May 31, 2010

Sterling Grey BMW & John Porter's Wardrobe

Now we know why that sly fox chose the Bondesque grey blazer & knit shirt for Porter.  He just might need to borrow them on occasion.

New N&S Video: Claire de lune by Xcouples - Piano

Fanny would be so pleased...had to nudge out a poll to squeeze in the piano..but it's worth it to impress Fanny Thornton:) Maybe we'll get an invitation to the next dinner party.

It's Raining RA - 'Rip off the Roof and Stay in Bed'

This one needs another redo with Richard on screen at least 80% of the time---Rupert(former Spook) and Hugh Jackman could fill about 10% - in my daydreams the remainder is devoted to a couple homegrown favorites -  Matt Bomer & Jeffrey Donovan.
(Above video by DreamyViper in 2008)

May 30, 2010

Food Orgy: Crudites...Spanokopita...Moussaka...Baklava?

Note to self - History research will resume once this topic is exorcized;) 
Has anyone else asked themselves today why one would eat like a bird, when one of the hottest men on the  planet admitted he finds a woman who loves food to be his idea of an ideal mate?

Alright then - let the culinary dreams begin!
Frankly, the thought sent my mind off on a delicious journey remembering some of my fav dishes (most of which are Greek & Italian) and of course wondering if said man has adventurous taste buds or more conservative ones like his dark grey BMW:)  Most men who say they love food are not the 'meat & potatoes' type.

Primary purpose of this post is another poll - well, something completely different...NOT! haha
Which meal course do you find the most delectable?  Is it the first?  Most often it's a light dish such as green salad or soup...Or possibly something more exotic like the following one called Spider Rolls. I've never tried it, therefore, upon seeing them for the first time, had the thought the black spots do indeed look like itzy bitzy...yck,yck:)  Or possibly a small portion of Greek spanokopita?..

                                                            1. First Course?
                  Spider rolls :(
spanokopita - cheesy spinach mixture wrapped in crisp phyllo dough :) yum!

Or is it the entree that you find to be the most satisying?  Must confess I've tried frog legs, more out of curiosity than anything else, and they do indeed taste like bland chicken.  That was my first and last time for the tiny appendages, first because they lacked flavor and also because  the waitress asked at the end of the meal if I'd enjoyed them.  After responding "not really" she replied - "oh, that's too bad - there are a dozen little frogs on crutches in the kitchen":) 
                                                            2.  Main entree?
            (following is Greek Pastitsio..baked pasta w/savory meat filling and bechamel sauce)            
                By the way, this is my preferred method of cleansing the palate between courses  ;)

3.  Dessert course?
 Baklava (layers of delicate phyllo filled w/a luscious mixture of crushed walnuts & honey)
While collecting the pics for the feast, came across the following photo which made me wonder what John Porter might be nibbling from her,,,errr,,, could it be lo-cal grapes or perhaps one of his favs - chocolate. Following mouth-melting morsels would be appropriate...they're Hershey Kisses.  Each tiny piece of candy is wrapped in silver foil - the unwrapped chocolate buds are a vintage American sweet treat...tons of fresh batches made every day in Hershey, PA  
We'll need refreshing libations to accompany the repast...
If he prefers a simple pint of beer - great!  I swing either way - with beverages...nothing else;)  

Richard Wants a Girl Who's Slightly Naughty and Loves Food---"You Called Sir?"

DRAT! it's such an inconvenience to be already spoken for and crazy about said spouse.  Where's the nearest drive-thru Cloning Salon?:)

Richard Armitage: ‘I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into’
By: Vicki Power. 30/05/2010 Mirror Online

The sexy 39-year-old star of Spooks and Sky One’s Strike Back on growing into his looks/nose, why he’s more ‘new man’ than macho soldier, and looking for that perfect food-loving woman

You’re the go-to guy for brooding heroes. Do you like being seen as a sex symbol?
Richard Armitage: It’s quite funny – no, it’s hilarious to be considered a sex symbol. In school I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into. Being thought of as sexy makes one employable, but it’s not going to last forever, so I try not to think about it. It’s like something that exists outside of me. [* as if we need another reason to fall ever deeper *thud*]

You certainly look hot in the dark blue suit you’ve put on for this interview[*wow, sassy woman!(more power to her)--did she actually make a move on our guy? Anyone have the low-down on Vicki?..married?aged? plain jane?...she asked w/fingers crossed]
RA: Thank you. It’s Dolce & Gabbana and the shirt is Prada, but the truth is, nearly all my other clothes are Lucas’s from Spooks. I can’t bear shopping. I can choose clothes for my characters, but not for myself. I’ve got no dress sense. Or I’ve lost it.

