October 30, 2014

Richard Armitage: Thorin Says Thank You(see tweet) + Stubblicious Has Returned + Outlander Fanvid + Poldark Location Photos(see link)

Latest tweet: 
 · Dear Pete Fran and Phil. Trailer looks incredible. Very proud to have gone on this journey with you. Love Rich @
PBS Masterpiece Theater announced today it will add more slots to it's Sun night schedule. New series for 2015 will include: Wolf Hall, Poldark & Grantchester.
REIGN series is on CW channel, Thurs 9pm EST..
Euron Greyjoy role in Game of Throne still not cast.  The Cinematic Corner blogger created this concept of RA playing both Euron & his bro Victarion
The stars of Starz channel's Outlander series.  Sam seems to have been adept at "selling it" from very beginning of his public appearances with Cait.  She, as a newbie to acting(former fashion model), didn't take long to become quite a salesperson herself..

Poldark Production:  http://www.andyrosephoto.com/Poldark/

October 26, 2014

Richard Armitage:BOTFA Premiere(see vid) & Pucker up + The Crucible on Screen Trailer + REIGN Season 2 Music + Sleepwalker Filming Location at Herald Examiner(see link) + Outlander Video + When Costume Dramas Stars Are Almost Lookalikes + Ideas For Halloween Party Costumes

Watch Reign on Thurs, 9pm EST..
RA asks "follow us one last time"..
Last evening I watched my usual token horror film for Halloween season. This time we enjoyed Daniel Radcliffe's 'The Woman in Black'. Half way through the scary story hubs said "he strongly resembles that other British actor you like":)
Herald Examiner website:

View gallery
Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, Outlander
What you'll need: The couples costume of the season is Claire and her Highlands hunk, Jamie Fraser. For modern-day Claire, all you'll need is a dirty white dress and some twigs for your hair, but if you'd rather travel back in time, a lady-in-waiting dress like this will do. As for your date: a costume kilt, some fake scars, and .02 percent body fat.
Extra-credit accessories: A second date willing to dress like Frank Randall.
Go-to catchphrase: "Sing me a song of a lass that is gone…"

October 20, 2014

Richard Armitage:John Thornton Reads a Poem to Mgt Hale + Game of Thrones Direction "sink quietly so you don't ruin the shot"(see link) + Plays Dr Scott White in Film Now in Production - SLEEPWALKER

Topcoats coming and going..
Game of Thrones TidBit: 
Proving even Kings can get stuck now and then;D
Is Dr White what he seems to be?...
Read about early reaction to the tv series North and South - based on Eliz Gaskell's novel with same title..
10 years ago in November, the BBC series North and South first graced television screens. The male lead, John Thornton, was played by Richard Armitage.  

Slow cooker soups:

October 13, 2014

Richard Armitage:Lego Sized Hobbit Movie(apparently dwarves were just not compact enough;) + Sleepwalker's Dr White Takes a Selfie + Costume Designer + Director's (Digital Theatre) Blog (see link) + Screencaps The Crucible, Sleepwalker + Photo of Ahna O'Reilly on Sleepwalker Set + Explains Screening of The Crucible at Theatres in Dec

Affirmative action for females enforced at this blog;D Bada$$ Taureal:
An exciting aspect to following RA interview was the fact the vintage leather chair belonging to set apparently found:

Along with the above selfie, RA mentioned Sleepwalker's costume designer - Bic Owen of John Varvatos. How's this for strong resemblance to the Scott White look:

BLOG: Read the director of Digial Theatre's concept for The Crucible..
New from The Hobbit BOTFA..2015 Calendar..
Dr Scott White is a very mysterious, elusive man..director not shining much light(literally) on RA's Sleepwalker character..
RA's most recent leading lady, Ahna O'Reilly, on set at 3am for current filming of Sleepwalker movie.. Follow on twitter @ahnaoreilly
Daily dosage of Outlander..





October 9, 2014

Richard Armitage:Sleepwalker Director Tweets Fiery dReAmwalker Image Taken 4am(see below) + REIGN Series Fanvid + A Sleepwalker Filming Site Reverberates with Thriller Atmospherics

       Might Dr Scott White's office be located in this house overlooking LA?
Someone with an interest in the film provided information that the house is located in  "PXP Oil field Inglewood,CaAmazing 1920's house atop the Los Angeles oilfield" - However, the person was off by a few yrs. Upcoming real estate info (see link below) gives the year it was built. Then wellwisher @sharaobsessed through clever sleuthing found the relative website and interior photos.
Here are a couple views from the house, including the world famous 'Hollywood' sign directly across from the filming location.
                             The house is offered as a filming location.
Director Elliott Lester tweeted a fiery *dReAmwalker* with comment that it was taken at 4am. What a coinkydink - apparently he was also taken with the above fireplace room..
Another "burn together" moment..
Reign series has beautiful sets, gorgeous costumes and historical theme. It's on Thurs evening 9pm EST

Sleepwalker movie is described as a psychological thriller, therefore it's interesting to note the tweet reactions from two people involved with the production. The first is the star, leading man, who calmly tweeted:
It's 2.28am night shoot, 3 hours to go.
Second person didn't demonstrate quite the same peaceful coping skills with the all night shooting schedule. Their tweet:
"Yea...I'm just getting off work...mad at the world...tired as hell. LORD PLEASE DON'T LET ME MOW NO ONE DOWN ON MY DRIVE HOME, AMEN."


October 7, 2014

Richard Armitage: Details About Sleepwalker Role + See RA Tweet Below About Digital Theatre Offer

Sleepwalking research scientist, Dr Scott White, which former chaRActer might he most resemble?
In a script written by Jack Olsen, Sleepwalker, centers around Sarah (O’Reilly) who’s trying to reconstruct her life following the apparent suicide of her novelist husband. After returning to university, to finish her dissertation, Sarah experiences frequent bouts of sleepwalking. She is sent to Dr. Scott White’s (Armitage) sleep research lab for treatment. When Sarah’s life starts to alternate between her waking world and a nightmarish alternate reality, where no one recognizes that she has ever existed, she is plunged into chaos, confusion and terror. The one constant in her shifting world is Scott, the man she’s been longing for all her life. But does Sarah’s true love actually exist, or is it a figment of Sarah’s troubled imagination that derives from wishful thinking and longing? (I think I had a dream like this once…)
Dr. White character is described as handsome, open and honest (Gee, I wonder how they thought of Armitage?) He’s the senior M.D. at the sleep research center where Sarah comes for treatment. A unique relationship forms between them but the film promises such shocking twists and turns…that nobody will see them coming!

We know RA's Proctor beard was still in place as of a week ago - Will it be part of Scott White's personna?
              Ahna's character Sarah falls under the spell of Dr Scott White..
Tweet chemistry between RA and his Sleepwalker leading lady
Also, RA added to his last tweet that The Crucible digital recording will soon be available online. Oct 7 tweet:
Sign up to 's mailing list & get a free rental this Friday


October 4, 2014

Richard Armitage:John Thornton in Eliz Gaskell's North and South--See Photos of Her Newly Reopened Manchester UK House


         Elizabeth Gaskell's living room above and the Thornton's below..
Somehow this NYPost article seems to seamlessly fit in this post:
More photos from a BBC article about Eliz Gaskell's home. Fanny Thornton would no doubt be very pleased to see piano in the parlor;)

Here's the Gaskell home pre-restoration on Wikipedia page explaining her family background and minister husband's claim to fame..