July 27, 2015

Richard Armitage:Meet Reba(video) + Interview Quote "Dolarhyde's past similar to a damaged hair follicle"(see link) + Many Positive Reviews for Dolarhyde ep 1 performance + Hair today,gone tomorrow Poll ;)

Richard should be doing his happy dance, if he's read all the stellar Dolarhyde reviews since Sat night's episode 8, Hannibal

Forbes REVIEW:
RA quote from following interview: "I feel Dolarhyde is somebody that is tethered by his past. It’s like he’s trying to tread his path which is tied to his past, but it’s also shaping the way that his life is. His past is so damaged. It’s like a hair follicle. The reason hair goes curly is because the follicle is deformed. It’s exactly what Dolarhyde is going through. His world is emerging as something grotesque. What he doesn’t realize is he becomes a bargaining tool between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. In a simplistic way, the theme rumbling under the story is that Will Graham is trying to save him and Lecter is trying to draw him over the edge and to let him really embrace the darkness. Becoming the Dragon is something that Hannibal is drawing out of him. He wants to see this magnificent evolution, whereas Will Graham is trying to put it all back in this box. Of course, Dolarhyde doesn’t really know that."

July 21, 2015

Richard Armitage Made us Lose Sleep ;D as Serial Killer Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal + Post Mortem Interview

RA worked out for 30min as FrancisD while camera rolled--Jul 25 episode
INTERVIEW wsj.com:
Dolarhyde article:
RA quote ""It's down to Thomas Harris's writing," suggested Armitage. "He really explores this damaged child that he created in Francis Dolarhyde - and it doesn't track in a linear way so you learn about his crimes first, and then you retrace where they came from."
Another Dolarhyde article and RA quote:
"The original Manhunter is more frightening than any of the other movies. And it's something to do with the soundtrack and the graininess of the film; it's more crudely shot. But I didn't revisit it for this. I thought I might go back and look at it afterward, but I haven't. I think I feel like I've had a bit too much Francis Dolarhyde. There's only so much of him you can take."
My other fav actor - Chris Evans - following opens in Sept.  It's his directorial debut, also stars....



July 14, 2015

Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde Invades our Homes This Sat in Hannibal + Inspirational Music for New Role

                                  Inspirational music for new role in 'Brain on Fire'
Clint Eastwood's son, Scott...........
He stars in The Longest Ride based on Nicholas Sparks novel--released in Apr

July 11, 2015

Richard Armitage:RA quote "Francis gets what he deserves" + Cutest Men in Eyeglasses + Dolarhyde Preview Video + Comic Con Quotes/Link

RA with the producer of Hannibal series...
Above:My two fav actors apparently sometimes wear eyeglasses off screen..
RA interview at comic con...
"Francis gets what he deserves" Interview by - dailymotion.com/video/x2xw9w1_

Quote: Armitage recalls having his tattoos painted on, and specifically having two makeup artists "at my naked backside, painting… the crack." 
 Red Dragon is about a man transformed and inspired by a work of art
Red Dragon preview at following link, plus photos below...
Armitage quote: 
Dolarhyde's tattoo is a kind of clothing to him, Armitage continues.
How much of the sexual aspect of Dolarhyde makes it onto the screen, given they're on NBC? "There's something about Dolarhyde which has a kind of innocence to him, which sounds odd considering how complicated and dark his world is, but it was always fluctuating between an innocent, childlike mind and a very complicated man. So I spent half this series semi-naked..."




July 4, 2015

Richard Armitage: New Chop Photo from Urban Film(see link) + Happy 4th of July USA!

Clever Hannibal/Dolarhyde fanart..
Chop Photo from director of Urban and the Shed Crew:
Happy 4th of July!
Chris Evans, Captain America, tweeted following today. RA said he's sorry his character Heinz Kruger didn't survive:)
Happy 4th of July!! I'm proud of this country for so many reasons. Definitely a day worth celebrating. Have fun and be safe!!
RA will appear on Hannibal panel at the San Diego Comic Con: