January 28, 2013

RA Mention in Richard III Article + Feb Calendar + Stunning Fan Art + New Yorker Mag Quote:"earns consistent dramatic attention"..croons"in a yearning baritone" + Screenrant Mentions Richard Armitage as Perfect Fit For New Batman + New Suitor Search on Downton Abbey

EXCERPT from CNN article:
She has even been in talks with Leicestershire lad turned Hollywood hero Richard Armitage -- last seen as Thorin Oakenshield in "The Hobbit" -- to play the king.
"He was born to play the role," she explains. "He's an amazing doppelganger for Richard III, he was born a couple of miles from Bosworth on the anniversary of Richard's death, and he was even named after him."
The film won't be the first attempt to rehabilitate Richard III in the eyes of the general public - mystery writer Josephine Tey tried it in the 1950s with "The Daughter of Time," in which her detective hero "discovers" the truth about the much-maligned monarch.
It was this book which first sparked the curiosity of Michael Ibsen, prompting him to rethink the image he had grown up with, of Richard III as "this evil figure who killed the Princes in the Tower."
Now the Canadian-born cabinetmaker finds himself at the heart of the story, with a role he could never have imagined when he read Tey's novel 20 years ago: The potential DNA match for a long-dead king of England.
"Of course, I'd rather be related to a benign king figure than a brutal murderer, so it's hard not to be biased, but some of the history is so vitriolic, I'm a little suspicious -- can he really have been that bad?"
Historian John Ashdown Hill, author of "The Last Days of Richard III," tracked down Ibsen's British-born mother Joy in 2004.http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/01/world/europe/search-for-richard-iii/index.html
Following stands out due to the captured glimmer in Thorin's eyes. This fan art is by Scarlet Raven at www.deviantart website..

As per above--always said there was only one thing that could improve The Tudors series. Where there's a will, there's always a way;D  Might a spy during the American Revolution wear the above shirt? Definitely looks appropriate to me.  There's a new A&E period drama currently in pilot stage.  It's based on Alexander Rose's book "Washington Spies" which focuses on Revolutionary era spy ring.  Surely they could use someone with a convincing British accent;)
New Yorker Magazine compliments Thorin performance:
No less welcome is Richard Armitage, scarcely known here, although he has throbbed hearts on a regular basis on British TV; he now pulls off the task, deemed impossible by every expert on Middle-Earth, of making a dwarf seductive. To be honest, the dwarves come across as a jumble of Brueghel faces, lit with grins, scrunched by scowls, and fronted by bulbous conks; only Armitage, as Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the pack, earns consistent dramatic attention, and he brings the rumpus of the early scenes to a beautiful halt as he pauses to croon, in a yearning baritone, an anthem of dwarf-desire—“Far over the misty mountains cold.” 
Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/cinema/2012/12/17/121217crci_cinema_lane#ixzz2JEJU42aE 

In keeping with the "now there's a leader we can follow" theme:



January 23, 2013

Name New Thorin Mens' Cologne + Choose Thorin's New Costume for Hobbit2(see poll)

Who stuffed the white curtains in a bunch behind t gorgeous Waldorf drapes?;)

January 21, 2013

On Set:Game of Thrones3 + Guy of Gisborne: Robin Hood 3 Retrospective

Obviously a Robin Hood fan wasn't satisfied with the tepid kiss above and found a way to make their preferred relationship between the two come true.  Just ignore the fact she'd died--a minor technicality;D
Guy and Lucas waiting for admittance at the black pearly gates..

                                             Above fan art by Tanni

January 15, 2013

Claude Finally Gets Some Attention(See Impressionists Vid) + John Porter Invades Middle Earth:Thorin Provides Soundtrack + List:Movies from Books in 2013 + Game of Thrones3:Behind The Scenes + Final Scene:The Hobbit--An Unexpected Journey

Thanks to www.richardarmitagenet.com for following photo and article published in an Aussie newspaper..  
Will be watching for the following from list of new 2013 films(see link):
1)'Therese Raquin': Classic by Emile Zola. Young woman is pushed into an unhappy marriage to her first cousin. Family moves to Paris where she engages in a steamy affair with her husband's childhood friend. Stars:Eliz Olsen,Oscar Isaac
2)The Great Gatsby:Classic by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Stars Leo DiCaprio(May 10)
3)'The Wolf of Wall St':Memoir of Jordan Belfort - a stockbroker goes from success to drug addiction to money laundering before heading to prison. Sounds really uplifting;D Stars Leo DiCaprio
4)'The Monuments Men' by Robt M. Edsel -- True story about the art experts chosen by US Gov to retrieve works of art and cultural treasures stolen by the Nazis. Stars Geo Clooney who'll also help write and direct. Release date:Dec 20 (Clooney not a fav but the film sounds intriguing)
5)'Paranoia' by Jos Finder -- An employee at an IT company participates in a tangled scheme in an attempt to keep his job. Will be released Oct 4.

January 8, 2013

Hobbit Review From The Highlander:University of California + THE HOBBIT Receives 3 Technical Oscar Noms Including Makeup & Hairstyling(see link) + "Create New Characters But Save The Old--One is Silver and the Other Gold"

Gorgeous artwork below by Anne Cain:

Excerpt: "The lead cast is impeccable, with British actor Richard Armitage (“Captain America: The First Avenger”) capturing the grimly determined countenance of Thorin Oakenshield perfectly. Armitage has made a name for himself playing solemn, brooding characters in both film and television. Martin Freeman (“Shaun of the Dead”) is spot-on as Bilbo, a hobbit who reluctantly joins the dwarves on their quest after some heavy-handed persuasion by Gandalf.

The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey received Oscar nominations in:
-- Makeup and Hairstyling
--  Production Design
--  Visual Effects

Hopefully a new character for RA might be - Euron Greyjoy(Game of Thrones)
For anyone wanting to know more details about this character, here's a long conversation between Game of Throne readers about him.  Amazing how differing their opinions can be - some find him the most fascinating character in the entire 7-book series, while others simply say "I don't like him."