April 8, 2019

All Things RArmitage: Adam Price Takes Selfie?(see below) + Bolton School, Manchester UK(see below) + He's Currently Filming 'The Stranger' + Sunday Apr 14 Two Premieres (see below)

Adam Price posted a selfie on RA's Instagram acct :D..Don't block the blues! Lol...hubby is a  photographer who is obsessed with black and white photos. My strongest argument so far is "life is in color"
Tweet from RA to Ian McKellen and photo from the latter's school at Manchester where 'The Stranger' filmed...
Your Alma Mater and our filming location. You have been in my thoughts.
On Sunday, April 14 at 9pm both the final season of Game of Thrones and the latest adaptation of Les Miserables will premiere. Will be interesting to see which one steals the largest audience for that evening. HBO will play ep 1 of GoT almost continuously, while Masterpiece Theatre will only replay ep1 Les Mis once during the following week.