March 16, 2013

Richard Armitage:Answers question - Did You Splash Out?Interview w One Ring(see vid) + Richard III News Article(see link) + Thorin Hits Middle America Walmart Shelves(RA has def arrived;)see Sunday newspaper ad below + Sat Nite Movie:ARGO + THE HOBBIT: "They're Holding Down The Fort" Video - Family Love

From The Hobbit dvd extras:
UPCOMING tv series:
It is interesting that Richard Taylor, the head of famous Weta Workshop  for THE HOBBIT saga, will produce a new tv series in New Zealand called Joan of Arc.

NEWS:Interesting latest details about Richard III reinterment - thank you Sue, who said:
(Do you think he might have had more peace under that car park?)
Apparently Richard III would have wanted a Catholic burial according to academia!

Latest HBO trailer brings "nobody does it better" to mind.  Sadly that's not true of the vast majority of their shows, but definitely captures their Game of Thrones:

Some interest in dance is usually a natural byproduct for RA fans. Pro dancer Kym Johnson definitely took advantage of the 6'2" athletic build of her dance partner for week 1 of DWTS. A judge mentioned that her feet were in the air more than on the dancefloor for their "contemporary" style offering. Never noticed her partner before but I can certainly see why he was on a popular soap for 13yrs.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hobbit DVD is out. YES!!!!!!!

:) :) :)

As for the relative sex appeal of JP or Lucas...that is such a hard one, Ricrar! To force us to is so impossible :) :)

BTW, here's one of my favorite movies of all time. Can't you see RA in a new version (or next chapter) of it? :) :) I'd watch!!!! (Get a Spacey, RA, and Del Toro together, it would be like the modern day Three Musketeers! )

Ricrar said...

Know exactly how you feel Cleo. I thought Lucas was sizzling hot until series 9 when he became an angsty disappointment. Then John Porter entered stage right and my penchant for steely back-boned defenders of innocents found the perfect hero.

In fact, missed him so much that yesterday I rewatched the first ep of Strike Back. Wouldn't it be sublime if Richard was approached to reappear as John's twin brother in another series. hmmm, what might be his name? Perhaps "Porter - James Porter"? If we can't have him as James Bond at least we'd be half way there;D

See new Game of Thrones trailer above. It really looks exciting--getting giddy with anticipation of S3.

Sue said...


To be honest I fell in love with the character of John Porter. My ideal man, a northerner with a sense of humour and good on the eye. What more could a gal want? (I love the scene where Richard kicks an old sofa out of the way after being held up by a couple of women who forced him to vote on some talent show on his mobile.

I watched an episode of the new Strike Back last week, and it's just trashy posturing by a couple of muscle bound, empty headed, men whose actions are governed by the contents of their pants. (Which, from what I saw, aren't much to write home about anyway!)It really is sensational rubbish, what a shame they couldn't have somehow brought Richard back at a later date. JP was the anchor, which has unfortunately sunk without trace, taking the show with it. Absolute tripe!

Love the insight into Thorin. Is it me or has Richard's voice got even deeper than before? Less like honey, more like dark treacle now.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I am a very, very big fan of John Porter. Especially the Iran and Pakistan episodes. But I still love Lucas. He became complicated, I think, playing at turning a national hero into an "evil" was interesting to see him do it. But even as he became the self-server, he became that much more loyal to his woman. I know, I've said it before, but that made me ADORE him :) :) :). You can see where my priorities are :) :). I wish more men were more loyal to their woman than their nation!!

I couldn't agree with you more about the new Strikeback, Sue. The sex scenes in there don't do much justice to the storyline established in the first series, with RA. Seems rather gratuitious....

The RA Strikeback series seemed to be much more profoundly about the military from the inside-out, rather than just an action flick (as in the second). I really enjoyed feeling like I was getting just a taste of the inner workings of these sorts of counter-espionage operations. More of the same would be just fine!!! As would Julius...of course :) :)

Just got my France and Israel television hooked up through my cable. The first thing on was Haifa soccer!!! It is almost impossible to get good soccer in this country, so I am very excited :)

Ricrar said...

"..less like honey, more like dark treacle now" - enjoyed that stirring phrasing Sue. Believe Richard mentioned in at least one interview that he deliberately lowered his voice for Thorin.

In another one he was asked how he relaxed at the end of the workday while filming TH. He replied by removing the cork of a bottle of wine. It surprised me during another interview when he was asked if the actors playing the dwarves lifted a few mugs of ale together - RA said he doesn't drink beer but did have wine on occasion.

An Englishman who doesn't have a pint now and then? Are you sure that's not illegal?:D

We enjoy wine with special dinners but that doesn't exclude having a cold brew with certain types of dishes. My taste in ale leans toward today's more exotic blends. Forgive what will seem like a pun - just recently I tried a vanilla *porter* and it is yummy. However, not quite as yummy as our fav *Porter*:)

We're agreed that the current SB series do not rise to the same level of great entertainment that Richard's did. That's why we need a new one featuring his twin brother James.*works for me*

p.s. I remember the episode with fav Porter line "women with guns" - his delivery was perfect.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, Did you feel Maya returned Lucas/Bateman's love as strongly as his for her? She appeared to be a rather cold fish towards him, while he was an adoring puppy dog. haha

Laughed because I realized my RL convictions were always that male/female relationships work out better when the male has indeed fallen slightly more in love than the object of his affections. Therefore, for some unknown reason, I've set the bar higher for Maya...hmmm, wonder why? Amateur psychologist's self-analysis in progress:D

Porter on the other hand didn't have enough time to develop much of a relationship with Danni. Can't help but wonder if there had been a second SB series for Richard, whether Porter and Danni would've married in order to finish raising his motherless teen. We'll never know the answer to that one.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, Ricrar. I must agree with you that Maya did not deserve Lucas North's abundant loyalty. My "analysis" is based purely on Lucas' devotion. Which makes me just love his character! The object of his devotion was great until the end, and then she balked. Sadly. She made a very big mistake. But she did leave him free for the rest of us!

As for Porter...I simply can't countenance discussion of either Danni or anyone he is mine!!!!!! :) :)

(I know all I can talk about is usually Sir Guy, but, somehow, these feelings just come out.....)

:) :)

P.S. Why the twin brother? I am quite sure that Porter's death was faked. Aren't they always??

Ricrar said... might be living slightly in denial Cleo. *welcome to the club* ;D

o.k. so the three of us have to either share Porter like adult women or fight to the death over him. *might be a wee bit melodramatic statement* teehee

I suggest we each get him 4mos out of the year. Is it a deal? Now we'll need to brush up on our Italian cooking and make sure we have a bottle of chilled prosecco at the ready whenever he's due to arrive.

Good to get it all sorted out! *a girl(s) can always dream* ;D

Sue said...

Oh dear the academics are at it again, fighting like a dog over a bone (or should I say skeleton?)about the burial of Richard III> (Do you think he might have had more peace under that car park?)

Apparently Richard III would have wanted a Catholic burial according to academia!


About the Lucas debate as above. I think the storyline and character Richard had worked so hard to create all went to pot when the scriptwriters had to find a way of writing him out of the series. As for the actress who played Maya, she seemed to be completely immune (or should I say confused) to LN's charms and declarations of love. (What!)It all seemed at odds to how I would have imagined (or wanted) the character of Lucas to have developed and met his end. What a shame. Still Spooks loss was the Hobbits gain. Must dash, off to work! To be continued .......

cleopatraascreenplay said...

D'Nile, as they say, Ricrar, is not just a river in Egypt.

I would rather live in those sweet waters than in this cold, cold world without John Porter (...or Sir Guy...or Lucas North...) :) :) So, critique well accepted. Embraced, even!! :) :) :)

Sue, when you said academic were going at it again, I thought you were talking about Ricrar and myself trying to sort out our sharing schedule for John Porter (it all sounds rather sultanistic to me). I, just fyi, do not share.

