October 26, 2014

Richard Armitage:BOTFA Premiere(see vid) & Pucker up + The Crucible on Screen Trailer + REIGN Season 2 Music + Sleepwalker Filming Location at Herald Examiner(see link) + Outlander Video + When Costume Dramas Stars Are Almost Lookalikes + Ideas For Halloween Party Costumes

Watch Reign on Thurs, 9pm EST..
RA asks "follow us one last time"..
Last evening I watched my usual token horror film for Halloween season. This time we enjoyed Daniel Radcliffe's 'The Woman in Black'. Half way through the scary story hubs said "he strongly resembles that other British actor you like":)
Herald Examiner website:

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Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, Outlander
What you'll need: The couples costume of the season is Claire and her Highlands hunk, Jamie Fraser. For modern-day Claire, all you'll need is a dirty white dress and some twigs for your hair, but if you'd rather travel back in time, a lady-in-waiting dress like this will do. As for your date: a costume kilt, some fake scars, and .02 percent body fat.
Extra-credit accessories: A second date willing to dress like Frank Randall.
Go-to catchphrase: "Sing me a song of a lass that is gone…"

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