October 26, 2016

Richard Armitage:Poll--Is it the Lucas Watch? + New Berlin Station Photos(see link) + Do Clues Tell All? Why has RA Started to Follow Author of Mafia Series?(see below) + Berlin Station Clips (see link)

New Berlin Station photos..
RA started to follow this Mafia series writer--perhaps new role?
Nicholas Denmon is the writer of the #1 best-selling Mafia series, For Nothing and Buffalo Soldiers

                                                    Berlin Station:
Scroll forward and backward for more clips: https://vimeo.com/188849844

October 3, 2016

Richard Armitage:Beatles Poll(photos below) + Eyeball(RA's chosen codename) Event Oct 10,NYC(see below) + Watch Extended Berlin Station Trailer

Kenneth in Love,Love,Love - Act I takes place in the 1960s and RA's character wears a beatle style wig.  See poll on right.
The Beatles..Top row: Paul & Ringo, bottom: Geo & John