Agreed on the likely reason for the demise of Lucas' national dignity. It is a shame, really, for them to do that to a truly heroic character.

Happy Monday! (Ugh).

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the news link Sue.
Interesting conclusion for academia to come to re Richard III preferring a Catholic ceremony. Although when we consider this was pre-Henry VIII days naturally the entire nation was indeed Catholic - it makes a great deal of sense.

Now the question is whether there's a convenient Catholic cathedral in Leics or is it permissible for the mass to be conducted in the nearby church as originally planned?

Ricrar said...

If Leics cathedral rules will not permit a Catholic priest to say RIII's funeral mass perhaps it could be conducted in the following R.C. church - assuming Loughborough isn't too distant from Leics. It's an attractive church, although perhaps not large enough for the occasion.
p.s. one good outcome from the ongoing *bones of contention* controversy might be greater interest in the Ricardians crusade.

Sue said...


Apparently the Anglican Church is a breakaway group of the Catholic church, so in a way he will still be getting a Catholic burial, although I'm not by any means well versed in all things religious, being a devote heathen! (My family ancestry consists of Welsh Methodists, so pick the bones out of that one!) Personally I quite fancy the idea of Paganism, much more naturalistic! (Didn't they indulge in the odd orgy too? Not that this would colour my decision you understand! Well maybe a little!)

By the way just watched a new interview with Richard on the one ring net. Seems our Richie hasn't any more work lined up after he finishes filming TH in the summer.


Ricrar said...

Sue, wee bit scary - I've just posted that one ring interview above;D

Wouldn't Richard say he has nothing lined up professionally as long as contracts are not yet final? It's difficult to believe he hasn't had other offers after starring in a film that has over $1 Billion boxoffice.

As for Anglican and Catholic church. Historical records show Henry VIII worked diligently after breaking away from Rome to keep the essence of the Roman Catholic church as much intact as possible in his Anglican church. The title 'Defender of the Faith' had been bestowed on the king by the pope years earlier(he'd written a defense of the R.C. church when there was scathing criticism from Luther.)

After being refused permission to divorce Catherine of Aragon, Henry did use that title but otherwise cut all official ties to the pope. Thereafter, the Anglican Church became a national institution. My Methodist ancestors(and yours as well no doubt) were hounded to join the state-run church. They were fined and labeled "non-conformists" Horrors!:D for not doing so.

I've found many clues during family research that indicate my paternal ancestors were probably originally Welsh who migrated to Notts for employment purposes. Not the least of which were stories of an elderly uncle who enjoyed Welsh rarebit and trout breakfast every Sun morning. Isn't the latter a Welsh tradition? The fact they were coal miners also supports the theory.

Large numbers of English and Welsh coal miners emigrated to USA in mid 1800s. Mine were definitely Methodists. According to local UK church records, they lived in England at least as early as 1720.

I've never been religious either, although being married to a man who is almost a daily mass attendee, I've learned to appreciate the way people of faith rarely get depressed and always enjoy life to the fullest. Suppose that's not true of all churchgoers but it certainly is of him. He's my rock - best husband and father on the globe;D *might be slightly biased* I've often thanked God for sending him my way.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

As I undestand, the Roman Catholic Church has agreements with a number of protestant Churches for various degrees of "communion" with those congregations. Some are full mutual-acceptance of religious rites, and some are less than that. It includes some Anglican Churches, some Lutheran, Episcopalian, and others. (It also includes some Orthodox Churches.) But it varies from synod to synod. So one would have to check which synod the Leicester Cathedral belongs to. It might well have such an agreement with Rome.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I double-checked. From what I can find, it doesn't look like the Roman Catholic Church has *full* communion with any Protestant Churches. It has partial communion with some. It has full communion with a fairly long list of Eastern Churches. It should be fairly easy to check with the Roman Catholic Church to see what its views would be on the "Catholic" nature of an interment in Leicester Cathedral. Maybe it could be done by Roman Catholic priests, or by priests from a church that *does* have full communion with Rome. Apparently, there has been a church on the site since well into the Catholic era, so it could work for them, in terms of what one would assume to be Richard III's wishes....

