October 13, 2014

Richard Armitage:Lego Sized Hobbit Movie(apparently dwarves were just not compact enough;) + Sleepwalker's Dr White Takes a Selfie + Costume Designer + Director's (Digital Theatre) Blog (see link) + Screencaps The Crucible, Sleepwalker + Photo of Ahna O'Reilly on Sleepwalker Set + Explains Screening of The Crucible at Theatres in Dec

Affirmative action for females enforced at this blog;D Bada$$ Taureal:
An exciting aspect to following RA interview was the fact the vintage leather chair belonging to set apparently found:

Along with the above selfie, RA mentioned Sleepwalker's costume designer - Bic Owen of John Varvatos. How's this for strong resemblance to the Scott White look:

BLOG: Read the director of Digial Theatre's concept for The Crucible..
New from The Hobbit BOTFA..2015 Calendar..
Dr Scott White is a very mysterious, elusive man..director not shining much light(literally) on RA's Sleepwalker character..
RA's most recent leading lady, Ahna O'Reilly, on set at 3am for current filming of Sleepwalker movie.. Follow on twitter @ahnaoreilly
Daily dosage of Outlander..





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