January 29, 2015

Richard Armitage:RA Recording Valentine Special at Audible(see tweet) + Game of Thrones5 Photo Teases + Will Hannibal have Scenes Similar to These from Our RArchives?

Following tweet accompanied this selfie. Is Dolarhyde's hair a reddish shade or is it simply a light effect? On right is RA's character Ian in Ultimate Force.

Great to be back in the studio with Bruce Kitovich special recording for Valentines Day
We know Francis will have a love interest - should we be concerned for her safety?
Hannibal fans are getting very imaginative with Dolarhyde artwork. This one by akamaihd.net
Back shots similar to John Porter's although not nearly as clear. In the novel Dolarhyde had a humungous red dragon tatt on his back, hence the book title.
We very well may see Francis Dolarhyde sleepless and restless immediately before his next killing spree..
Will many scenes feel as eerie as Halloween Eve? Bwhahahaha You hope so!;)

January 26, 2015

Richard Armitage:We Can Briefly Exorcize Hannibal Demons(see link) + John Thornton Revisit to Provide Horror Relief

Cannot get away from it;D...
In the US we can currently exorcize Hannibal demons with Rev Sidney in Grantchester on PBS..the star's twitter acct:
Above a brief respite from...

January 21, 2015

Richard Armitage: The Crucible Clip + Dolarhyde vs Guy + Hannibal Soundtrack & Spooks Theme + Wm Blake Tatt on Lucas & dark Dolarhyde..(.reverting quickly to sweetness & light)

Then(Guy of Gisborne) on left--Now on right..

Reallllly looking forward to new series 'Poldark' in June. The star..
Talented Hannibal fan's cartoon - We need more of the same if we don't want to avoid nightmare inducing material.  Look at this cutie serial killer holding his fav set of false teeth. Would recognize those blue eyes anywhere! Cartoonist is miss lounds @Tattle_Crime
Did the spirit of Francis Dolarhyde smuggle itself along for The Hobbit's visit to Beijing? Bwhahahaha.n.n.i.b.a.l....
Inked Dolarhyde--the novel described a large dragon tatt across his back. Do you want Hannibal writers to stay with the placement or make it the chest instead?
Here's Lucas North (Spooks series) with Blake tattoo..
All that is necessary now is for Dolarhyde to be suspected of international intrigue prompting MI5's Lucas North(magically rises from grave--granted a stretch:) to track him down.  Here's BBC's Spooks theme--it ran for 10yrs. RA in S7,8,9..

January 15, 2015

Richard Armitage: Selfie from Beijing, China + Fan Art for Dolarhyde, etc

and Francis Dolarhyde's first selfie..
Next 3 Hannibal themed months will feel like the spooky one - October! Therefore..
Fans don't know what the new character in Hannibal will look like so they're using their imaginations. This one is by @AnnBoudreauArt...
Do not all humans have some romance in their bones? Sincerely hope so for everyones' sake. Maybe this squeamishness about doing a rom-com is a challenge that needs to be overcome in same way as fear of deep water.

January 13, 2015

Richard Armitage:April TV Showers + New Role--Serial Killer in Hannibal(see link) + Revists to Dibley(see Vicar news) & Milton(because we all miss JT)

In April the skies will open and much anticipated new plus returning TV series will tumble out.  Apr 4, Outlander; Apr 5 new series Wolf Hall and Apr 12, Game of Thrones new season begins. Here's a taste of Wolf Hall:
New role in Hannibal Series: Francis Dolarhyde(aka The Tooth Fairy:) really??
"hulking Dolarhyde is a serial killer with a penchant for slaughtering entire households."  Good to know he'll play a monk before or after -- helps to soften the macabre...eeeeek!! Doubtful I'll be reading the book.  News headlines are horrifying enough for me.
Quote:  "...Thorin is Boromir...and..Thorin takes the crown"

6. Thorin’s Personal Journey(see link below)

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies truly is Richard Armitage’s film. In the book, Thorin’s madness and fall from grace make for a tragic conclusion to the story. In this film Thorin likewise goes through that huge personal – and destructive – journey. From a king consumed by dragon sickness, to his rallying of the dwarves at the gates of Erebor and his final battle with Azog, this is the film that proves why Armitage was chosen for the role.
If Bard is the Aragron of this film, then Thorin is Boromir – a man consumed by the duty and power who tries to do the right thing and ultimately falls. His scenes with Bilbo and Dwalin convey the madness the mountain has on him, but Armitage delivers it in a way that makes you feel sympathy for him despite the foolish decision he makes. His final scene, dying before Bilbo, humbly begging for forgiveness, is beautifully acted and brings the relationship full circle.
Before this film, none of the dwarves had yet matched the wonder of John Rhys-Davies’s Gimli, but in The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies, Richard Armitage took the crown.http://whatculture.com/film/the-hobbit-the-battle-of-the-five-armies-10-reasons-its-a-great-adaptation.php/6
Recent NEWS that Gerry, the Vicar of Dibley, will become Bishop of Dibley. Will her hubby, Harry Kennedy (played by Richard Armitage) join her?

While I locate photo of Harry & Gerry together, here are a couple of another RA co-star, Sarah Wayne Callies, 2014's Into The Storm:
and gentlemanly Harry kissing the vicar Geraldine's hand..
and the kiss heard round the world - John Thornton with Margaret Hale in 2004's magnificent BBC series North and South(novel written by Eliz Gaskell)