April 29, 2012

All 10 Spooks Series to Replay in UK + Stuntman Quote

Stuntman Quote:  Mick on Chris Ryan's Strike Back
Question #10: A lot of us are Richard Armitage fans. What was he like to work with?

QUOTE: Mick Milligan: Richard is a gentleman. He did well in doing a lot of the fight sequences himself for the sake of character authenticity. For the duration of the shoot he lived John Porter. I think he even surprised himself. Easily one of my favourite actors. He's one of us.

It was Classical Night on Dancin' w/the Stars -- Wm Levy's Viennese waltz was danced to one of the hymns sung during our wedding ceremony - Ave Maria - might've become a li'l teary eyed:)  Watch at end to see his 2 children and their mother in the audience.  Cuban-born William came to the USA a few yrs ago, when his stepfather requested and received political asylum from Castro's oppressive government.

If you've been an RA fan long enough to remember a temporary connection to the movie 'Charlie', appears it might be making progress.  Newly designed website:

April 25, 2012

Richard Armitage:Kindle Trivia + Euron gRAyjoy + Pix + Dancin' w/t Stars Wk 6 Rumba

Did you realize that you can delete books from your kindle and redownload at some future date?  Apparently amazon keeps a record of your downloaded books and all you need do is request it again from them:

Fall TV series pilots under consideration:
My first choice would be 'Gilded Lilys' costume drama set in 1895 NYC
Pour some sugar on Porter - that's almost what it seems Mabelalexa does to his photos :) See her tumblr..

Now for a dram of soothing John Porter in action...hehehe...actually for me, it does have a calming effect to know there are authentic special forces (and other members of the military--not all male), who are as determined as John Porter to neutralize those in this world who would harm innocence - in the name of their insane cause..

Game of Thrones Name Generator:
Richard Crispin Armitage's GoT name is Richard Hornwood (Corbois).
Take Game of Thrones Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Since there's no way possible, at the moment(hope springs eternal..;) to see our first choice - might as well enjoy next best thing..

April 21, 2012

Richard Armitage:James Bond Poll Results at Flix Chatter: THE HOBBIT: at CinemaCon: 10 Min in 48fps(frames per second) +Thorin's Beard: Ever Wish You Could Shave It Off? ;) Thx to a Clever fan, You Can Do It..see Link

Are you or a friend in need of formal dress ideas? Try different styles and hues:
Many wedding ideas:

Results of James Bond poll at Flix Chatter website:

Vote for your favorite actor to play James Bond
Total Votes: 223

Summer is almost here..

NEWS:Thank you Musa for the heads up about:

 If a miracle occurred and you find yourself in conversation with a certain actor, here are a few details you'll need to learn in order to impress him with your knowledge of the cutting-edge process used to project THE HOBBIT: An Unexpected Journey..
Up to 10 minutes of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be screened in 3D at 48 frames per second during a Warner Bros. slate presentation Tuesday at CinemaCon.
The Hobbit will be one of many films that will be previewed at the theater owners confab, where for the first time in at least a decade, all of the major studios will present preview clips of their upcoming slate. 
Millions of fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the prequel to Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which grossed an estimated $2.9 billion worldwide.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will also become the first major motion picture to be made at the high frame rate (HFR) of 48 fps.
Frame rates are the number of images displayed by a projector within one second. 24 frames per second (fps) has long been the standard in cinema, but Jackson,James Cameron and Douglas Trumbull are among the filmmakers who are urging the industry to consider higher frame rates — what they believe will greatly reduce or eliminate motion artifacts.
Some HFR-related announcements are expected at CinemaCon, as digital cinema equipment manufacturers are working to be able to support whatever the demand might be from exhibitors and studios.
Sony expects the majority of its 13,000 installed 4K digital cinema projectors to support high frame rates by the time The Hobbit is released Dec. 14.
While many have an eye on The Hobbit’s December release date for the update, there is some speculation that a 48fps trailer might be released as early as July (though The Hobbit will also be available in 24 fps).
At CinemaCon, which opens Monday at Caesars Palace, The Hobbit clip is scheduled to be shown using a Christie projector with the RealD 3D system.

SHAVE the beard - How clever is this:     http://tannni.ucoz.ru/britva9.swf

Don't know how I missed this wonderful fanvid by Angie -- it's one of my all time fav songs paired with one of two men it brings to mind everytime I hear it...


