January 31, 2010

Lesser Known Characters Poll

                                              1. Philip Turner

2. Philip Durrant
                                              3. Bill Chatford

4.  Percy Courteney

Richard Armitage Fan Photos: Interviews & Assorted Others

From pensive to beaming in 3 gorgeous steps...

January 30, 2010

Armitage - Jackman Bicep Challenge

Time to get out the tape measure...

Recent photo of Hugh Jackman on his way to the gym.

Recent photo of RA as John Porter in Strike Back...

Switching gears to a different topic -- not nearly as profound as the bicep challenge:) but interesting nonetheless.

Find link below that's referenced in the following comment to Franciska about a couple courageous Dutch citizens I've been observing with admiration over the past few yrs...

[Franciska…it took awhile to find the facts on Ms Ali.  She’s the first of two valiant people associated with your country who’ve caught my attention over the past few yrs. They are the extremely courageous female, Avaan Hirsi Ali, the other Geert Wilders. Despite the fact their lives are in grave danger simply because they exercise the God-given right of free speech, these two individuals continue to act as beacons for that cause.]


also DUTCH PARLIAMENT - opposition leader Geert Wilders (not aware if he's still a member of that institution)
UPDATE:  According to his wikipedia page, evidently he's still in office...

Will Lucas North wander around today's Nottingham Castle in Spooks 9?...


Just happened upon a li'l serendipity - the following author writes novels about the old order Amish - their farms are located within 50mi of my home.  Her website is a delight with excerpts from her books and a few Amish recipes.  Shoofly pie is the most famous - absolutely delish!...with a wet bottom, of course - I'm not being gross:)  The pies can be made dry or with a gooey layer between the spicy cake-like portion and the pie crust.  The wet bottom makes all the difference between yummy and super-yummy, IMO:)
RECIPE:  Just checked the shoofly pie recipe at her website and it appears to be missing the crucial spices - the authentic recipe follows...

I've always been fascinated with the simple lifestyle of the Amish people - truly amazing to pass one of their horse-drawn carriages in a sedan traveling 55mph or more.  The children, with their freshly scrubbed freckled faces and straw hats, smile from the rear of the carriage at the motorists. To this day, they refer to non-Amish Americans as the Englishchers because when they first arrived in Lancaster County, PA(few miles from the first capital of the US - Philadelphia) in the 1600s,  the majority of other settlers were indeed either immigrants from England or their children.  Amish farmers at that time provided Philly with fresh meats, produce, baked goods, etc

Here's the charming website...

The movie that most authentically portrays the Amish lifestyle is ‘Witness’ starring Harrison Ford. He plays a Philadelphia policeman protecting a young Amish boy who witnessed a murder. Ford travels with the boy & his mother to their home in Lancaster Co.
There continue to be barn-raisings -- in fact, if not farmers, most Amish men are carpenters - often with thriving hand-made furniture or home construction businesses.
This is the barn-raising scene from witness dubbed in German…

January 29, 2010

Richard Armitage Pics & Countdown to Valentine's Day

It seems especially fitting during the countdown to Valentine's Day to start the journey with a poem, a very special moment and a special man.

The lovely poem written by an average woman...no one famous..
addicted to a kiss
that never blessed my lips
addicted to a touch
that never caressed my skin
addicted to a look
that never met my eyes

addicted to his voice
his laugh …
his soul…
addicted to him.

Did that....
moment begin for you with this scene...
or was it further into the saga...
I know for me, and many others, the following moment was the one that ignited a warm glow that ultimately found us completely mesmerized by the actor who brought John Thornton's "150yrs of living on a page" (Richard's words) finally to vivid life.

Can't we almost hear that heart-wrenching catch in his throat and deep sigh...

Richard Armitage Fan Photos...including Messianic Guy Pics etc.



January 28, 2010

Richard Armitage Fan Photos - Stubble?...that is the question..

                                         1.  Light stubble...

2.  Heavier

3.  Heaviest...

Can't decide which category for the following...so, I'll just leave it here:)

Interesting Techie News

Guide to Apple's new iPad: In the space of a few hours, Apple's new personal device has become the e-reader to beat.