Ricrar said...

Something else to consider - the R.C. church has a new pope who is the first Jesuit in that position. They're usually extremely cutting edge and might very well wave any former rules in an enthusiastic gesture of support for the historical event. That wouldn't surprise me at all - so far Pope Francis has seemed like a refreshing breeze wafting through ancient halls.

Ricrar said...

I posted the above comment close to bedtime last night - first thought when I woke up was "you spelled waive wrong" haha

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Might the gesture be just as kind from Leicester Cathedral? If I were there, I'd just pick up the phone and call the local Catholic Church and find out (1) if it's an acceptably Catholic consecrated grounds for burial; and (2) what it would take to make it an acceptably Catholic ceremony. Are the relations still too estranged there to do that? I can call from Florida if you want! :) :) (I've done it in Israel from the feminists to the's amazing what a smile and a nice phone call or kindly worded fax will do.)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Love the new videos and interviews. And that last picture of RA is very indicative of a wonderful role he could have in the Borgias...the new priest! :) :)

Sue said...


I'm not a Catholic, but I must say I am impressed by the new Pope Francis and his comments about the poor. I have always thought that the Catholic church and all its riches aren't in keeping with what Christianity is (or should) be all about. All those expensive to maintain churches, nicely central heated and empty, while the homeless sleep in shop doorways in cardboard boxes. Something wrong about that. Okay I'll get off my soapbox now before I offend somebody.

My Welsh Methodist ancestors didn't end up down coal mines, but made their way to Liverpool, Wirral, and eventually Cheshire, working in the salt mines, as opposed to coal.

I think Richard probably hasn't got any work lined up, but maybe in his tin pot way letting producers know he is shortly to become 'available.' I'm sure his agent will be working hard to remedy that though. Personally, I want to see him back on British telly again.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I agree with you, Sue. I'd love to see him in TV soon! It does occur to me, though, that he might want a vacation :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

The large R.C. churches were built when all the pews were filled every Sun, however for quite awhile now it's been considered uncool to believe and all religions have lost good percentage of once swollen membership.

However, the current western struggle with Islamic fanatics seems to have reawakened the spiritual side of many Westerners--the churchgoing demographic has started to increase in many areas.

I always tell hubby if the day ever arrives when I'm ready to become active in a church it would be back to my R.C. roots, simply because of the historic aspect - can't beat an unbroken line of popes for 2000 yrs. The history buff in me finds that to be awesome. Doubt very much I'll ever decide to sacrifice online time, reading or other activities in order to sit in a pew. Devil in me usually adds that I have God on speed dial;D just to tease the hubster.

Not being a religious person I didn't start to watch the new series 'The Bible' on the history channel. Was amazed to learn it has an enormous audience - much larger than for the new Vikings series - although that one has also attracted multi-millions.

Didn't Richard mention he's interested in returning to TV? That would be wonderful - whether across the pond or on this side, fans could once again give realtime commentary during each episode until the series starts to show on the opposite side. We've done that for Robin Hood 2&3, Spooks 7/8/9, Moving On daytime series and of course all 6hrs of Strike Back. It was heavenly!

p.s.I believe the photo above, from the Hobbit extras, shows Richard's real wounds after hitting himself in the face with Thorin's shield while practicing a fight scene.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar!

The horror! I had wondered about that bloody picture. Who could do such a thing to RA?? Bad shield! I say we take it down! :) :)

RA France has a photo on their facebook page that is similarly horrible... A young RA, sleeping on a sofa. The caption says something like, "Who put RA out on the sofa? WHO??"

