April 28, 2011

Sunday Teatime + Peter Jackson Cast News + New Spooks Vid + Take & Tell + Richard Armitage Character Weddings

JT: "Why do they put those silly little handles on teacups...Huh?..did she really just say what I think she said??"..

                          "There...she said it again!"  (Uh oh...knitted brow forming)

    (Yikes!  Crinkles too)..."time to give this perfect woman a piece of my mind!...know I'll regret it.."

If there‘s a truly deprived woman in this world, it‘s one who might not yet have been introduced to John Thornton of Eliz Gaskell's C19 novel, NORTH AND SOUTH. Here‘s your chance--some generous person has uploaded the entire lovely series to you tube.  Follow the yellow brick road of parts--here‘s part 1.

Certain sign Game of Thrones is a humungous hit - fanvids are sprouting on youtube...

Speaking of forbidden pleasures (latest poll)...here's the sinful dessert that brought it to mind.  It's Prince William's wedding menu request - a chocolate cookie cake (no baking required)...*come to mama*...hmm, believe we've a white cake w/chocolate frosting..."that will do nicely" said sir Guy;)

Whew..OMG! While reading an article describing the recent bride's birthplace of Reading, Berkshire Co, UK (due to curiosity triggered by the fact there's the city of Reading, Berkshire Co, PA within 50mi of here) I stumbled upon the following article describing guests fashion choices for the nuptials.  Someone definitely needs to inform the writer that she's not exactly a knock-out herself. :)  Sorry, if that's blunt, but so is she...vicious would be a more accurate word.

THE HOBBIT: Casting news!
.by Peter Jackson on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 1:12pm.I'm very pleased to be welcoming two new cast members to our team.

Dean O'Gorman will be playing Fili. Dean's a terrific Kiwi actor, who I am thrilled to be working with. He's recently been in an excellent TV series down here called "The Almighty Johnsons", and I should let fans of that show know that our shooting schedule allows Dean to continue with a second series next year. Dean will be joining us next week.

I'm also pleased to announce that Lee Pace will be playing the Elven King Thranduil. Casting these Tolkien stories is very difficult, especially the Elven characters, and Lee has always been our first choice for Thranduil. He's going to be great. We loved his performance in a movie called "The Fall" a few years ago, and have been hoping to work with him since. When we were first discussing who would be right for Thranduil, Lee came into mind almost immediately.

It's been a great week, and I'm looking forward to the next few. It's going to be interesting...

More soon.
Cheers, Peter J

                                        Fav wedding pic...so cute - My fav still pic is 3 yr old girl, member of wedding party, with the grumpiest face ever - standing immediately to the right of the bride as she kissed her groom for the first time as a married couple.

              POLL:  Which of RA's characters' brides was the prettiest?
                          1) Guy of Gisborne's almost-bride Marian?

2) Geraldine, the Vicar of Dibley?

                                                 3) John Standring's Carol?

                       4) Harry Kennedy's dream sequence bride?

You’ve heard of ‘show and tell’ in grade school..well, here’s the adult version - Take and Tell…take the blogthing test and tell us your results…(the results are suspiciously complimentary or perhaps we are all just too good to be true...no doubt the latter;)


You Are Wine
You are very naturally sexy and inviting. You don't have to try too hard.
The longer people spend time with you, the more drawn in they become.

You believe that seduction shouldn't be rushed, you like to savor every moment.
Going too fast kills the excitement. You like to indulge all of your senses.


You Should Stay Put
You've got a good thing going where you live, so why would you ever leave?
You have amazing friends and a great life. You have ties and bonds where you are.

Unless you have an amazing opportunity elsewhere, don't move an inch.
Most people would be lucky to life in a place as great as the one you live in.


You Are 52% Capitalist, 48% Socialist
While you are definitely sympathetic to a free economy, you also worry about the less fortunate.
Wealth and business is fine, as long as those who are in need get helped out too.
You tend to see both the government and corporations as potentially corrupt.


You Are Spontaneous and Easygoing
You know that life doesn't always go the way you plan, and to be honest, you think that's a beautiful thing.
You are good at letting go of control and seeing what just happens. You don't even try to change the future.

You stress less than most people and really cherish your imperfect life. You may have problems, but you don't let them weigh you down.
You find happiness wherever you can, and because of your attitude, you're able to find happiness in many places.

Sheessh!  won't be able to live with myself after those results...*feeling rather smug*...you can too - Enjoy! and let us know how wonderful you are  ;)

                                                      The redcoats are coming!! (not really :) that phrase was a rallying cry heard round the C18 American colonies and ever since (the latter usually in jest).  It was brought to mind upon reading that Prince William is expected to wear a scarlett red military uniform on his wedding day...