Genealogical Websites:  http://www.tedpack.org/yagenlinks.html

History of Chester Co, Pa--including lands owned by Wm Penn(founder of Pennsylvania on land granted to Quaker Penn by Charles II - in payment of debt owed to the former's father, Admiral Penn) family...  http://play.google.com/books/reader?id=jcYxAQAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&hl=en&pg=GBS.PP265

April 16, 2012

Vote at Flix Chatter(see link): Richard Armitage Among Actors Named to Play James Bond + Would Make Compelling Euron Greyjoy(See Artists Impressions) +Wellington Celeb Run + Eye Witness on Twitter:Thorin:) Enjoyed Film at Welllington Embassy Theatre More than Once(see poll)

VOTE for RA to play James Bond--Ruth added a poll:

Sophisticated masculinity--can almost hear the deep, dulcet toned voice:
"Bond..James Bond" ordering "a martini, shaken not stirred"..

Sue suggested RA would probably pick up greatest speed during a celebrity run if a few of his fans were in hot pursuit ;) teehee..agree and must tell her it's especially true if she's one of the fans..haha *winks at Sue*

Yet another Euron Greyjoy from the Been There Drawn That website:

He hasn't yet even entered the fray, however someone was already inspired to herald Euron Greyjoy's coming - perhaps in Game of Thrones season 3..if not then, definitely season 4:

Another actor with all the right moves..Week 4 Dancin' w/Stars was Latin Night, therefore Cuban-born Wm(Guillermo) Levy was definitely in his element.  Said he didn't want to be a Latin sent home this week - his sultry tango guaranteed he was not..

April 10, 2012

Celebrity Run in NZ(see article) + Top 100 Books Downloaded at Project Gutenberg + Examples of Mabelalexa's Magic with RA Pix + Richard Armitage as Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones


Getting into a Euron Greyjoy sorta mood..isn't that Guy3's black shirt?;)

Game of Thrones, ep 3 reviews:

Couple of Mabelalexa's magic ways with RA pix - just when we thought he could not be improved, she found a way to do it:) See her tumbler below:

Below is the Game of Thrones character Musa has identified as the best fit for a possible future RA role in the current hit series.  His name is Euron Greyjoy - a nasty yet seductive sort of man.  As we're well aware, the conflicted character seems to have been RA's first role choice in the past.  Although, according to Musa, Guy of Gisborne could be described as an angel compared to Sir Greyjoy -  which leads me to believe the latter is decidedly more dark than light. Euron appears in book #4 of GRR Martin's 7-volume series.  Today GoT, season 3 was given the greenlight by HBO. (more to come)

A description of Euron and his entrance into the world of Westeros is explained at website above:

Euron Greyjoy Quote:   Godless? Why, Aeron, I am the godliest man ever to raise sail! You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray.

King Euron Greyjoy, A Feast for Crows
World of Westeros People

Euron Greyjoy is the younger brother of Lord Balon Greyjoy and captain of the Silence, a ship crewed entirely by mutes whose tongues Euron ripped out. Euron is a wildly unpredictable man, known for his delight in playing vicious mind games and waging psychological warfare on those around him. He is a pale and handsome man with raven black hair, a neat dark beard, blue lips and bright blue eyes. He wears a patch over his left eye, and is nicknamed "Crow's Eye", though it is unclear what he hides beneath the patch. He was banished from the isles by Balon for seducing Victarion's wife and warned never to return while Balon was alive.
Euron returned to the isles the day after Balon's death, the timing of which strongly implied his involvement. He had not been seen in the Iron Islands for over two years and claimed to have reaved all over the world during his exile, including a trip to the feared ruins of Valyria. He also captured and holds hostage several warlocks of Qarth, who may have coached him in black magic.
At the Kingsmoot called by Aeron Greyjoy, he promised to conquer all Westeros for the Ironborn using dragons, which he claimed he could bind to his will with a magic horn. He was chosen as the new king and began raids upon the Reach. These raids were wildly successful, and Euron weakened possible rivals by giving lands and titles to key followers of theirs. However, he failed to move the Ironborn beyond raiding and to continue their quest for the dragons. Instead, he sent Victarion to find Daenerys Targaryen, court her in his name, and bring her and her dragons to Westeros.
Previously, at the start of Greyjoy's rebellion, Euron executed his own plan to sail into Lannisport and burn the Lannister fleet at anchor. This earned him a reputation for cunning he has never lost.

Stunning portraits of Euron can be found at link below - the artist seems to be taken with the character:

Link takes you to the artist's website.  Click on Song of Ice and Fire--you'll see pix of dark haired/blue eyed man with eyepatch--that's Euron. Starting to get the impression he might be a tad too evil--a slight rewrite by Geo Martin would quickly remedy the situation;)      http://mathiaarkoniel.com/

Top 100 books downloaded at Project Gutenberg: