January 30, 2011

VoD Behind the Scenes +Hottest Vid Poll + Peter Jackson's Publicist(see below) + Latest Hobbitin5 Report + Lords of the North Excerpt

April 2010 - Past post of the Day: Squeeing had obviously officially begun for Strike Back:)
Thanks to a retweet by Musa:) we know that Lucy Griffiths has won a contract with the CBS network to appear in one of their future programs.  Congrats to Ms Griffiths - and to all Americans who'll now get to enjoy her talent and beauty on a regular basis...

Which of these vids is hottest? (see poll)...

#1: Ian - Ultimate Force

                                                    #2: Guy of Gisborne, Locksley Manor


                                                              #3: Lucas North Spooks8


                                                          #4: John Porter, Strike Back

                                              Coffee Fixes Everything by faboamanto..

It's a double hit -- the hostess of the latest edition of the Hobbitin5 report is wearing a Captain America t-shirt.  Note her comments on what capturing a role in The Hobbit could mean for the actors...
UPDATE: Yahoo news reports Peter Jackson's publicist released a message saying the director is in stable condition and will remain in the NZ hospital for a few more days...

Thanks to psychomammy for this excerpt from RA's narration of Lords of the North 


The link below is to a blog not currently active BUT filled with all sorts of interesting information
The Saxon Stories
The Last Kingdom
The Pale Horseman
The Lords of the North
Sword Song
Bernard Cornwell's latest series focuses on the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex, England during the 9th-century reign of Alfred the Great, his fierce opposition to the Danes (Vikings), and his determination to unite England as one country. According to Cornwell's replies on his website bulletin board, the series will not be a trilogy like his medieval works, but will have 3 or 4 more sequels: "I'm not sure how many there will be - perhaps seven? maybe eight?”


PBS Masterpiece announcement for those watching Downton Abbey:

Uh oh! - evidently retirement from the spook profession has been a growth experience for Lucas North but not exactly in a good way;)  This lonnnng hobbit wait is resulting in very unique creative expression..HeeHee  http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/iqsgGqMLOV5d2CqZ

BEG mentioned today what a good laugh she had while watching the bloopers recorded during filming of The Impressionists, which reminded me of this precious 'behind the scenes' for VoD..

January 28, 2011

Timeline for Capt America Trailer + Strike Back Ep 1, pt 1 + Richard Armitage Pix + Woman's Man Walk + Soundtracks

Chatter on twitter about the highly anticipated Captain America trailer which is expected to be released soon...

Lucas by faboamanto..

                       Obviously, some women cannot take no for an answer... :)

Woman's-man Walk
                                        Spooks Soundtrack - Jennie Muskett


                                                 North and South Soundtrack


January 26, 2011

New Spooks Vid by Miss Marian825 + Director Jackson Undergoes Emergency Surgery + The Hobbit Locals Hush(with one exception) + Robin Hood I & Challenge + Richard Armitage Pix

Upon noticing this news tweet a short time ago, my initial reaction was that it must be someone's idea of a joke but quickly and sadly realized it is the truth.  Filming of The Hobbit is expected to be somewhat delayed while director Jackson recovers from surgery.  Our best wishes for his speedy recovery..

Past post of the day: Strike Back--Scorching hot scene w/Danni..

A challenge for RH/RA fan vidders:

Hesitated to post the following, but then she stated her favorite male character in the Robin Hood series is Guy of Gisborne - thought to myself "aha! a female of discriminating taste - same as all of us":)
                                       Laurissy’s Answers to the above challenge:


Thank you Musa for finding this interesting interview with the casting director for The Hobbit:
NZ Headline: Hmmm…birth rate has currently jumped in NZ - traced back to Apr 2010.  Could it possibly have leaked out in Apr that RA might win a major role in TH?  Would be interested in seeing how many copies of North and South were sold at that time;)  The clues tell all *winks*...
It's fortunate that there are so many talented RA supporters to help keep the long Hobbit wait interesting
Locals hush as Hobbit date set
Last updated 10:51 17/01/2011
--The pitter patter of hairy feet is getting louder in Matamata with The Hobbit to start filming next month.
--Wellywood insiders have told the Dominion Post that Valentine's Day – February 14 – is when cameras will start rolling on the two films.
--Hobbiton Movie Set & Farm Tours manager Russell Alexander was tight-lipped today--"I've got meetings coming up but I'm bound by confidentiality and I can't talk, and I can't say what I do know."
--Matamata-Piako Mayor Hugh Vercoe said the long-term economic benefits for the district outweighed the immediate economic impact of production. Unlike the set built for the Lord of the Rings films which was dismantled following filming, the one rebuilt for The Hobbit would remain permanently, providing a future drawcard for fans once filming finished.
--Ongoing tourism from first movies meant it would be difficult for locals to detect an influx of crew and actors for The Hobbit when filming did begin.
--The town was "looking absolutely fabulous" and was ready to welcome the film crews with open arms, he said.

Here's a lively and imaginative New Zealander who apparently will not be intimidated by the 'hush-hush' attitude of his fellow kiwis.  The Hobbit's director, Peter Jackson, is also from NZ and happens to have a strong resemblance to his Twitter impersonator, Peeder Jigson...


Peeder Jigson's latest tweet:  >Whaaaaat? The studio now "insists" I remove the "hobbit rap" scene. That is the BEST scene.<
     Here's what we missed without a RH4:Clive Standen would have assumed the lead role...
 Believe it or not - the following is Joanne Froggatt - Kate in RH3 & Anna in Downton Abbey.  Amazing what makeup, hairstyle and practicing the 'if you've got it, flaunt it' advice can do for a female, isn't it;)

                                                                  Robin Hood I
           She's the mother of Guy's child -- the one he abandoned in the woods (RH1)
Believe this is the scene where the sheriff punished Marian by cutting off her hair. ahhh, apparently Guy couldn't watch.  Reconsidered the ahhh--someone who could abandon a baby doesn't deserve pity:)

New Spooks Vid 'Doubt' by MissMarian 825

January 23, 2011

Strike Back Ep 1 + Narration Clips:Elsa The Lioness + Sunne in Splendour Poll + Installment #1:The Hobbit in Five + New John Porter Vid by bccmee + Thanks to RAC for Old Vic Vid + Spooks 7, 8, 9 Vids & Interviews

*Recently closed poll:  Thorin and Gandalf acquired SWORDS from the trolls hideout*

Strike Back Ep 1

Past post of the day: Guy of Gisborne visits Winterfell(Game of Thrones)
Looking at Guy's pic above reminds me of the terrifying lion:) in RH3. haha..not really very frightening, was it.  Purpose of this note is to thank RACentral and RANet for their tweets and providing the following link.  RA narrated Elsa: The Lioness That Changed the World. Excerpt at:

Monday, 01 September 2008 BBC Press Office -  As Spooks returns to BBC One for a seventh series this autumn, Richard Armitage joins the cast as Lucas North, an MI5 spy who has spent the past eight years languishing in a Russian prison.

What is Lucas like and what's his background?

"On the surface Lucas is an amiable character but eight years in a Russian prison has had a profound effect on him. His personality is divided between who he was before he was imprisoned, the prisoner and the person he has become. He has an outer fa├žade which is personable, but underneath is somebody who has been through a big trauma. He is aware he is playing catch–up with the world. He was once the best in his field, and now he is trying to regain his former brilliance. He wants to be accepted back onto the Grid – it is the only aspect of his former life that has remained."

                                Map of the problematique by HeathDances...

How has he been specifically affected by his eight–year incarceration?

"He is malnourished but physically he's fit. In prison he put himself through a torturous routine to keep himself going. He was about to break mentally and in order to stop that from happening he kept his body working. He has no knowledge of how damaged he is emotionally, until memories start to work their way to the surface – he experiences flashbacks and begins to remember things buried deep in his subconscious."

Does Lucas find it difficult to adapt to the outside world?

"There is a scene in one of the early episodes where he is in the safe house and he can't sleep – the only way he can get to sleep is by lying on the floor, effectively sleeping on a very hard prison bed. There are glimpses that make you realise he is struggling to adjust, but as a spy he keeps it well hidden."
How do the rest of the team take to him?

"There is obviously suspicion at first. They are inclined to be instantly suspicious of anybody who has been in the hands of the Russians for so long. A situation arises in which he has a chance to prove himself, but Lucas doesn't play by the rules, in fact, the game he is playing is very dangerous and he pushes the boundaries of trust to the limit. He subsequently has to fight very hard to be accepted and regain Harry's trust – it's never fully given and he has to continually prove himself, there is always ambiguity surrounding him."

How did you find learning to speak Russian and also filming in Russia?

"Learning to speak Russian was pretty impossible, really – I had to learn it phonetically. My biggest problem was that Lucas doesn't just speak Russian; he passed as a Russian native for years, so I had to really work hard at it. I had to make it seem that it was a second language. It was a challenge but I sat down with a language CD back in November 2007 and I also had a Russian language coach. When we went to shoot in Moscow I found I could communicate and understand some of the things the Russians were saying – that was exciting.

"Shooting in Russia was a great experience – we shot in many different locations. Even though Russia and Moscow have changed beyond recognition in the last decade, the dangerous aspects of it are still there – but perhaps that was in my imagination as I was travelling there as Lucas North. We were filming on the aeroplane so I had to arrive in costume and character! We shot footage during the flight and at the airport and used every second of the day we had there to shoot."

Was there time for laughing on set?

"Spooks is obviously a serious show, so there is a great need to laugh whenever possible to diffuse the atmosphere. There is often a "gallows" humour between the characters, particularly Harry and Ros, and the writers cleverly manage to get humour into a very serious arena. There was one particularly funny occasion, when I was pulled over by the police and cautioned during a driving sequence. I was asked to open the boot of the vehicle, oblivious as to why. I did as I was told and found most of the camera and sound crew crammed into the boot looking sheepish. We obviously had permission to film and, as all the crew were wearing seat belts, we were ok. The problem was, when asked for my name I told them it was Lucas North and I was working for MI5 – that's when the director stepped in to save me!"

Spooks is notorious for killing its lead characters. Do you worry this might happen to you?

"To be honest I haven't thought about it too much. However, on judging the way characters tend to get killed off, I think when Lucas's time comes I'll welcome it. When Spooks characters are killed off, or disappear, it's usually the most memorable moment of the episode, or even series. There are moments in this series that take your breath away – giving that rare feeling of wanting to look away but having to watch compulsively though your fingers."

                  Always an adraline rush - John Porter 'That's All Lies' by bccmee - Don't miss her clever placement of highway signs at the very end.


(Interview cont'd) - How does filming Spooks compare to filming Robin Hood?

"They are both so different. Robin Hood is a fantasy legend and historic piece, so it all feels heightened and dramatic – I arrive on a horse, my character is bombastic and has a particular way of moving and communicating, which is public and aggressive. Lucas North is the opposite – he disappears into society and then works undercover. What he and the rest of the team do is subversive, slick and fine. It couldn't be more different, which has been a great challenge. It's been a really interesting year."

Thank you RACentral for uploading the following to youtube.  You need to be very attentive at the beginning of the following vid in order to catch a glimpse of a particular actor.  Don't understand why there isn't more of him - did they really believe we'd prefer to watch everyone else rather than....never mind;)

Seems like an appropriate place for the following video which is Ian McKellen in his production of Richard III.  While searching for a movie starring the current dowager in Downton Abbey - Dame Maggie Smith - found Sir Ian's production of Richard III and realized THE HOBBIT's Thorin and Gandalf definitely have that interest in common.
[Spooks 9 will be a gift to my valentine this year, although he'll need to wait a month to see it.  He's enjoyed S7 & 8 and has already asked if there was a S9.  However, he doesn't realize that Lucas transformed into an emotional basketcase and disappeared temporarily or permanently - which, of course, is yet to be determined]

RA Interview: Monday, 13 September 2010 00:00 BBC Press Office Spooks returns to BBC One this autumn for a ninth series. Richard Armitage, who plays MI5 agent Lucas North, reveals what's in store.

What can viewers expect from the new series of Spooks?

"This year the storylines feel very politically current but we also learn a lot more about the team. Who are these people, what lies beneath the surface, who are they true to, what secrets do they hide in order to do their jobs? Deception and betrayal are key. Of course there are also exciting and intriguing stories of the week but the overall series arc really unravels the character of Lucas North and blows his whole world apart. His loyalty and his future at MI5 are all under the microscope."

How does Ros's death affect Lucas and the rest of the team?

"Ros's death has rocked everyone's world. The feeling is that if someone as skilled as Ros can go down, then no one is safe. It has made everyone really question what it means and what price can be paid doing the job. On a practical level it leaves Harry with no choice but to make Lucas head of Section D. Lucas has longed for Harry's trust and acceptance but he has received it by default and it is bittersweet."

What's it been like working with new actors/characters? Has it made you feel like one of the old school?

"The series opens with the introduction of four new characters: Beth Bailey and Dimitri Levendis, played by Sophia Myles and Max Brown; a new Home Secretary played by Simon Russell Beale; and Vaughn, a character from Lucas's past, played by Iain Glen. I feel a bit like the older generation as it feels like a new "'super spook generation" has come on board. Dimitri is ex-SBS, and Beth comes from a background in private security, a "mercenary" as Lucas puts it. He presses Harry to allow him to assemble this team. Dimitri is solid, useful and youthful but Beth is a bit of a liability. Viewers will have to wait and see if she becomes a member of Section D or not."

Vaughn turns up from Lucas's past. What does he want? How does it affect Lucas?

"It's been 15 years since Lucas last saw Vaughn and, when they meet, Vaughn has a suitcase which contains an assortment of material from Lucas's life prior to joining MI5. Lucas finds a photograph of a girl, Maya – his old girlfriend. It is the beginning of a journey which Vaughn will control and it takes Lucas to the very edge."

Who is Maya?

"Maya is Lucas's first love; a woman he had to leave just as their life together was beginning. Some 15 years ago, Lucas vanished from Maya's life; one day he was there and the next he was gone. Just like a spook. He wants her back and she is the key to who Lucas truly is."
A lot of the scenes in Spooks are filmed in public spaces in London such as train stations, underground stations and in the streets. How do people react to you and the others running through London with a film crew in tow?

"Most of the time we try to be as inconspicuous as possible which means working with long lenses so the cameras can be quite far away for the initial master shots, but can also punch in quite tight, rather like a surveillance camera. It's a Spooks trademark and a focus-puller's nightmare! But it gives us the chance to get two or three takes when no one realises that we are filming. I feel like the "real deal", trying not to draw attention to myself and trying not to catch anybody's eye.

"We often have to rehearse in another location and then walk out into a crowded area and just go for it. We work on hand signals from the First AD (assistant director) so they don't call "action" really loudly. It's great if something big is going to happen, like a fight, a chase or an arrest, because you get real reactions – of course, if guns are being used, or bomb threats depicted, we have to put up massive signs telling everyone we are filming! It makes me realise how fast London is; no one really hangs around.

"Most people see what we are doing but rarely have time to stop. I think Spooks really puts London on film in an edgy, contemporary way. Not just the iconic glamorous locations, but the urban and industrial side to London, which normally one tries to avoid but is a designer's dream."
                                           'Weapon of Choice' by JulietD001

[Urizen tattoo here: http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2010/09/richard-armitage-spooks-9-interview.html  ]
Interview Cont'd:  Lucas has lots of tattoos. What do they represent and do you like them?

"I love them – it is a literal layer. Lucas has always had many layers and this year we go very deep into who he is. I love that his prison history has been etched onto his skin and they can be revealed to remind the audience that his past is cluttered with complications. Each one has a specific meaning from a specific period in his past.

"The most prominent is the William Blake picture, Urizen, on his chest. It depicts God as the architect and it is a reminder to Lucas he may not be able to control or construct his own destiny and that he will always be at the mercy of God. The tattoos also help me avoid the "gratuitous torso shot" as they take about two hours to put on, so "getting my kit off" has to be carefully planned!"
                                What D'ya Want From Me by MissMarian..

O.K. things are finally starting to perk leading into The Hobbit start date.  Here's a new weekly feature called THE HOBBIT in Five...

Switching topics:
The following animation is so true -- the narrow-minded, liberally biased media is currently being exposed for what they are, and they obviously cannot cope with the truth about themselves.  For decades they've had a monopoly on political spin both in the US and Europe - that grip is becoming weaker with each passing day... 


RA has read the following and said he very much enjoyed it.  This novel is based on the historical background which Richard is keen to transfer to the screen...(see poll)

Sunne in Splendour: A Novel About Richard III - Editorial Reviews:

“A painstakingly drawn picture of royal medieval England from bedchamber to battleground.”
---Los Angeles Times Book Review

“The reader is left with the haunting sensation that perhaps the good a man does can live after him---especially in the hands of a dedicated historian.”
---The San Diego Union

“Those who know Richard III from Shakespeare will find that Sharon Kay Penman presents a contrasting view of the English monarch . . . He’s an altogether nice man, a romantic hero as suitable to our late twentieth-century standards . . . as he was to those of medieval England . . . There is a vengeful quality to her insistence that is appealing; it makes for a good story.”
---The New York Times Book Review

“Ms. Penman’s novel, rich in detail and research, attempts to set the record straight . . . it is an uncommonly fine novel, one that brings a far-off time to brilliant life.”
---Chattanooga Daily Times

Product Description:  "The reader is left with the haunting sensation that perhaps the good a man does can live after him--especially in the hands of a dedicated historian."
In this stirring historical novel, Sharon Kay Penman redeems Richard III from his villainous role in history as the hulking, evil hunchback. This dazzling recreation of his life is filled with the sights and sounds of battle, and the passions of the highborn. Most of all, it brings to life a gifted man whose greatest sin was that he held principles too firmly for the times in which he lived, and loved too deeply to survive love's loss.

Reader Review: Five, Ten, ONE HUNDRED STARS! My Kingdom for this Book!, July 4, 2001 By E. A. Lewis "vox meretrix" (Downtown Los Angeles, CA USA)
This review is from: Sunne in Splendour (Paperback) Is it fair to review a book that changed your life? No, literally. At fourteen I stayed up until four in the morning, devouring this story of medieval power and politics, and have been a medieval historian ever since.

Penman has done a fantastic job of turning dry historical fact into fascinating and believable historical fiction. People's motives are not simple and easily understandable in real life, and the sometimes-conflicting drives and needs and desires of the cast of thousands in this book live up to that fact.

While undeniable sympathetic to King Richard the Third, it is not a cloying, simplistic, Good King Richard whitewash. Instead, it portrays the much-maligned king as an adoring younger brother left adrift when his idol dies and proves to have been less than perfect.

Supporting characters are equally complex, from the self-destructive King Edward to the self-absorbed Kingmaker, Warwick, from the unlikely queen Elizabeth Woodville to the helpless pawn, Elizabeth of York, from the insane King Henry VI to the ambitious King Henry VII. Possibly the only black villain in the piece is the Duke of Buckingham; everyone else is painted in shades of grey that make them honest people, rather than props. If you can't stand historical novels because they are boring, read this. ...It's better than the tabloids!

January 21, 2011

Hannah's "puff of smoke" Poll + 2002 & 2004 Interviews + Dangerous Profession: Mint Spray in Ear Incident Yikes!:) - Also 2002

Mr Thornton by Celtiux...

For the above interviews, sincere thanks to
Much gratitude as well for the interview below to:

Light and Night by Knitelady...

The TV script said I had a perfect six-pack.. so I had to work out

Sunday Mirror, Aug 25, 2002 by LOUISE HANCOCK

RICHARD Armitage is showing off his newly toned and honed six- pack. "Look, I've been working out every day since I got this role - can you tell?" he asks anxiously, opening his white linen shirt.
As the man who is about to become Cold Feet's resident hunk, it's not surprising Richard is keen to look his best.
He's joining the latest, and final, series of the top-rated ITV show as handsome lifeguard Lee Preston.

He spends most of his time trying to seduce sexy Spanish nanny Ramona (Jacey Salles) and running around in skimpy swimming trunks.

It's a task Richard reckons he and his abs are more than a match for - even if he was thrown in at the deep end on his first day.

"The first shot of my first scene was of me lying on top of Jacey. I had only met the girl 10 minutes earlier. Even I normally take longer than that to get a result.

"Even worse, I couldn't hear a word the director was saying because Jacey played a trick on me. She came up to me with a little bottle of breath freshener in her hand - one of the tricks of the trade - and told me to open my mouth.

"Instead, she sprayed it in my ear so for half an hour I was deaf. I was lucky I wasn't sacked from the start."

Richard, 29, landed the role after impressing producers, not with his acting ability or pecs but his battered old boots.

"They were the cheapest, nastiest brown pounds 35 boots from Barratts," says Richard. "But the producer really liked them. They saved my audition because I was nervous as hell. When they handed me the script at the door, the first thing I saw was 'and he took off his top to reveal perfect abs'. I spent the whole time in agony, convinced they were going to make me strip and throw me out the door."

Just in case, he's been working out regularly ever since and he's even taken up aqua aerobics.

"Well, since I'm supposed to teach it in the show, I thought I'd better see what it was all about. I can honestly say it was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done.

"I went with a female friend. There was me - a six foot two bloke - with all these women. They were all up to their waists in water. On me it barely reached my thighs."

Born and brought up in Leicester, Richard certainly believes in doing things differently. When it came to earning his Equity card, aged 17, he ran away to join the circus.

"I saw an advert and thought it sounded like a laugh. What I didn't realise at the time was that it was in Budapest. And the furthest I'd been was France.

"But I had a great time for six months. I earned pounds 135 a week, sleeping in a room with a Russian hoopla artist next to the elephant truck."

Back in Britain, he spent several years doing odd jobs before winning a drama school place at 22. In his final year he landed a role in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

"I was an unnamed fighter pilot with two lines. But it was kind of cool to be on a big budget epic as your first acting job.

"I met Ewan MacGregor. who was polite but pretty intense, and Natalie Portman who was just pretty. I kept embarrassing myself because I kept bumping into her double, who looked a lot like her, and thinking it was Natalie.

"I'd be like 'Hi Natalie, how are you' - and she'd be looking at me blankly."

A stint at the Royal Shakespeare Company was followed by a string of small TV roles, including Casualty and Doctors. Before Cold Feet returns in January he'll be seen in a new BBC1 drama, Spark House.

So spill the beans, Richard, what are Adam, Rachel, Pete and the Cold Feet mob really like?

"To be honest, they're all just like their characters - except for Jacey. I expected her to speak with a strong Spanish accent but she's only half-Spanish and she's spent most of her life here.

"Jimmy Nesbitt (Adam) has a big personality but I was shocked as to how slight he is. Hermione Norris (Karen) is lovely, very gracious and sweet. Helen Baxendale (Rachel) is quiet and shy - she keeps herself to herself. It sounds a bit luvvie but they're all really nice, and like a family to each other."

Richard, now single after his last relationship finished three months ago, is looking forward to stardom, but he's aware how lucky he is.

"I actually worked with Sean Pertwee, who plays Karen's boyfriend Mark, a few years ago on a crappy US mini-series about Cleopatra," he says. "The only good part about the whole thing was that it was filmed in Morocco. We had a chuckle about that when I ran into him on set.

"The last time we saw each other we were in Roman armour - now we're starring in the best drama on telly."
Scouting Hobbit locations:
>Though most of the set for The Hobbit is already built, Peter Jackson is still on the hunt for additional locations throughout New Zealand.

Reportedly, Fiordland residents have spotted the director (along with five helicopters) searching for locations from above.

His spokesperson did confirm he is location scouting for the next few days in the Queenstown area and in the North Island before filming starts next month.<
The other guy in black leather....George Gently pt 1 by alisaGB