February 28, 2010

The Voice Marches on & Richard Armitage Photos

RA News:  Is his voice insured against sore throats/viruses, etc?  It definitely should be considering it's importance to his livelihood .  (Often tell my 6'4" tall DH that he avoids catching the common cold due to the fact his air passages are way up there at thin air levels where those germs infrequently visit:)
See latest career update at the following website..

February 27, 2010

Richard Armitage Photo Medley..

RA Casa, Su Casa

Perhaps we placed the cart before the horse by choosing a living room prior to buying the house.  Therefore, which of the following looks as though it would be perfect for you & you know who...where m'lord & m'lady could prove a woman's & man's home is indeed their castle.

                                            1.  Woody Retreat

                                             2. Pool Workouts
                                       3. Back to the Future

Richard Armitage as Clarissa's Robert Lovelace

hmmmm...doesn't the description of Robert Lovelace remind you of another RA character?  Do we need only remove GoG's leather *faint* and replace it with the above 18thC attire?  Evidently yet another male steamroller caught RA’s professional attention. 

Some fascinating background on ‘Clarissa' written by Samuel Richardson in 1747.  Sean Bean had a successful rendition in the 1990s. Interesting comments follow on that TV adaptation.  http://www.compleatseanbean.com/clari-3.html
Imagine the cad as a Taller, Darker, more Handsome man than SB - and with an extremely seductive voice.
Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7vkCco4JBo
II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS2IUYZRxlU&feature=related (watch for young Hermione/Ros:)
III: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l17B-z-foBE&feature=related
IV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdAf0lQe9dQ&feature=related
V: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fbSOWuaVgs&feature=related
VI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpbRLCIrmmA&feature=related
VII: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skmC8WuEz5Y&feature=related
VIII: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpc_ipSOkAk&NR=1
IX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Zyxa8taEs&feature=related
X: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG2FodHBZTA&feature=related
Having just finished all 26 parts of Sean Bean's 'Clarissa,' my first word is Amen!:)  It became quite tiresome about part 19, however, considering the novel was written in 1747 it is amazing the plot didn't start to drag far sooner than it did.

Part 21 should prove to be the greatest challenge for the creators of the upcoming radio version - especially if the Lovelace character is rendered as callously evil as SB's interpretation.  We'll start to look at the Sheriff of Nottingham's right hand man as 'Saint' Guy of Gisborne, after hearing the velvet voice portray what has to be one of the most debauched characters in English literature.  The prospect of inhabiting Robert Lovelace's depraved personna must've intrigued RA's affinity for complicated characters.                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

February 26, 2010

Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back & a Radio Project

Another velvet voice alert for UKers:
The Classic Serial –  Clarissa: The History Of A Young Lady Ep 1/ 4
Sunday 14 March  -  3.00-4.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Samuel Richardson's Clarissa is a heartbreaking and compulsive piece of epistolary storytelling and one of the world's greatest novels. Published in 1747, it was the precursor to and inspiration for many of the great European novels which followed in its wake.

The young and beautiful Clarissa is courted by the rake Lovelace, who tricks her into his power, carries her off to London, and rapes her. Clarissa then falls into decline. Lovelace becomes involved in an avenging duel with Clarissa's cousin, and Clarissa's family and friends must live with the guilt and shame of their own neglect and betrayal of her.

This new, four-part dramatisation by Hattie Naylor stars Richard Armitage (BBC One's Spooks) as Robert Lovelace and Zoe Waites (Roxanne, The Bristol Old Vic) as Clarissa Harlowe. The company includes: Alison Steadman; Deborah Findlay; Miriam Margolyes; Oliver Milburn; John Rowe; Julian Rhind-Tutt; Adrian Scarborough; Stephen Critchlow; Cathy Sara; Sophie Thompson; Ellie Beaven; Lisa Hammond; and Linda Broughton.

In this first part, beautiful young heiress Clarissa Harlowe is dangerously attracted by the wiles of the notorious libertine Robert Lovelace. Threatened by an imminent marriage arranged with the odious suitor her family have found for her, Lovelace persuades Clarissa to flee with him.

Producer/Marilyn Imrie  -   BBC Radio 4 Publicity
Saw mention of Strike Back news at Nat's site earlier today and was disappointed to find the link  provided did not accept pre-orders from the US.  Therefore, rummaged around at amazonUK and found they're also accepting pre-orders for the DVD, which will be mailed on Jun 14, 2010. Amazon.uk estimates delivery in US about Jun 22.  An all-region DVD player is necessary for viewing the following in the usa.

This pic accompanied the website ad - looks like a sketch/illustration of Porter and friend...

Richard Armitage: Lords of the North Narration

Is it Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg?

Where's Serpentbreath?  That's his fav possession - a sword.  Would he be happy to hear our sword-themed RA parfum vial is ahead in the poll?
Above is my absolutely favorite Richard Armitage narration - Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell.  If you've not already heard Richard's golden throat delivering his creation of at least a dozen different voices during this tale of the early history of Northern England, it is well worth the quest.  Here's a review from the US amazon.com website...

>Customer Reviews
The Lords of the North (The Saxon Chronicles, Volume 3)

Excellent performance! This is the version to have., June 28, 2008 By C. Wooden - Arlington, VA

I've listened to all of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series in audiobook format (and read them in hardcover, too) and this is the best of them all. Richard Armitage's reading is vastly superior to the other narrators (Tom Sellwood, Jamie Glover, and Gerard Doyle). Mr. Armitage is a master storyteller. His narration does not sound like the book is being read (as it sometimes does in the other versions) -- it's being performed -- no, it's lived. The pacing is impressive -- calm and contemplative when required, intense and passionate for the action sequences. He adds just the right level of humor (sometimes wry but without too much sarcasm) which is sorely lacking in the other audiobooks.

Mr. Armitage's range of voices and accents is astonishing. He's lucky to have such flexible vocal chords to be able to go high enough yet gentle for the women and children and never sounds false or forced. Hild, Gisela and Thyra are particularly wonderful, exuding patience, passion and rage. I lost count of the number of male voices he created but the range is stunning -- some very bass, some very tenor -- age, class and region all incorporated so smoothly that at times I forgot that one person was creating them all. Every voice, even the least incidental ones, has a distinct character.

It's a shame that Amazon doesn't sell this version but you can get it through audiobookcollection{.com}. This company is in the UK but they do ship overseas. I truly hope that Mr. Armitage will be available to record an unabridged version of Sword Song, the next book in the series. <

Full info re ordering the audiobook, and a mesmerizing example of Richard's narration are available at..

Richard Armitage Photos

Above toast to the Canadian Women's Hockey Team on winning the Gold Medal yesterday - US won Silver.  Now it's the mens' turn to take on the Red Maple.  Told DH we're counting on them - his reply "don't you always anyway." :)

February 25, 2010

RA Inspired Fragrance Poll: Container Design?

You've chosen the name, now choose the parfum vial/flacon design for 'Leather Passion'...

                                           1.  Sword

                                              2.  Jacket

Poll Results for the New Home You & RA will share(sweet dreams are made of this)

According to poll results(narrow win), you and RA will be building a contemporary style home(unless you convince him otherwise:) Enjoy that endeavor).  In your opinion, which of the following modern living rooms would he prefer in the home the two of you will share?

                                              1. Chocolate Leather
                                          2. Sleek & Simple
3. Castle Rock

RA on Ice: Olympic Competition - Is There Nothing He Cannot Do?

Watch RA's athletic training pay off in olympic competition...

Judging is in and he didn't win...probably that clumsy partner's fault:)
Here are the gold medal winners wowing the crowd with good fun.

February 24, 2010

Richard Armitage as Lucas North: Mr. Best Dressed

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Richard Armitage POLL: Luckiest Prop or Accessory?

Which of the following do you consider the luckiest?...
                                                        1.  Bowtie?
2. The window-grill?
3.  Cell phone?
4.  Glove?
                                                    5.  Tattoos?

February 23, 2010

Harry Kennedy & John Standring Wedding Suits & Congrats Canada on Gold Medal!

Olympic update: Congratulations to Canada!! Gold in Ice Dancing!…the pair’s flamenco follows & the most adorable family video of them at 7 & 9yrs old, when they first started to skate together.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vDLpfGN80g
                                                             Handsome Harry...
Just as handsome John...

Richard Armitage: LUCAS NORTH - Spy in Sartorial Splendour

JOHN THORNTON - Dapper Victorian Gentleman

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February 22, 2010

Richard Armitage Fan Photos & Moving Mosaic

Moving Mosaic    http://secure.smilebox.com/ecom/openTheBox?sendevent=4d5455794d44677a4d44413d0d0a&blogview=true&campaign=blog_playback_link
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Richard Armitage: Crooked Smile Poll & RA's Profile at Agent's Website

Which of the following crooked smiles deserves the gold?
                                            1.  How you doing...
2. Devilish..

3. Marian upon entering the room and...

expressing appreciation w/her smile & sigh of delight upon seeing this..

Just in case someone has never seen RA's profile at his agent's website:
Listen to Richard's delicious Smirnoff voiceover then reply to the beverage  blogpoll.
Friendly word of advice - make certain to back up those computer files...
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