October 29, 2013

Richard Armitage:November Calendar + Fascinating Outlander Interview with Writer and Director + The Simpsons Version of The Hobbit

Sleepy Hollow on Mon, 9pm EST..
Those of you excited at the prospect of the new Starz Outlander series will enjoy this fascinating interview with the director and writer.  The former said his wife is a fan of the saga, so there is no way he'll "screw up" her books;) 
PJ makes an adorable dwarf..

Still no word of Euron Greyjoy being cast in Game of Thrones..

October 25, 2013

Richard Armitage: New Desolation/Smaug TV trailer + Thorin Desolation of Smaug Mag Cover + Richard Armitage/Andrew Lincoln SB Comments + Link to Italian Mag RA Interview + PJ Announces Nov 4 Simultaneous Event in 4 Cities +Strike Back Origins Reviews

Thanks to RA Central for uploading following to youtube:
New Interview with Italian Mag. The translation:
CW's series 'Reign' - portion of the sountrack..
Strike Back Reviews:
Quote:"Armitage is particularly skilled at playing Porter's vulnerability"
From Peter Jackson's Facebook
Hi everyone! Less than two months 'til we open “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” on December 13, and we're in the midst of an intense post-production

However, we have got a pretty cool fan event planned for Monday, November 4, and I would like to invite you to join me and many members of the cast in a special live presentation. We’ll be appearing before live audiences in cities around the world, including London, New York, Los Angeles and, of course, here in Wellington – which, for Kiwi fans, is going to be Tuesday, November 5.

This is how it's going to work: the 4 host cinemas will all have members of the "Desolation of Smaug" cast on stage, and we'll all be satellite-linked to allow everyone to participate in a simultaneous Q&A ... as well as present a few special surprises. Additional cinemas will be set up in select locations worldwide where fans can gather and watch the events unfold live. 

If you can’t be there in person the event will also be streamed live on the internet. 

But for those that do show up in the cinemas... let's just say that I'm going to have a special "thank you" from me for making that extra effort.

Be sure to check the official Facebook and Twitter pages for details on locations, timing, and how to sign up for a chance to join us.

We're working around the clock at the moment, so I'm not going to get a lot of sleep between then and now, but I am looking forward to this. Hope to see you there!

Last week Game of Thrones writer, George RR Martin, was awarded the 2013 Visionary Award by Media Access. The Media Access Awards honor films and television programs that champion disability as a feature of humanity — and as a component of great storytelling. . 
Geo said  "the Writers With Disabilities Committee of the Writers Guild of America, West, wrote to inform me of this honor, saying, "Game of Thrones seems a natural fit for this recognition. Since its earliest episodes, your gripping series has introduced us to a paralyzed boy with a supernatural gift, has endeared us to a Little Person defined not by his height but by his wit, and has regularly mined the lives of “cripples, bastards, and broken things” to celebrate their strengths and complexities.   In fact, it is a fantastic credit to your work that Game of Thrones is not commonly thought of as a show that “deals with” disability — it is something even better: a show that embraces the reality that no one is easily definable."

October 20, 2013

Richard Armitage:Excerpt From The Hobbit Extended Edition + John Porter Friday(ep 1,Strike Back) + Has Guy's horse Richie Been Replaced?;) + New Thorin Desolation of Smaug Postage Stamp for all the Philatelists out there + Cinemax's Original Strike Back Interview

Good news for History buffs: US Starz Channel has greenlighted a sequel to the recently concluded The White Queen series titled The White Princess.  As for the comment below in the next to last paragraph - truthbetold, we are extremely happy to see another historical saga renewed.  US entertainment appetite must finally be tiring of creatures like zombies who eat humans and are shifting instead to human history. Therefore, there will still be plenty of death and destruction - only this time it will be sadly human upon human, interspersed with happy events such as peace treaties, marriages and births.  Overall it's extremely good news, because it brings to mind the wise words of some historic figure, who said "those who do not know the history of the human race, are doomed to repeat it's mistakes."

The American cable channel Starz is to recommission the enjoyable, if flawed, show.
Mandrake hears that Starz hopes to develop The White Princess, a stand-alone mini-series which is also based on Philippa Gregory’s novel series, The Cousins’ War.
A spokesman for Starz says American audiences are more forgiving than their British cousins when it came to historical inaccuracies.
The show began as a co-production with the BBC, but a corporation spokesman insists that there was never any intention of going beyond a first series.

Interview from Lucas days: http://www.richardarmitageonline.com/articles/SundayTimes-20100912.html
The White Queen series has ended - one of the few times I would not have objected to a movie's storyline tampering with the historic facts.  But alas, RIII did indeed die yet again.  A tribute to a fine series that finally made clear distinctions between the Rose branches..