What appealed about your character John Porter in the Sky series Chris Ryan’s Strike Back?
RA: I thought, here’s a chance to have a crack at a man who’s not a bog-standard war hero.

 [*hmm..would love to have a conversation with RA about not stereotyping military members(war heroes) as cardboard-cutout human beings - the vast majority of them are as diversified as the general public - with the exception IMHO of having above average character & courage. Most of them already have a lovable softer side--unless my relatives are exceptions. That said, RA did a brilliant interpretation of JP]

 Porter is what Lucas wishes he could be – SAS men get to go all over the world and operate in deep cover, while in Spooks we only get to walk up The Mall and go onto a few London rooftops. Lucas would love to be shooting out of an aircraft.

Could you have been a soldier?
RA: Not a chance! I can work hard and be disciplined like a soldier, but I could never reach their level of fitness. I have a whole new appreciation of soldiers. I saw myself on screen and thought, ‘That body is so not hard enough to be a soldier.’

What sort of training did you do?
RA: I did mega-training with ex-military men. I’d be in the gym for two hours after a 12-hour day on Spooks, and it was so hardcore I’d throw up. I stuffed myself with food and drank protein shakes to bulk up. I used to be a dancer, but I had to strap my weak ankles every day and strengthen my wrists so I could hold a machine gun. My body just wasn’t up to it.

So you’re not a macho man…
RA: I’m probably more of a new man. I’m not particularly alpha. ‘Nourish and nurture’ are my watchwords as opposed to ‘search and destroy’. I kept asking myself why on earth have they asked me to play this character, rather than someone who’s really hard. But I suppose it’s because I bring something softer to the character.

You were filming in South Africa for five months. What was that like?
RA: We had a great time, although it was so hot it felt like you were in an oven. We filmed in a poor black township outside Pretoria that everybody told us was dangerous, but we’d often play football with the kids. Once we didn’t have anywhere to change and one of the locals said, ‘Come to my house.’ It was a tin shack, but it was spotlessly clean. You can’t believe it’s somebody’s home. It was so humbling.

What did you miss most about home?
RA: I didn’t miss anything. [*small wonder why she moved out..LOL..Richard would really benefit from a chat w/DH - he who hath kissed the Blarney stone my everlasting disadvantage]:)  I was so in the character, I’d dream about him at night.  [*something we have in common w/RA--dreaming about John Porter:]  Even I thought, ‘This is crazy, I’m too involved.’ I found it hard to call or Skype friends – it was almost as though I couldn’t get out of the character. I screwed up my social life a bit.  [*with a few simple words, the man knows how to instill hope in female hearts]

Speaking of which, how’s your love life?
RA: Unfortunately, my love life is nil. I’m not in a relationship any longer – I’m working too much – but I would like to settle down at some point.  [*hey! Mr relationship challenged;)... there are always coffee/tea breaks between scenes for what hubby refers to as 'afternoon delights'.  See what happens when words like 'slightly naughty' come out of Richard's mouth? It's all his fault:)...would never have mentioned them otherwise *cough,cough*]  That’s probably why I’m going to LA soon, when I’m not tied down. I feel like if you don’t try LA, then people will think you’ve failed.

Do you want a family?
RA: Yes, I’d like a wife and family. I spend so much time with my brother’s little boy, Abe, who’s coming up to five, and he’s so hilarious. Playing a father in Strike Back has really resonated with me, although I can’t believe I’m starting to get cast with teenage daughters! I’m quite relieved I don’t have that responsibility in real life, but I look around and my fellow actors are having babies and I’m envious. One day, one day.

But you’ll turn 40 next year. Isn’t about time you gave it some thought?
RA: Yes. That’s part of the problem, isn’t it, because I still feel like I’m 25 in my head. I always thought when I got to 40 it would be OK because I’d feel 40, but I don’t.

What type of girl would you go for?
RA: Someone a bit naughty.  [*uh oh, which torrid topics will those few words unleash at many RA websites? The mods will be knackered...teeheehee, first time to use that word];)   And who likes foodbecause I really do – and who doesn’t take life too seriously and has a sense of humour. I could never go out with another actor, I’d find that hard – the stresses of the job, they just pull people in different directions.

Your fans call themselves Armitage’s Army. What are they like?
RA: Over the years they’ve sent me presents and turned up at film sets, but lately I’ve kind of left them alone. I got a bit too involved and there’s an expectation from them that goes along with that.

Do you read about yourself on the internet?
RA: I decided this year not to read anything. It’s been very liberating. The problem with me is I read everything, but it’s only the bad stuff that stays with me. It’s weird, you only need to be told something once and it stays with you.

