarth...
Vol III:  A Storm of Swords
Jorah finally makes his move, kissing Daenerys when they are alone. He confesses his love and repeatedly suggests they marry, but she always refuses. Although Dany still treasures Jorah's friendship and advice, his advances begin to make her uncomfortable.

February 23, 2013

Guy of Gisborne3's Lil Brother in new series 'Vikings' + Sign Petition Organized by Stars of Zero Dark Thirty to Free Pakistani Doctor + Oscar Wkend:Thorin's Makeup Artist(see photo & link to an article) + New Game of Thrones Trailer - Season 3 Starts Mar 31st

Guy3 and his half brother in Robin Hood series 3..
Here's Clive Standen in new series 'Vikings' which starts this Sunday..
This latest effort to put pressure on Pres Obama to help free Pakistani doctor was organized by the stars of the film 'Zero Dark Thirty'..

Hope springs eternal that RA will be cast as wenching, marauding pirate Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, season 4. S3 is about to begin.

Fascinating stuff for history buffs:

Good to see Oscar voters agreed that the Anna Karenina costumes are stunning. Even they can be improved with addition of...;) Mrs Karenina does seem to be  taken with the handsome stranger at the train station..

Scroll to bottom of following article to see Tami working on Thorin makeup :

February 18, 2013

History Channel's New Vikings Series + Downton Gets Down + Dream Casting Director, fan Sue: War and Peace

See clips fron Hobbit interview:
You should've seen the one that got away;D
Leave it to RA to be an ivy league fisherman--freshly coiffed hair and scarf:

John Thornton in Tolstoy's Moscow..

Sue suggests RA should be cast in BBC's new 6-part tv series:War and Peace

History Channel's new 'Vikings' series starts Mar 3. It's written by 'The Tudors' author, Michael Hirst.  Judging from following clip I'd say it's more hubby's type of action oriented historic drama.  I will however definitely give it a try, since I'm usually far better entertained by history than modern blather..

Following is the star of Starz network upcoming 'DaVinci's Demons' series, followed by their Valentine's promotion on twitter for the series. Third photo accompanied by the message "Before there was Mardi Gras there was Carnevale."

February 6, 2013