September 30, 2018

All Things RArmitage: Berlin Station Season 1 Starts Soon in UK + The John Thornton Effect Updated with Wanderlust ;D + Listen to Chapter 4, Wolverine:The Long Night + Castlevania Included on List of Best Fall Shows

From Feb 3, 2014 - AXE Kiss for Peace in NYC Times Square
Tweet from AXE to RAblogger - the John and Mgt Train Station kiss
, how does it feel to be famous? Your just debuted in New York City!
It's interesting to observe new RA fans who have just finished his 'Wanderlust' narration. They remind me of those new wellwishers years ago who had just finished watching the North and South mini-series. I referred to it then (and believe these more recent fans are reacting in a very similar way) as the "Thornton Effect":D
Listen to Chapter 4 - Wolverine: The Long Night