What’s next for Lucas in Spooks?
RA: I’m filming now and it’ll be a fantastic ninth series. Basically, Lucas isn’t who you think he is. It’s always been hovering there, whether or not he’s a double agent. We really miss Hermione (Norris, who played Ros). She was a very calming influence and I loved her humour.

Will this be your last series of Spooks?
RA: I’ve said to the producers, ‘Over to you. You decide.’ If that means sending Lucas to Manchester or severing his head, I don’t know. Or I could end up in the deep fat fryer. They’d owe me a brilliant exit.

What are your hobbies?
RA: I only *learned to ski five years ago, but I’m addicted to it. I went five times this season. I should have been a ski instructor instead of an actor. I also dragged my cello out of the loft a couple of weeks ago and went back to that, but I have to squeeze playing it into the hour and a half I get in the evening after work. God, I sound like such a boring workaholic.
[*He's quite an accomplished skiier..little reckless
How could he forget to mention figure skating... ]

What’s the most extravagant thing you’ve bought?
RA: A BMW hard-top convertible I bought two years ago. I love it. I know people who drive BMWs are meant to be idiots, but I drive very carefully. It’s dark grey. It’s all very conservative, isn’t it? I sound like I’m middle-aged before my time.

What keeps you awake at night?
RA: The fear of not being able to keep this career going. Because it is quite scary. It’s going well, but I worry somebody will take a pin and it will all go ‘pop!’ Then it’s back to plumbing and sanding floors. That’s what I used to do for mates between jobs.

There's more
- Richard ordered water to drink during the interview, but once he saw that we were having a tipple of white wine, he ordered some too.
- After the interview we tried to get into a screening of Strike Back but had forgotten our tickets. Richard came up and asked the usher please to let us in. Richard even jokingly invited us onstage with him. What a gent!
A sincere thank you for the above article to:

May 29, 2010

RA's Obsession - He Mentioned it Yet Again in a Recent Interview

Today an audio of one of RA's recent radio interviews was circulated at Twitter.  For those who might not yet have heard it, I'll find the link asap.  During the interview Richard was asked about future plans and besides mentioning he might "sniff" around at the end of the year in the US(awesome:) he reiterated his hopes of making a film or TV series about Richard III.  The interviewer asked if he'd play the lead and RA replied "I might be too old by that time...maybe Warwick."  Of course, that remark sent me off on a quest to learn about the Earl of Warwick and his link to Richard III.  Along the way, I stumbled upon the following website with wonderful photos of many War of the Roses locations (Worcester, Leicester, etc) with ties to Richard III & Warwick.
Also searched for paintings of the main characters, and discovered Warwick must've been a humble man for his time, or possibly so appearance-challenged that he preferred to remain visually obscure for the ages.  Below is a painting of Richard III.  He does appear to have piercing eyes, so perhaps RA would be perfect for the part afterall.
   [description from the website of the photo below:      >Warwick (Warwickshire)
The group of buildings which comprises the Lord Leycester Hospital were built around the Chantry Chapel of St James over the West Gate into Warwick, to house the religious guilds. When Henry VIII dispersed the guilds in 1546, the property was saved from seizure by being transferred to the Burgesses of Warwick. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leycester, acquired the buildings in 1571 and founded a hospital for disabled soldiers and their wives, with a charter from Queen Elizabeth. The Master runs the hospital and his house is on the north side of the courtyard.]
This is as close to an image of Warwick that could be found - in one of the churches at the link above.
More of Richard's remarks during the interview - "The Rovers will be a romp in the woods"
When asked about future prospects for Spooks, he said whenever he's in the company of the execs he asks  when they'll make 'Spooks: The Movie'.  He then added
"they'd need to find a definitive Spooks storyline...I don't know...perhaps something about the 2012  Olympics." [which is a fascinating idea - if the powers that be followed through on his ideas, they'd probably have blockbusters coming out their ears...ahhh, such eloquence:]

After being asked whether he enjoys playing the action hero more than other characters, Richard responded(to the effect)..."I like to mix it up.  Whenever you're wearing a cravat and sitting in a bumpy carriage, you wish you were on a set somewhere running away from gunfire while shooting a rifle."
Listen to his exact words...

Couple photos from the above website...

