August 27, 2016

Richard Armitage: Tour de Agent Miller(see link) + Berlin Station Among "Series to Watch" in the Washington Times(see link) + RA as John Thornton Comment From UK Daily Mail +Win Romeo and Juliet RA Narration - Competition by Writer David Hewson

Tour de Daniel Miller..
 “Berlin Station,” Epix; Oct. 16. Could any series be more timely? A whistleblower has gained fame and notoriety for leaking secrets from the CIA’s Berlin office. CIA Officer Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage, “Hannibal”) arrives in Berlin on a clandestine mission to identify and stop this obscure scoundrel. The mood is tense and somber. The look is brooding. This thriller boasts an international collection of flawed or broken characters played by a global cast including Michelle Forbes and Richard Jenkins. In sum: Think John le Carre meets “True Detective.”
Apparently a new British drama titled "Victoria" featured actor Rufus Sewell.  Following excerpt was taken from Daily Mail review of the show..

Here she is in one of the paintings from the cycle...

August 20, 2016

Richard Armitage:Ongoing Love,Love,Love Rehearsals + HAPPY BIRTHDAY RA!! + New Narration 'Romeo and Juliet' Release on Dec 6 + Spy series Berlin Station begins Oct 16 on EPIX

RA with his Love,Love,Love co-star, Amy Ryan..
"42nd Street" my first theatre job at 18....and today's subway stop. Full circle.
(He included a photo of the street sign "42nd St & Broadway") Narration author Hewson has Verona, Italy photos posted at his website.  One is very reminiscent of an atmospheric Guy of Gisborne photo..
Longtime wellwisher, maraiad donnici. created a lovely birthday tribute for RA.  She made certain to include many memorable onscreen moments and enough kisses for 10 birthdays..

August 15, 2016

Richard Armitage:Christmas in August! Wellwisher Detectives are Correct--New Narration is Romeo and Juliet(see link) + Brain On Fire at Toronto Film Fest(photos below) + New Berlin Station Trailer & Cast Comments(see link) + Life is in Color - Why are Some Fascinated with Blk & White Photos? (it drains life from subjects)

Romeo and Juliet Announcement
New Berlin Station Trailer & Cast Comments:
Following photos are from Brain on Fire - lucky daughter!
This by RA fan Cyn on Twitter..
Which of the following photos is more enjoyable for you?  For me - life is in color, so the second is my fav..
Here’s the link to sign up as a volunteer Trump election observer

August 6, 2016

Richard Armitage: The Tiger Voiceover + Berlin Station TV Series starts Oct 16 on EPIX

Wouldn't it be positively awesome if RA made a music video similar to the following. Perhaps to advertise 'Love,Love,Love' - Taylor Swift's love interest(in video) is Scott Eastwood.

Clarissa Excerpt: