May 28, 2013

Richard Armitage:Mulligan Monday + Full Recent Popcorn Taxi Interview + Photo Blitz Wednesday

In a few hours, everyone out on the dancefloor:
(Following blurb seems to demonstrate why CW is taking a bold step with their upcoming series REIGN)
Well, one thing is for sure: Visually, this doesn't look like any other CW show or any show on American broadcast TV, period. If the characters were older and more naked, one would expect it to be the next iteration in Showtime's Tudors/Borgias-type series. This new take on the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, has impressive production value and delivers the requisite eye candy in terms of both sets, and, of course, attractive cast members. It is amusing to see The CW version of this type of story, with Mary and her suitors all in their young, teenage incarnations, but it might find an audience looking for an old fashioned costume drama, with lots of intrigue, backstabbing and such. Reign stands out as the only new CW series to not have a big sci-fi/genre angle - but then the full trailer had a character who apparently has very accurate visions of the future, so hey, it sneaks it in a bit here too.

May 22, 2013

Richard Armitage:Support RA as Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones 4(see link) + YouTube Explains a Tenacious D/Gollum History(see vid) + Eliz Gaskell's North and South (1994) + John Jakes North and South (1985) + Trailer for 'Reign'(Mary Queen of Scots) Coming This Fall + Another Historic Saga 'The White[rose]Queen(Aug 10) See Trailer

From my The Tudors period. Tried Chas Brandon's shirt on my fav actor:D Where there's a will, there's a way..

Support RA as Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones 4:

We can see clearly now...

Another Dracula seems to have borrowed Thorin's coat.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers goes from portraying a bloodthirsty king to a,,,err,,,vampire. And from Irish, British speak to the broadest American accent ever heard on either continent:)
For anyone who has seen the British tv adaptation of Eliz Gaskell's North and South many times, but never viewed the US adaptation of John Jakes trilogy North and South - including yours truly:) - Here's episode 1 of both series.  For the very first time that I've noticed, the tv series of Jakes books is currently playing on Encore.  It's star is Patrick Swayze, who has of course passed to a movie set in the skies.  His co-star is actor James Read (playing Orry's best friend), whom I'd never noticed before, but am verrrry impressed with in the following series (according to IMDb he's still acting in various tv roles)

I've already seen sharp criticisms of the authenticity of costumes, etc for this upcoming series about young Mary Queen of Scots.  Would be best for the critics to keep in mind that encouraging the younger generation to watch some form of history of the human race should be endorsed and supported, rather than squelching the effort with negativity.  If it's necessary to accomplish this major feat by *sexing up* history somewhat - so be it, for the greater good.

On the trail of a new historical series - when it *reigns* it pours with information about this upcoming saga.  Appears both Ashford Castle, Co Mayo and indeed the one visited last week at Tullamore are filming locations.  Latter is prob for interiors:
An example follows of the Charleville Forest Castle, Tullamore, Co Offaly interior. Ashford Castle apparently shows the result of very prosperous owners(Guinness family) who transformed it into a more modern home, while Charleville looks frozen in time:
Yet another historic saga..*happy dance*.. based on the War of the Roses (hence titled 'The White [rose] Queen') will begin Aug 10..
Watch Strike Back Online:

May 19, 2013

Richard Armitage is Thorin:New Guy/Marian Fanvid + Visual Slow Drip Continues..(isn't it nice to be "taken care of";) + Fan Art(see artist's deviantart website) + Davinci's Demons Theme Composer

Have enjoyed all the following, except Merlin..
New fans are still inspired to create Guy and Marian fanvids:
So, who's inspired to find some comfy gladiator sandals for the summer? Cleopatra has recently played almost daily..

May 15, 2013

Richard Armitage:Chrome Browser Will Take You On An Adventure(see preview vid) + OneRing Says Filming Resumes May 20(see link) + MGM Announces Windfall Profits From The Hobbit(& another film)..Stockholders Are Back in Black saying "Thank You Thorin&Co" + Black Sky Director Tweets Release Date is Coming Soon! Hooray!(see tweet) + New Photos and New NZ Fan

The onering website just stated it's been confirmed that The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug will resume shooting schedule on Mon, May 20:

Another great Davinci's Demons episode tonight.  Fabo has the feeling the actor that played Dracula is the same one who was the diabolical banker in Spooks 7. If so, the makeup is fantastic, menacing voice and carriage - wild expression in his eyes.  He really freaked us out - very creepy Vlad!! [Update: She is correct--Paul Rhys played banker Meynell. Lucas was introduced to him by Ros in one of RA's very first Spooks eps]
As Meynell, who's out of focus. Seems Lucas was always in focus:)

New Fan Posted within past 48hrs: 
Richard Armitage was on my flight home to NZ today. Guess they are filming again?
I’m not really a fan of his [never seen him in anything; yes that includes the Hobbit, I am a bad Kiwi], more just aware of him because of this site, but let me say he looks like a movie star in person. I tried not to stare at him at the luggage carousel but he was sporting beard and it was impressive. However I think he went pretty much unnoticed.