What a world!

Ricrar said...

Sue and Cleo - Might this be the particular TV series Richard had in mind when he mentioned wanting to return to the small screen?

Just read that Richard Taylor, who works with Peter Johnson at The Hobbit's Weta Workshop, will produce a new tv series in New Zealand called JOAN OF ARC. Will get more details asap.

Ricrar said...

Lol..Cleo, that scene with RA taking a nap on the sofa is from the series BETWEEN THE SHEETS. If you've not seen that one as yet, you're in for a RAvenous tReAt;D

It can be ordered through the website or at amazon.UK where you'll find all his other dvds listed as well.

Ricrar said...

New vid added above where Richard is asked if his life has changed and also if he "splashed out" on anything after receiving The Hobbit paycheck.

Patricia J. Sohn said...

Love the new video, Ricrar! What a sweetheart. Not surprising at all to a now diehard RA fan :)

Like the pic with RA and the RH cast. My daughter said, "Wow, Robin Hood actually doesn't look evil there!"

Sorry :) Can't help it.... :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Joan of Arc sounds awesome. I hear it ends badly, though....

Can they rewrite it so that she lives and kicks the "patootie" out of everyone? Nothing like a little women's midrash....

Ricrar said...

"Robin Hood doesn't look evil":) How could a thousand yr old folk hero look evil? Besides the historic aspect, how could Jonas Armstrong look evil? He's an absolute sweetie - and he and RA seemed to get along famously according to your object of affections very own words;D

There's another consideration, he might be a very distant cousin of mine. Believe I read somewhere that his family originated in County Cork, Irl which is exactly where one of my gggrdfathers was born. And to add to the evidence before the court - my ancestor's christian name was also Jonas. How's that for coincidence! One more wee bit of evidence - one of my great uncles had a space between his front two teeth exactly like Jonas's. Can't see how he couldn't be a long-lost relly with that mountain of proof he has to be. teehee

What did you think of Richard's remark to the onering interviewer when she asked if he is now recognized on the street. His reply was "No..I don't go out" haha Makes himself sound like a hermit in NYC;D

Ricrar said...

Dec article in NZ newspaper with more Joan d'Arc details. Screenwriter's credits include Romeo&Juliet,upcoming Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. (I didn't care for the last one - it was very weird.)

Article says Weta's Richard Taylor wants to develop the tv series because it would keep their skilled film crew provided with steady employment - movies are very sporadic.

The people of NZ are fortunate to have someone thinking of their greater good in such a way, aren't they.

Would be delish if there's a role for RA.

Ricrar said...

Better watch this asap. Person who uploaded it is concerned they might be told to remove it from youtube. It's more extras from the hobbit dvd.

There are 3 parts. This one has the most RA - look for the other 2 after watching it.

Sue said...


I don't think there's much danger of Richard shunning the possibility of acting work in favour of a well earned vacation, although he could probably do with a good break somewhere. He seems to be a workaholic and even during breaks between filming manages to squeeze in the odd bit of voiceover work. I think it may also have something to do with feeling a bit insecure, as actors never know when work is going to dry up, so it's a case of making hay while the sun shines.

Not sure about the stripy tie in the interview above. Reminds me of my old school tie, which I hated wearing! Makes him look like an oversized schoolboy! Mind you if there had been more boys who looked like Richard at school I may have been keener to go to school!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, Sue, the oversized schoolboy look works just fine for me, being the oversized schoolgirl that I am :) :) !!!

(Profs are, after all, just students who are such geeks that we decided to make a living at it) :)

My favorite is when he dons the blue jeans and sports coat. Man. **That really works.** :) :) (Much southern fanning....)

Thank you for the Joan of Arc info, Ricrar! I hope there is a part in it for RA!! If he is looking for parts, I do, of course, have a number of plays he could produce and direct and star in! :) :)

I actually ran across Kevin Spacey's page on twitter, after finding all of the relevant RA sites :). Have you seen "Beyond the Sea" with Spacey? It's a movie/musical about Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee ... just amazing. I am considering sending Tristan and Isolde (my rock opera) to him as well....hmmmm....I wonder.

