April 30, 2015

Richard Armitage:Spooks Movie Trailer & Review Quote "Takes heart throb to follow in footsteps of RA"(see link) + Currently in Ireland Playing Norman Knight RAymond in Movie 'Pilgrimage'

                      See RA mention in following Spooks movie review:
          Will knight Raymond deMerville remind us of Guy of Gisborne?
NEWS--Spooks:The Greater Good Review says it takes a heart throb to follow in the footsteps of Richard Armitage, M.MacFadyen,etc.
RA snapped this photo in Ireland..
Digital Spy article with many comments on RA as Francis Dolarhyde:
Map of Ireland showing areas controlled by Normans and Irish kings 1250
                               Poldark comes to PBS starting June 21..

April 24, 2015

Richard Armitage:New Interviews(see links) + Guess Who is in Ireland--Day 1,Selfie 1

"half Pilgrimage dialogue in French and considering a "quite ancient play"
Digital Spy interview:
Always nice to get this vintage leather set together whenever possible..
In one of the above new interviews, RA said he has many scenes with a French actor who plays a Cistercian monk.  Following website created by a person whose goal is to visit and record every Cistercian Abbey.  Many found in France, Italy, UK, etc
                                          He's listening to...

April 20, 2015

Richard Armitage:RA Fans Clever Artwork + Pics from Pilgrimage Set + Game of Thrones in Croatia + Toronto Airport Photos + Filming Pilgrimage in Ireland + New 'Madding Crowd' Interviews w Cast

Above by..
~ Who wants to fly Hobbit Airways with Mr. A ? ... LOL
Following by RA fan @tannni3..
Fan caught adorable essence of RA's joyful footage. It's signed..
Brother Richard about to start his Pilgrimage...although, he might instead be wearing chainmail???
Another stack of Pilgrimage research from screenplay writer...

April 12, 2015

Richard Armitage: Pilgrimage Soundtrack Composer + Discussion of AMC's Season 2, ep 1,TURN + Perhaps a Peek at Dolarhyde? + Ireland Beckons - Toronto won't let go(who could blame them:)

Pilgrimage soundtrack will be composed by Stephen McKeon..
Poll for REIGN viewers:
Pilgrimage cast members in Galway/Connemara

Irish History for those planning to immerse themselves in our upcoming 'Pilgrimage'...

Evidently Ross Poldark is very informative for viewers.It comes to PBS June