August 29, 2012

New John Thornton Photo Surfaces(thx to RAnet) + Richard Armitage Central Moderator Meets RA - See Link to Her Remarks

Thanks to for new JT photo..
Smoke and Mirrors..strip away the masks and many are more attractive.  Granted it's an improvement for others:
There are so many creatvie RA fans.  Just when you think you've seen everything possible, one finds a way to make the John Porter dream sequence in Strike Back even more memorable. The irony of this scene is the fact Porter's dream was rudely interrupted.  Moments after these images flashed before our eyes, the SAS-trained agent found it necessary to *put some manners* on perverts:

As you can see, there was plenty of sunshine on this particular day in Michigan.  In fact, the fan explains in her remarks that RA said the extremely sunny days are even causing filming problems for the Black Sky production.
Suzi is a moderator at
Her remarks about the close encounter of an RA kind:


Musa said...

Love the new Hobbit pics, especially Thorin, Kili, and Fili.

I'm glad dear RA has been getting sunshine in Michigan. Not good for a tornado movie I agree, but good for all the fans waiting to see him. He is so close and yet so far :(
There's sure to be a Black Sky premiere her in the US. You think LA or Michigan?

Ricrar said...

Morning Musa, is the Thorin, Kili, Fili photo from the official Hobbit production or a fan design?

Good question re the Black Sky premiere - perhaps it will open in Detroit and then in other major cities such as NYC, LA.

Of course, in the meantime Richard will no doubt appear on a few US talk shows to promote the new Hobbit movie. Can hardly wait for that. *finally* Hooray:)

DEZMOND said...

the first pic is nom nom in a dangerous way. Wouldn't mind being the victim of that look :)

Ricrar said...

Hi Dez, I wouldn't get too excited about that look if I were you - not that I didn't after watching N&S a few yrs ago.

You see, in interviews when asked how he manages to achieve those piercing gazes, Richard replied that it's even possible to smolder with one's back. haha

He added that a thespian simply gathers as many loving thoughts as possible about his acting colleague. Then, ever the gentleman, he added Daniella is so beautiful it was easy to smolder in scenes with her.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Very nice collection!

DEZMOND said...

pfft, he'd have vulcanic reactions with me, not smouldering ones :)

Sue said...

I remember when Richard was interviewed about how he got those smouldering looks, he joked with a can of petrol and some matches (to that effect anyway). Ever the comedian. I also remember that when both Richard and Daniella's characters in N&S were supposed to be exchanging smouldering glances in that scene they weren't actually looking at each other but each actor shot the scene separately. I think he was looking at some blank outbuilding or such and visa versa. I'm afraid Richard's remarks about being able to smoulder with a plank of wood really did ruin any illusion of passion he'd managed to create for me. (But I'm sure I'll live with it and imagine those piercing blue eyes are gazing at me).

I still love the character of John Standring. The way he delivered some of those lines, some swearing, so can't repeat, but they were my favourite and so natural. I think creating characterisations like that are probably much harder than the smouldering sex bombs. That woolly hat has never been so sexy as it was on Richard!

Ricrar said...

Vulcanic reactions, Dez - just might dedicate a post to you that includes those RA photos that have caused the most sizzling eruptions over the yrs. Master craftsman at work always manage to have that effect on their audience. Don't blame me if you incinerate. haha
(p.s.Your spelling gave me pause. Was going to change it to volcanic, but upon reading "Vulcan Greek god of fire" realized either way would be correct)

Sue, thx for quoting RA's "could smoulder at a plank".
While searching for it a few days ago, I came upon his "even a back can smoulder" remark.

My very first introduction to Richard was during RH2 when Guy, on a balcony, stares a hole through Marian below as she pets a horse. After the N&S stars revealed they weren't even looking at each other when the outside staircase scene was filmed, I realized the same was no doubt true about Guy's intense gaze at Marian.

We want to learn all we can about our fav dramatic productions and thespians, but often learning every detail removes the magic. Maybe we'd be better off timidly remaining blissfully ignorant, or probably even better - realistically expecting the magic only in real life - where it is undeniably deliciously tangible.

That said, can't wait for more details on Black Sky filming, and for Dec 14 when my 2 fav men in the world promised to see The Hobbit with me. Hope they enjoy it - promised them plenty of action and Richard usually does his part to make certain that happens onscreen:)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Blissful ignorance. Absolutely. But are the tattoos real??

Ricrar said...

No, the tatts were temporary. IMO, Richard suggested them - with the hope the fact they took hours to apply - would prevent writers from including a shirtless scene in every Spooks episode. To the chagrin of most of his fans:)who never had a problem w/that type of gratuitous scene. haha

They were so fragile that his bedroom scenes w/CIA agent Sarah Caulfied caused the tatts to bleed unto the white sheets. The solution for the problem was a change of sheets to lovely royal blue shade.

During an interview leading up to the Spooks9 premiere, a pretty female reporter on morning TV show, asked RA if the tatts were real. He replied "why don't you come over and find out" teehee He quickly added "that's my chat-up line" haha

p.s. Each tattoo did have a significance. The large one center chest is a famous painting by Blake. They were all supposedly acquired in the Russian prison where MI5 agent Lucas North was held for 8yrs.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

How interesting. I liked the dragon painting better. I wonder why he didn't use that one for the chest tattoo?

Very nice pick up line, I am sure. I wonder if it worked :) :)

Ricrar said...

There was some particular religious significance to Lucas North with that Blake painting - I believe it's called Urizon?

North took the usual thrill ride with RA. He said more than once he searches in a character for both light and dark. With Guy of Gisborne, it was an overly ambitious sheriff's henchman, who finally found redemption after 3 series.