Middleton Family Tree - From coal miners to princess.  Works as a tribute to part of my own family as well.  One branch were English coal miners, arrived in USA in 1862 during the Civil War.  At that time British miners were the most experienced in the world; therefore, they immediately filled the most responsible, best paid positions.  Never really understood my good fortune due to their hard labor, until a family member was house hunting a few yrs ago, and I quickly realized the house my gggrdparents had built - which I grew up in - was much larger than average for the area.

April 27, 2011

Dec 2004 First Fluff Phenomenon + Retrospective Thursday + New Vid Created by Musa

Passed this good advice along to my niece who family members realize will actually be the bride of the year ;)  well, certainly among her family and friends anyway...

Interesting article from Dec 2004 describing the first JT groupies reaction to North and South - reporter was masquerading as just another forum member ;) what a sly fox..or was she really feigning interest?...most likely could be counted as another of JT's world conquest - one woman at a time...

April 25, 2011

Without a Shirt Wed:Dedicated to Dezzy..the Hollywood Spy + Tuxedo Tuesday + Game of Thrones Review + Twitter Spawn:First Humungous Worldwide Bookclub

Above: flirty girty skirt-chasing Lee - Below: Lucas North: Spooks 9
 Below: John Porter of Strike Back...

Paul - the Controversial role that keeps viewers wondering..did he or didn't he?? Last moments of the drama provide the answer..

The one and only Guy of Gisborne - prince of black leather - although, he looks even better in costume below *giggles*

A Twitter Star is Born:  Our very own faboamanto (aka Musa) is included in a compilation of quotes tweeted while watching ep 2, Game of Thrones.  Ignore those who feel lazy gutter language makes them sound brilliant, when actually the exact opposite is true.  Fabo kept it clean this time...thank G_d!;)  teehee...she'll get me for that one:
Had to chuckle at this Game of Thrones drinking game idea:
@selachance: Game of Thrones Drinking Game. Drink 4 boobs or beheading. Finish drink for inappropriate brother/sister relations.

[UPDATE: after ep 4 of Borgias---they finally killed us off as well;) We decided the never-ending drumbeat of dark, diabolical ugliness simply didn't have any redeeming qualities to warrant finishing the series. It actually pained both DH and myself to feel as though we were forced to make that decision, because we usually thoroughly enjoy historical drama. The pre-premiere warnings of a medieval Sopranos-like series was right on the mark. We didn't care for that one either - both prompt feelings that your mind is being insulted, polluted and abused.]

Game of Thrones, ep 2 Review:

Had to chuckle, but it is good to see history truly 'felt'...;)

Only 4 more wks for Kirstie Alley on DWTS.  She has lost 30lbs so far during the gruelling hours of practice.  Counting weeks of dance workouts leading up to show #1,  and hours of rehearsal daily since then, it must average a drop of about 3pounds per week for her.  Last night's offering...

April 23, 2011

Silly Billies Outraged at Direwolf Death in GoT + Khaki Monday + Feel Like Dancin' + Rob Kazinsky Leaving The Hobiit Cast! + HAPPY EASTER!!

GRR Martin writes for adults - the emotional basketcases described in following article might as well turn the channel to a drama that's all sweetness and light, if they are so ill-equipped to handle future 'fictional' deaths as well. 

Thank you Violet for this interesting tidbit:
Never hurts for your business to have a recommendation from a quickly arising star ...read the ad dated Mar 2011..

Hobbit NEWS:  Peter Jackson announced today with regret that Rob Kazinsky, for personal reasons, will be leaving The Hobbit cast.  Rob's last tweet, after thanking Sir Peter in previous tweets, read:
"it's a health issue duncs, all will be well in time, promise!"

Peeder Jigson takes advantage of their Easter break to give an update on filming;)  The real Sir Peter really messed up this guy's schtick when he lost so much weight. hehe

     Those trolls and goblins have Noooo idea the deep trouble they're in from Thorin..

GAME of THRONES and CAMELOT:    IMO, we need all the quality drama we can find to wash away the tons of garbage masquerading as entertainment on both movie and TV screens. Therefore, this viewer is marinating with pleasure in both the following shows and even managing to capture the non-toxic(numerous poisonings) moments of The Borgias as well. [UPDATE: after ep 4 of Borgias, they finally killed us off as well;)  We decided the never-ending drumbeat of dark, diabolical ugliness simply didn't have any redeeming features to warrnat finishing the series.  It actually pained both DH and myself to feel as though we were forced to make that decision, because we usually thoroughly enjoy historical drama.  The pre-premiere warnings of a medieval Sopranos-like series was right on the mark.  We didn't care for that one either - both prompt feelings that your mind is being insulted, polluted and abused.

Comparison & Review of Camelot and Game of Thrones:
                                                            Didn't forget the Bean babes :)