March 9, 2013

Richard Armitage:All Things + Dean O'Gorman's High Praise & "huge following" Comment(see vid) + Thanks to for Today's Radio Excerpt(see below) + Watched Movie w Sweetie Review - It's Excellent So You'll Need to Really Search to Find It - Title: BREACH starring Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe and Masterpiece's fav hostess: Laura Linney + Prosecco critique: It's also excellent as long as you enjoy very dry wine.*hic,hic*;D

NEWS: Listen to today's Richard III interview at the following link, which is  graciously provided by website:

High School Game of Thrones:
 I'm not nearly cool enough to get more than 50% of following - feel proud to even get that much;)  Will need to check with my niece to translate the other half:

Anyone who has enjoyed US tv series '24' or UK's 'Spooks' will luvvvv the movie 'Breach'.  It traces the worst intelligence *breach* in the history of the USA(tragically true story).  An FBI mole is trapped but not without some instinctive, intricate handling on the part of a young FBI *clerk* and the enormous tangled web required to finally entrap a super spy engrossed in living the ultimate RL video game.  Why did he do it?  Not for wealth - this darkly super-evolved human being simply needed to feel *_*(can't give it away or you won't enjoy it nearly as much)  'Breach' is a Fascinating film:


cleopatraascreenplay said...


That is so much more than I expected!!!!! Catching breath here. I didn't expect him to be KISSING me!!! (And I didn't really think you'd do it!)

Catching breath..... Definitely Everest, Ricrar. THANK YOU.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Am listening to Radio Leicester. RA is about to come on. I am still trying to regain consciousness -- and my ability to sit in serene Buddhist pose in my home-office desk chair.... I may never be the same again, Ricrar! What you do for RA fans!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

:) :)

Ricrar said...

LOL You certainly played hard to get during that kiss Cleo;)

I'm certain you've already listened to today's excerpt from Richard's radio interview, but if you want to hear it again the link is posted above.

Entire interview will be aired on Wed after 11am UK time.

Well, we finally tried that Prosecco after the flu derailing our plans a couple wks ago. It's very dry - that's true at least of the *Cupcake* label. My preference is for wine with less sugar content so found it very enjoyable.

The wine accompanied dinner and a movie. Did you happen to catch the film "Breach" a few yrs ago? We did not, were not even aware it had been produced until a few wks ago after stumbling upon a copy at a local mall.

Anyone who enjoys a great spy thriller would find this movie fascinating - sadly it is the real life tale of the worst intelligence *breach* in the history of the USA. The star, Chris Cooper is one of hubby's fav actors. Quite honestly I was more taken with his co-star, Ryan Phillippe. The latter gave an excellent portrayal of the 30-something FBI clerk who suddenly found himself thoroughly immersed in the plot to trap a super spy.
Script is well written and immensely exciting. I highly recommend the movie.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, I suppose I am hard to get, Ricrar! So that is probably fairly authentic to me, if that's what you were going for! :) :) Of course, one is not hard to get once a man is dedicated -- but there are so few men like that around. :) :)

"Breach" is on my to-do list! Your recommendations are received highly around here :) Loved the interview. Will try to catch Wednesday's. I guess that means 7 a.m. EST?

I still cannot believe you did that. I almost fell out of my chair (literally, and only in the most positive way). I only wish I had a photo on-line of me puckering up to offer you so that John Porter could get a proper kiss in return! But, alas, I don't think I do.... It does give The Kiss new meaning! Do you remember that BEAUTIFUL art-deco "The Kiss" shot that you posted earlier in the fall?

Oh, my Heavens. In the world of sweetness, they should have a special award for you!!!!!!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Love all the new photos! Especially the rose garden photo. Very, very sweet.

Am missing the new "kiss" photo :) :) That made my year!!! It doesn't come up on my screen anymore -- did it malfunction?

I keep forgetting to comment on your preference for Baklava. Also one of my favorites. My favorite is with pistachios :) There is one that is made into a circle where the whole center of the circle is made of pistacios and honey. Hard to get better than that!

Also, on the last post, thanks for posting the Monarchy series. That's where I first heard of King Offa! (Of one of my short stories!....)


Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo, I'd assumed you had already copied *the kiss* but will repost it asap to give you a chance to do so.

Did you watch last night's ep 2 of Vikings? I thought the storyline definitely increased in momentum.

Saw a tweet immediately after the show saying "the downside of owning oceanfront monastery property during that era" haha

Many RA fans deny there was ever any romantic feelings between Marian and Guy. They insist it was all one sided on his part and she constantly plotted against him. But I've always felt she had started to succumb to his relentless advances after he placed himself in jeopardy to protect her from the nasty sheriff. Rose garden setting represents that brief period between the two of them.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thanks so much, Ricrar. You are ever so sweet. That is quite a thing for a fan. Duly copied!

I caught the first hour of the Vikings last night but couldn't stay up for the second. I loved the wrestling scene with the couple. That woman is my hero!!!

Ah, yes, Sir Guy and Marian. She did seem to become at least torn in re-thinking his advances in Season 3, didn't she? Too bad she took the wrong side in the end!

I finally broke down and have started seeing Game of Thrones (just bought it in the end so I don't have to wait for re-runs!). I do enjoy it. Have been able to get past the violence. What a world to live in, though. Yikes!!

Cheers :)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, wish you'd mentioned you were thinking of buying first 2 seasons of GoT. You see, both seasons have been available for several mos to HBO subscribers. Just go to 'On Demand', then premium channels -- under HBO original series you'll see GoT. No need to wait - you can watch sequentially or rewatch particular eps whenever you like.