Today's tweet by the director of Richard's new movie - BLACK SKY
is looking awesome! So happy with the way the efx are coming along. Release date coming. Thank you for your patience!


May 9, 2013

Richard Armitage:VOTE for Him as Best Actor(see SFX link below) + Popcorn Taxi Interview + Dwarves Go Camping(See below) + IGN Video Interview + Details of a New CW tv series about Mary Queen of Scots

Why do I get the feeling the protester walked away ripping up his poster..
Excerpt from below interview:
PT: It’s remarkable. And the female response to your character and obviously yourself, which I find fundamentally puzzling. I mean, you’re a nice looking bloke, I’m sure you can act a bit.
RA: I can string a sentence together and walk and talk without bumping into the furniture. But that’s about it.
PT: Why?
RA: You know what? You need to point the microphone into the audience. Actually, don’t do that. I don’t know. I’ve been really lucky. I’ve got a really loyal little fan base of very well-educated, well-read ladies. Well I don’t think they’re all ladies. God, you know. But they’re incredibly supportive. I often do a lot of research. I didn’t know I was doing a Q & A screening until I read it on one of the websites and they were booking tickets. I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be nice. I better brush my hair then’. No, they’re great. They’re really supportive. I try to look after them.
Yes he does - the nice man even reads night time stories for us;D

VOTE RA as Best Actor in SFX runoff:

John Mulligan:Moving On - It played on UK afternoon tv.  Recall at the time I'd whined that the only thing we fans in the US had on tv, at that time of the day, was Sesame Street:)
Another interview from Australia, in which RA wonders what life would be like without today's energy sources, etc. hmmm, Wonder if he's ever asked himself where his career would be today without the Internet, etc?
Find context for the following in interview above:
New Interview:

May 4, 2013

Richard Armitage:Listen to RA's Playlist + See Link to Warner Bros Aus Interview + Other Interviews + All Blue-eyed People Had a Common Ancestor(see chart) + Proper Mr December

Warner Bros interview..Clue to future project--Quote: "perhaps something more intimate..something from literature maybe."

EXCERPT:During filming Armitage got to know Cate Blanchett but unfortunately never got to film a scene with her. 
"Thorin and Galadriel (Blanchett's character) don't meet but when I watched the movie and I heard Galadriel say Thorin's name and it sent a chill down my spine," he says. 
"It felt so special that she was saying my name, because her character is just so ethereal and a goddess." 
Armitage will get to see some of his castmates again when he returns to New Zealand for more filming this year. 
"I think we've got ten more weeks because we haven't shot the final battle, which is the Battle of the Five Armies," he says. 
Throughout the interview, Armitage is tight-lipped on what fans will see in the second and third films. 
Before answering questions he frequently repeats "if you've read the book..." as he does when talking about the scenes he is about to shoot. 
"If you've read the book, it's one of Tolkien's great epic battles," he says. 
"To call on five armies, one of which is airborne, it's going to be pretty spectacular." 
When Armitage does return to Middle-earth, one thing he's not looking forward to is the prosthetics. 
As Thorin, he wears a prosthetic that covers his head, ears, nose, forehead and eyebrows, as well as a fat/muscle suit and costumes with heavy velvet, leather, fur and weaponry. 
All up, he says it totalled about 25 kilos - like carrying 25 bags of sugar on your body. 
"That's something that's a scary thing to go back to, because it's so hot," he says. 
"You can literally feel the water trickling down the back of your neck all day. It's like being in a sauna." 
While it's unlikely Armitage will want to keep his prosthetics when filming wraps, he does have a version of Thorin's sword - Orcrist - of his own. 
"The weird thing is, I want to take it down to the gym and start swinging it around in preparation, but I don't think my gym would let me do that," he says pretending to swing the sword. 
"'I'm just training, what's the problem?'"

            Apologies to hard-core Spooks fans--you might want to turn away:)

(Above link explains the science behind eye color)
John Porter gets *Mabelized*
 Excerpt from RA's recent question/answer The Hobbit session in Australia:
Oscar Hillerstrom: ‘Sir’ Peter Jackson Ladies and Gentlemen  (Audience laughing loudly all the way through this and the next ‘embarrassing moment’ tale) is not the first person to lose their trousers on the set of The Hobbit. I want to take you to a fan question about Dwarves Illustrated 2012.
Richard Armitage: This was actually my idea. Don’t let Graham McTavish tell you any different. This was my idea! It was Pete’s 50th Birthday and we decided we would create a Naked Dwarf Calendar. But of course you know what a naked dwarf looks like – we’re loaded with padding. So that was the joke. So basically every Dwarf was a different month in very compromising positions… (laughter erupted) in their fat suits or their colossus suits or whatever you call them. But there’s only one copy which Peter owns. They wanted to make more but I said absolutely not!  There’s only one copy.
Oscar Hillerstrom: So for you obviously as Thorin Oakenshield, you had a strategically placed piece of oak or …

Audience: (clapping and laughing)
Richard Armitage: What happened in the calendars stays…?  winks and laughs
Oscar Hillerstrom: Well that’s all we have time for from Mr December.