May 15, 2013

Richard Armitage:Chrome Browser Will Take You On An Adventure(see preview vid) + OneRing Says Filming Resumes May 20(see link) + MGM Announces Windfall Profits From The Hobbit(& another film)..Stockholders Are Back in Black saying "Thank You Thorin&Co" + Black Sky Director Tweets Release Date is Coming Soon! Hooray!(see tweet) + New Photos and New NZ Fan

The onering website just stated it's been confirmed that The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug will resume shooting schedule on Mon, May 20:

Another great Davinci's Demons episode tonight.  Fabo has the feeling the actor that played Dracula is the same one who was the diabolical banker in Spooks 7. If so, the makeup is fantastic, menacing voice and carriage - wild expression in his eyes.  He really freaked us out - very creepy Vlad!! [Update: She is correct--Paul Rhys played banker Meynell. Lucas was introduced to him by Ros in one of RA's very first Spooks eps]
As Meynell, who's out of focus. Seems Lucas was always in focus:)

New Fan Posted within past 48hrs: 
Richard Armitage was on my flight home to NZ today. Guess they are filming again?
I’m not really a fan of his [never seen him in anything; yes that includes the Hobbit, I am a bad Kiwi], more just aware of him because of this site, but let me say he looks like a movie star in person. I tried not to stare at him at the luggage carousel but he was sporting beard and it was impressive. However I think he went pretty much unnoticed.

Today's tweet by the director of Richard's new movie - BLACK SKY
is looking awesome! So happy with the way the efx are coming along. Release date coming. Thank you for your patience!


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