It occurs to me that they should do a followup MI5, and have them come to Florida to interview a prof who is a specialist in Middle East politics....that could be timely and relevant.... :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. That is, of course, if Lucas came back and did the interviewing....never saw the body, did we!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

PPS.... But he is a traitor, I hear you say! But it is not true! He was just going deep under cover for Harry. They just had to make him *look* like he was a traitor. That spy work. Twists and turns all over the place.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, re Kevin Spacey - in all honesty I avoid his films because he like so many other film stars bore me almost to tears;D In fact, before watching Richard in N&S I'd totally ignored all movies and actors for at least a decade. History text books were actually my fav form of entertainment during that time period.

RA dragged me back(so to speak) to films but there are still a very limited number of actors who project enough charisma to lure me to watch their movies. The formula that results in enough curiosity on my part to deliberately procure a dvd is an actor with an intoxicating blend of intelligence, charm and good looks. Richard is the best example but Ben Affleck definitely met that criteria as well in ARGO. We'll see if it carries through to his next film, which I understand will be about Bunker Hill, Boston.

Sue, your oversized schoolboy remark reminded me of the interview when RA described his *first time* in a tent with a female classmate he said seduced him. You didn't happen to attend school in Leicester, did you? *wink,wink*

On second thought, I'm certain he never would've added "I didn't really care for her that much" if you were the seducer.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I have always loved Spacey's work, ever since "The Usual Suspects." I held that as my all-time favorite movie for about 15 years or so -- until Sir Guy and Lucas, of course :). I am agreed with you on much of the rest of what's on these days! Maybe Spacey could produce and direct RA as Tristan? "Beyond the Sea" makes me think he would really get the musical/film/dance connection I would envision for it. I still want to see RA dance! I understand that he has a lot of experience in dance and some in choreography as well. I read that he was assistant choreographer to Ken Oldfield and performed in at least six London musicals. Couldn't be more perfect for Tristan!..... He already has the kingly thing going; the height; the voice (it is written for a bass or baritone); and the musical theatre and dance connection. There you go! :) :)

LOVE the Sir Guy photo, as always. *Sigh.* Be still my schoolgirl heart.... :) :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Love the new "Kiss" photos. It's Klimt all over again! :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the N&S photo revisit was inspired by an RA fan paying a compliment to this blog.

She's a new RA fan so I asked if she was seduced by Thorin. She said "No, I just watched North and South recently..Thornton *swoon*"

Thought to myself that hottie cotton mill master Thornton is still conquering the world one woman at a time.

Richard said he realized winning that role was the golden opportunity in his career. That's when his fan mail volume dramatically increased - to the point his wonderful mother organized a system to deal with requests for photos etc.

After hearing for years what a huge asset she was to his career, it was really an emotional moment to see mother Margaret receive the awesome thank you from her son, as she stood there with him when he met Prince William at the London premiere.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

"The Kiss" never grows old, Ricrar! *Sigh* I love to look at it next to Klimt (and that one you pasted together for me -- oh, my goodness. You know, you could start a cottage industry photoshopping RA kissing the cheek of his fans! That and a little autograph. I bet you could make a lot of money for his charities with that photo-talent of yours!)

Thornton is still conquering the world one woman at a time!!! :) :) It's a fact. :) :)

How very sweet that RA's mother is so supportive. That is always such a lovely thing to hear. BTW, the footage of the Hobbit Cast meeting Prince William is on youtube:

Happy lunchtime! Cheers :)

Ricrar said...

Truer words were never spoken Cleo - "the kiss never grows old" - Therefore have devoted the latest post to RA's kisses. More than one fanvid has been created that include nothing other than pic after wonderful pic of RA kisses.