Season 3 starts on Mar 31 at 9pm. They replay ea new ep often, so it's always easy to catch up.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thanks again so much for reposting that photo, Ricrar. Wowsers. (Can I underline that?) I showed a colleague at work -- she was suitably impressed with my moment of fame :) :) :)

I just cancelled HBO. Decided to get news in Hebrew and French instead. There's not enough on HBO that I want to see. I figure, I can buy the programs one at a time that aren't yet on Netflix, since I watch so few of them. (I like to study the ones I like rather than watching everything.) But there's no way to replace news broadcast right from the places of interest for real-time keeping up :) We'll see how this strategy goes....

Ricrar said...

The only reason we ever subscribe to HBO is for Game of Thrones. Once season3 is over, it will be cancelled as usual. We usually then switch to another channel with more of the type of programming we enjoy.

Agree that the vast majority of HBO's offerings are not worth watching and in fact are downright silly - vampires etc.

News sources - the past few yrs I've come to the conclusion that the most accurate reports can be found online. US national media has it's own political agenda, therefore they automatically skew (e.g. NY Times) stories in favor of their biases. Majority of them have admitted these political prejudices, so it's difficult to take their coverage seriously.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! I wasn't making a general critique of HBO -- I'm sure they have great programming! I am just such an egg-head, I have a few genres that I like, and I love to pour over those programs rather than watch the stuff that doesn't catch me. I will miss BBC American -- couldn't figure a way to keep that with the package I now have! Either way, I am loving Game of Thrones now that I have figured out how to manage the blood and gore :) :) Very awesome plot and world they construct there. I can see why they call him the new Tolkien (my first ever novel was a Tolkien novel!).

I do still get History Channel, Pentagon, and Oprah! (Imagine that combination -- can't think who dreamed that up!) I know you're not a fan of Oprah, but I will check it out and see what world she is presenting to American's women. I do think she has a big women audience in the U.S., and women are RA's niche audience, right? Aren't we his biggest fans, romantic hero, knight in shining armor that he is?? :) :)

Speaking of knight in shining armor, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Thorin mast photo. Oh, my goodness, that is just right!!! And that first photo is heavenly. (Again, audible intake of breath. There are so many of those with the photos you post, Ricrar!!!)

Cheers! Happy lunch time and happy Tuesday. ;)

Ricrar said...

Sadly Cleo, No - HBO does not have great programming. If they did, we wouldn't cancel subscription once latest GoT series has ended.

They waste multi-millions on true trash. Best example is their latest upcoming special on Liberace of all people. They've wasted all those financial resources on such a trivial topic when it could've been put to far more valuable use in a Richard III update(wonder why that came to mind;) or another more interesting saga. My preference is always historical but I do understand that they need to keep some variety in their programming.

Why spend many millions on the fact a *quaint* entertainer had a young lover(39yrs younger--yikes!) and a penchant for rhinestones and frilly capes? You won't believe which actors play Liberace and his almost-child amour -- Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. haha They look absolutely ridiculous. See latest EW mag if your curious about it.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, I am happy to stand corrected, Ricrar! I trust your judgement on programming, given all of your outstanding recommendations thus far!! There certainly seems to be a dearth of really fine programming in general, and an abundance of -- "Eh." One would think all of those billions could be spent on wonderful programming -- like North and South, and the Hobbit! Or -- Richard III -- or Cleopatra, for that matter! :) :) :) I would certainly tune in then :)

I am happy to see the Vikings series. And Game of Thrones does seem to be edifying, doesn't it? A little glimpse at what the world could be like if we choose something other than participatory democracy, for example? There are still places that function just a bit like this -- fewer now than a hundred years ago, but they still exist. It is bracing, and lesson learned, I think. I think more such programming would be wonderful. I do like the use of fantasy together with historical genre as a means of getting such messages across (of course, that may not come as a surprise, given that it's what I do with many of my own stories!).

Liberace. Ugh. I do tire of some strange sort of personalism in Hollywood decisions rather than the sort of meritorious works we have discussed! Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as Liberace and his boy lover sounds absolutely perfect. A real throwback to the Greeks. (The wrong ones, in my personal estimation....)

Ricrar said...

Here are a few more recommendations. If you've not already seen The Tudors series by Michael Hirst(Vikings writer) - it's spectacular both in telling that dynamic time in history and visually. Sets, costumes, locations are to die for. It was filmed right outside Dublin and took full advantage of the surrounding gorgeous landscape including the only castle remaining with it's original moat. It 4 seasons, 48eps of sublime entertainment.

If you enjoy the Napoleonic period, the Sean Bean series Sharpe is terrific. I gave hubs the entire set a couple Christmases ago and he is planning a second viewing in the not too distant future.

Currently I'm watching a Brit tv series called 'Lark Rise to Candleford' - 4 seasons. It's available at youtube.

Few mos ago we enjoyed Gerard Butler's 'Atilla' - fascinating history punctuated with dribble worthy scenes of shirtless Gerard;D Nature's artwork!

Will let you know if I think of others.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar. LOVE the recommendations. Thank you so much!! They are always very, very welcomed from you! I have ordered a few of the Sean Bean series, Sharpe, and will check out Lark Rise to Candleford. It looks like I can stream it through Amazon. I saw Atilla a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I'm going to see it again, though, now that you mention it. I remember it was a very evocative portrayal of a period we don't often see except portrayed in a sort of cartoon-like charicature; this seemed very realistic. And a live-by-the-sword sort of story as well. I look forward to seeing if my memory holds!

I have to tell you, I am still reeling from the "kiss" photo!!!!! You were so sweet to put that up!!! Wow. We in the academic world usually spend our lives striving to become famous among the 15 other people in the world who do our sort of work :) :) A picture next to an international star on *this blog* was just -- wow. My girlfriends at school (fellow professors -- yes, that's what we call ourselves) were very impressed :) :) Still holding on to the moment! :) :)