April 6, 2016

Richard Armitage:Currently in La Palma,Canary Isl(see video clip) + Is He the King of Hearts(see photo) + New Photos of Daniel Miller in Upcoming Series Berlin Station + New Cast Member for BS--William Sadler

Is this RA as the King of Hearts in Alice Through the Looking Glass?
NEWS: William Sadler Joins #RichardArmitage In upcoming series "Berlin Station" http://bit.ly/1oyK1sK
Armitage plays Daniel Miller, newly arrived CIA case officer, tasked with uncovering the source of leaks to a whistleblower.  Miller's Station Chief is played by Richard Jenkins. Rhys Ifans is a charming but jaded veteran case officer. New cast member Sadler's character is the authoritative Director of the Counter Terrorism Center who arrives at Berlin Station with a mission to help solve a difficult situation.
     Following are new photos of RA as officer Daniel Miller.  Evidently he's with a journalist named Ingrid. She's suspected of leaking CIA info which prompted officer Miller to track her. [Some women have all the luck!] ;D
Hotel on Oliva Beach, Fuerteventura - perhaps Berlin Station's hdqtrs for 3wks?
Stanley Weber plays a tonsured Benedictine monk in Pilgrimage and is currently wearing the Comte St Germain's powdered wig in Outlander..
Hill Climb
Just learned the actor and actress who play Andrei and his sister Marya in War and Peace are indeed a real life couple. *sigh* Love it! Despite that fact this W&P fanvid still has more of a focus on Pierre - always support the underdog! Lol (p.s. he's not really an underdog, the actor Paul Dano has been in a decade long relationship - she's a writer and actress as well. See them together in the unique rom-com 'Ruby Sparks' She wrote it and starred in it with Paul.)