>Haddon Hall (Derbyshire)
A beautiful medieval manor house, mostly built by the Vernons who owned it from 1180 to 1565. The tapestry in the banqueting hall showing the royal arms of England was made during the reign of Edward IV. <

Trivia:  There's a lovely small city in New Jersey, USA called Haddonfield, founded in the mid 1600s.  Slightly south is the community of Vernon.  They're located a short distance from the long-time shopping district
of Upper Darby.  About 1900 the large shopping district was almost adjacent to numerous cotton factories - rows of stores were conveniently located within a few short miles of the mills.  Quakers were probably the original owners of most of the fabric businesses. Both communities are within the Greater Philadelphia area (which was founded by Quaker William Penn) The Quaker religion began of course in Scrooby, NTT. The principal traffic artery running straight through Haddonfield is Kings Highway.  To the west is Gloucester City.
>>Description and Travel  -  The BBC tells us: "Scrooby is only a sleepy little village, but for American historians this is the place where some of the guiding principles of the US political and judicial system hail from."<<

From the Peak Advertiser’s ‘What’s in a Name’:   >>It is difficult to pick out personalities but George Fox (1624-1691) deserves mention since he is held to be the founder of the Society of Friends (i.e. the Quakers).<<

If anyone wants to take a peek at Haddonfield:

RA Lookalike Run-off (see poll)

In your opinion, which of the following has the strongest resemblance to RA?(see lookalike poll)
                                                                 1. Eyes?
2.  Jawline?
3.  Jim?
The last actor is the star of the recently cancelled, long-running show Ghost Whisperer.  Certain RA fans find he has a strong resemblance to RA.  There is some evidence to support their claim...for instance--he does a mean t-shirt/undershirt, same as you know who. 
as well as looking sexy in fine-gauged snug sweaters...
His wardrobe does contain many of the necessary accoutrements, such as a tuxedo...
and shades...
Where then does Jim fall short of the RA standard?...Perhaps, jeans not quite tailored enough for that hot sleek fit?...
Is it his eyes?
Or pecs not quite toned enough?
Shoulders somewhat less broad?
Nothing however shabby about Jim as he walks away...right up there in RA's world-class category..(Notice his co-star's shocked expression;)  It looks like a fun scene...tried but could not get interested enough to watch the show -  their interaction here is adorable..

Richard Armitage as John Porter: Eye of the Tiger by MysteryEmillia - Bravo!

May 28, 2010

The Golden Throat Reads 'Song' by Ted Hughes - video by DanielleRCA

Was going to post (on this Memorial wkend) RA's reading of a WWII poem written by an Englishman in the midst of his nightly watch duties during those perilous times.  However, while I do appreciate the historic significance of that poem, it doesn't make my toes curl nearly as much as the following;)

Here's another chance to vote for RA as best actor - the survey is conducted by the UK's best-selling magazine.  Winners will be announced in June.  No need to vote in every category...

>Thank you for your vote. This is how you've voted so far.

Best new drama: Chris Ryan’s Strike Back Sky1
Best drama series: Spooks BBC1

Best family drama:
Best comedy show:
Best reality show:
Best talent show:
Best entertainment show:
Best gameshow:
Best daytime show:
Best lifestyle show:
Best food show:

Best actor: Richard Armitage Chris Ryan’s Strike Back
Best actress: Orla Brady Chris Ryan’s Strike Back<

May 27, 2010


With already 50% of the vote, it's fairly safe to say your pub will be called 'The Top Hat and Cravat' - Putting the cart before the horse, which of the following two signs do you prefer?..See poll.
                                                               1.  Lantern

2.  Coachman

While stumbling around(perhaps a poor choice of words considering the topic) amongst the pub paraphernalia, happened upon the sign below on the right  - considered it for about a split second - somehow JT won out. Although, the mascot on the right does have his charm and fulfills the truth in advertising laws with his snappy hat&cravat. 
What if these pub signs were really side by side...kitty looks does moggy;) moggie...(had it spelled correctly the first time, then changed to 'y' - always go with your first instincts.  Twitter came to the rescue with the following news story about a moggie that survived wash & spin)...

Then some signs that might help increase profits.  Is Thornton business acumen already influencing management of your pub;)
With our fine clientele, sign on left won't be necessary...cough,cough...  To the right is a famous American pub sign..

Can't believe I've seen the following vid for the first time today.  In honor of the grand opening of the Top Hat and Cravat pub, a lovely N&S video by PoleStar00 called 'Maestro'(soundtrack to the movie 'The Holiday' starring Kate Winslet & Cameron Diaz...a truly romantic film)

New RA Vid by aoinen

Smilebox Sparkler
Great to see so many new creators and their RA tributes...

May 26, 2010

Updated Kitchen Poll - Choose the Style and the Handyman

By a slight margin, you've chosen a kitchen upgrade (whenever your local RA handyman lookalike can fit you into his busy schedule).  Choose the style - each one is accompanied by the craftsman.  Enjoy making the decision;)

                                                                    1.  Modern

2. Traditional

3. Futuristic