2010-01-28.…….The Salt Lake Tribune
At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, e-readers and tablet computers were on everybody's minds. More than a dozen were unveiled, but all of them were compared to Apple's as-yet-unreleased tablet.

After Wednesday, the wait is over, with the high-profile debut of the iPad. Apple has a knack for creating product appeal in lines that have previously catered only to niche audiences. Here are some answers to questions you might have about the iPad (and we'll steer clear of the tech talk):

Why is it such a big deal? ---An Apple tablet computer has been predicted for nearly a decade, and prototypes have existed since 1983. With the introduction of the iPad, Apple has launched a "computerless computer," a device that has the power of a full-featured computer, but the simplicity of a phone.

How does it compare to the iPhone? ---The device is almost identical to a super-sized iPhone. Both run on the same operating system, and the iPad can run all of the iPhone's applications. The iPad has 3G wireless capability, but, unlike the iPhone, can't be used to make phone calls. Anyone who has ever used an iPod Touch or an iPhone will be instantly at home on the iPad.

What will people use it for? ---The iPad can run all of the iPhone's 140,000 applications, but it includes its own spate of features that place it squarely in the space between phone and computer.

Productivity -- The device can function as a lightweight computer, and will run word-processing and spreadsheet apps. Apple's iWork series will be available for $30.

Photos and videos -- It can also function as a digital media hub and host photos, music and video from its own memory or from other Apple computers in the home. The iPad can be hooked up to a television or projector for large-screen viewing.

Games -- Developers are betting on the iPad to be a casual game machine. Built-in sensors detect when the iPad is being tilted and moved -- in effect, the tablet is one big controller, and offers similar sensing to a Nintendo Wii remote.

How much will it cost? ---In a surprising move by Apple, the iPad came in lower than analysts expected. The entry level iPad will cost $499, while the beefiest version adds four times the storage space for $699. All of the models have built in Wi-Fi, but you can add 3G connections to use the iPad on cell phone wireless data networks for $130 on any model. Additionally, models equipped with 3G will cost $15 to $30 per month, but there's no contract if you choose to opt out.

Can I buy one now? ---Not yet. The iPad won't be available on Apple's Web site for preorders, so you can expect long lines, crowds and product shortages. The device is expected to hit store shelves in late March.

How does it stack up to Amazon's Kindle or other e-readers? ---The large color screen, full Web capabilities and potential as a multimedia device make the Kindle look drab and featureless by comparison. However, the Kindle's screen uses e-ink technology, which replicates paper reading much more closely, and is supposed to be easier on the eyes when using it for extended periods. The other big advantage is battery life; Apple claims up to 10 hours of general use in its battery, while the Kindle's sipping e-ink screen can get more than a week of use. In general, the iPad is more of a lightweight, all-purpose computer, while the Kindle is a specialized e-book reader.

What are the tech specs? ---The iPad uses Apple's proprietary A4 chip, so exact details on speed aren't known. Early hands-on tests reveal it to be snappy and able to handle the applications faster than the iPhone 3GS, the reigning smartdevice in Apple's line. The low-end machine ships with 16GB of RAM, while the highest has 64GB. All of the lines are equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, so they should work fine with Apple's wireless keyboard, for those who find touch-screen typing a little too futuristic. The screen is a wide-angle LED flat panel at 9.7 I inches, giving the device an impressively slim 0.5 inches of depth.

What's missing? ---Although Apple's iPad is a hugely complete device, there are a few things curiously absent. The tablet is missing any kind of camera, which rules out using the pad for videoconferencing. Tech types are also decrying the lack of "multitasking," which would allow the iPad to run more than one application at once. Instead, users have to quit one program to start another. Also not present is the ability to make phone calls, even in the models that have built-in cell phone capability. We'll just have to wait for version 2.0 for those features.

January 27, 2010

Richard Armitage Fan Photos for Drool Factor Poll

1.  Richard reading Ted Hughes poem 'Song?'

2. Harry's debt collection remark to Geraldine "with tongues?"

3.  John Thornton or Lucas North in fine-tailored suits?

4. Deliciously-toned biceps, pecs, abs pics?

5.   Love scenes?

6.  Or candid shots of 'the real thing?'...lunch w/Spooks crew..
at the airport in Moscow while on location for Spooks...

Clowning w/Hermione(Ros)...