Lucas North began as a white knight in Spooks series 7&8 but by 9 the character had evolved into someone almost unrecognizable. Richard commented during an interview that the dramatic shift for Lucas was even a surprise to him. Many fans never reconciled themselves to the once heroic MI5 agent's final outcome. Very controversial finale for them. IMO, all the moral conflict was probably being thoroughly enjoyed by the man playing the role. Says he gets bored if his character is entirely good or totally evil.

Of course, anyone who has read The Hobbit knows Thorin is also a morally conflicted dwarf. Here we go again:) only this time it was decided long ago by Tolkien how it would end.

As for the pickup line, wonder myself if it worked. Sincerely hope someday Richard treats his long-time fans to an auto-biography. He certainly has already lived an interesting enough life to merit one.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

How funny. I thought Gisborne was just grumpy as the only straight man surrounded by a world of lunatics. Robin Hood (a traditional hero for me) was completely unappealing. As for Lucas North, I thought he showed signs from the beginning that he had only one real loyalty -- to his woman. That never really changed, although it came as a surprise to everyone else. I liked that about him. I've studied some of Armitage's work for my screen play (of obvious title), where I suggest him for the lead male role of Julius, for precisely similar traits. :) :)

Ricrar said...

Lucas North did seem to have chronic misfortune in matters of the heart. From pining for a wife who had remarried during his 8yrs in prison, through his CIA liaison Sarah's tragic choices - ending with a woman who never seemed as into him as he was taken with her. So, yes, your description of his primary loyalty being to his woman does ring true.

Although in Spooks 7&8 I always thought of him as a dedicated agent willing to do what's best for his homeland - even to the last full measure of devotion if necessary. That's why S9 scenario was such a nightmare for his admirers.

Right up to the last ep of S9 my instinct was to ferret out possible ways it would all end w/his good name restored. In fact, my hubby watched all 3 series w/me and during the last one decided the western spy's Russian captives must've somehow planted false memories w/a computer chip. haha The hubster really should write his own novel of international intrigue, laced w/sizzling liaisons. Keep telling him he could do it, maybe someday he'll have enough free time to get it done:)

BTW, I'll take a look at your screenplay. Which role do you have in mind for Richard?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Yes, they seem to pair him with these horrible women characters who were certainly undeserving of his loyalty! :)

I would be honored if you look at my screenplay. It is presented as Cleopatra's memoires, a personal account of her own life. As a basically conservative woman living in a time of change and upheaval, she lives in a polygamous marriage with two men, Julius, the great love of her life, and his former lover, Russ-Rex, who is the Sentinel of the Roman Army. There is a great cultural battle going on around them between supporters of the temple fertility cults, on the one hand, and a new puritain wave, on the other hand. They fall right in the middle, politically, and are fairly conservative, socially, with their great emphasis on their family and its privacy. They build a new form of participatory governance with a strong executive that is willing to use brutal force when necessary to maintain the peace in the midst all off of this upheaval. So, it has many of the required elements -- sex, violence, but no drugs. And it's mostly about peace and life inside their home. They have kids, horses, and a goat. It's the inside scoop that one will not have heard before.

The full text is at:; there is a link to its Facebook page through the blogger profile.

Thank you so much for looking. Any feedback would be always welcomed!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. The role I have in mind for Armitage is, of course, Julius Caesar. He is presented as a just and deeply spiritual administrator who is willing to use brutal force when necessary; it is only necessary when they are estabishing their rule, then they are able to focus on building their participatory governance and, of course, the joy of life.

So the role is one of military leader, political genius, and the greatest lover of all time, according to Cleopatra. And of course, their polygamous marriage, a conservative thing in their day, should touch on some issues of current salience, given that it is one with two men rather than two women. :) :) They have music festivals as part of their seasonal festivals, giving a chance for some great rock and roll concerts (to remind of the currency of the issues). But there is no appearance of the Spanish Inquisition....

Ricrar said...

"should touch on some issues of current salience, given that it is one with two men rather than two women"

Are you referring to Caesar & Mark Antony?

IMO, Richard would make an excellent Caesar...or Mark Antony for that matter. But he does seem to relish the authoritative, take no prisoners roles; so maybe the first would be a better fit.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

There is absolutely no Mark Antony in my screenplay. He does not exist. It's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Julius is a melt-you-in-your-tracks devoted husband before all else. He rescues Cleopatra at 17 years old from her evil father, who has imprisoned her in Egypt because she might be too brown! He comes into the castle and walks her out of there. No, they take a second husband, the second in command of the Roman Army, and they establish their rule -- brutally at first -- establishing the Peace of Rome. It lasts a thousand years.

There is no killing of Julius, no suicide of Cleopatra, none of the above. Just a very hot marriage bed, and a very interesting family, for our day, polygamy being not what it used to be :) :) :)

The polygamy part is presented sort of as a feminist's dream, and a good number of guy's dreams all at the same time. Hard to accomplish that, if I don't say so myself! But, seriously, it's presented as a real take on some of the ways people truly lived in the ancient world. Many of our categories and assumptions are shifted greatly by looking at these sorts of real relationships, in a world in which love between men was completely acceptable, and it was marriage and love of women that was coming under attack (not, as today, gay marriage -- at least in the US).

Ricrar said...

Gay marriage isn't under attack in the U.S., rather traditional marriage is under attack. Why should 90% of the population reinvent itself for less than 10%.

Civil unions are fine with the majority of Americans - not legal marriage. If there was no difference whatsoever - one size could fit all - there would never have been a need for two distinct sexes in the first place. IMO, for the sake of children, marriage should remain between a woman and a man.

Not that I have a strong opinion on the subject. Simply my 2cents. haha (said with tongue in cheek:)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Perhaps one might say marriage in general is under attack in the U.S., since fifty per cent of them end in divorce. The screenplay is just that -- a story. It brings out some interesting and controversial issues.