October 15, 2013

Richard Armitage:Reveals All About Barrels of Laughs + New Series REIGN ep 1 tonight on the CW channel(see extended preview below) + TORN Announces LA Premiere Will be on Dec 2

Screencaps from Cinemax interview graciously provided by RAC:
Whenever the left brow starts to form Everest, you know there's devilment afoot:
Crinkles time...
What's being termed a 6 part sequel Strike Back Origins will begin Fri, Oct 25, 9pm on Cinemax

Richard Armitage, the Barrel Scene and Wetsuits

Party with TORn in LA – for the Desolation of Smaug premiere

OCTOBER 15, 2013 at 9:48 AM BY GREENDRAGON  - 
Japanese premiere of The Hobbit: Anm Unexpected JourneyA little bird tells us that the world premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be in Los Angeles on Monday 2nd December.  We’d like to invite YOU to join TheOneRing.net to celebrate this event, with a party the night before.  Mark your calendars –  details will follow, but for now, plan on partying with fellow fans in LA on Sunday 1st December; and then get ready to line the red carpet the next day!
This event won’t be as big as our Oscar parties, but it will be a wonderful time to celebrate the second movie, hang out with friends, and maybe even meet some special guests…  Watch this space for more information, and a definite confirmation of date and venue.  Hope to see you in Los Angeles on December 1st!
Tonight is the final ep of The White Queen.  As this preview makes perfectly clear, hubby will finally see exciting battlefield action.  He's actually quite a civilized man;) simply enjoys some action with his drama.  Until this episode, he's been accusing me of false advertising when describing what the York/Tudor conflict entailed..

                          Would've known him anywhere - even the Thorin vinyl figure is a hottie!! Just in time for Santa
From a teeny vinyl king under the mtn back to Richard and Anne in The White Queen.  Being aware of what is coming in the final ep, it was somewhat soothing to see this behind the scenes photo:
Reign, ep 1 Review: Blogger sounds taken with it:
This week feels similar to the end of one period of history and start of a new REIGN.  The latter new tv series starts tonight on the CW channel. Extended preview:
These are two locations where Reign was shot.  first is Charleville Castle in Co Offaly, Ireland..Second is Ashford Castle, the former Guinness estate which is now a luxury hotel in Co Mayo, Irl.

October 9, 2013

Richard Armitage:Seems the Entire World Wants to restore RIII's Good Name(see links) + Hobbit Movie #2 in Dec + Find the Lucas Watch

Treasury for Game of Thrones enthusiasts. My favorite analysis is of Jon Snow:  
The White Queen fallout (final ep plays next week in the US): Fascinating article posing doubt that Edward IV's two young sons were indeed killed.  DNA tests will be conducted, the results of which could shine some light on the theory:
Website of the theorist:
Scroll to see painting mentioned at website above:
Anyone who watched the entire SHO, The Tudors series, knows which character's execution probably caused most guilt feelings for the person who gave the order.
Just discovered the accusation that really does make it perfectly clear the Tudor propagandists did indeed "protest too much" when it came to their accusations against RIII.  He poisoned wife Anne?  *that was truly overkill*
Guysie's debut (on INSP in ep 1, RH 1) was brilliant, as always..
We will be seeing him again in December as Thorin, the king under the mountain,  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug..
Mommy who shrunk the TDH...in  Alice in Wonderland fashion it's always great to see an actor grow...
From Game of Thrones Production Diary - An Eyrie comes to an end..
Find the Lucas watch: Yes, there it is..
No...this one must be the Gary watch...

Tidbit from latest issue of EW mag:
--New tv series 'Reign' begins on CW channel,Th, Oct 17,9pm. Quote: "Sure, she ran a country or two back in the 16thC. But this show suggests that Mary, Queen of Scots was just like any other teen; gossiping with friends, dolling up for parties, every so often getting someone beheaded.  Mary moves to France, where her marriage to the future king, Prince Francis, has been prearranged.  But she's not ready to stitch little hearts on her petticoats just yet, because Francis' mistresses and his bad-boy half brother, Bash, are meddling with this great love.  And when Nostradamus has a vision that Mary will cost Francis his life, Queen Catherine tries to stop the wedding.  It's Pretty Little Liars meets Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, and it's good, frothy fun." Rating: B+
There's the watch peeking out from under Lucas' jacket..
Historic Trivia:  Evidently this is the real survivor of the War of the Roses.  Apparently an amazing woman for her time.  I'd never heard of her before The White Queen series.  She managed to have her first marriage annulled, no small feat for the time.  Then she became Edw IV's mistress.  After he died, Richard III ordered her public penitance.  He suspected her of conspiring with those who didn't want him on the throne, so the fact he ordered Jane Shore to only make public penitance is proof of his benevolence.  Afterwards, she resided at Ludgate prison where she attracted R III's Solicitor General, who married her over his king's objections. haha What a woman!
Geo Washington family tree traced back to the 400s. Whew! Is that really possible?  Scroll to see beautifully restored Washington Manor House:


October 4, 2013

Richard Armitage:Another Dwarf Comments + Tweets from Scotland + New Photoshoot Pic + Richard III Screenwriter says she's talking with Hollywood about a movie on said Monarch and She wants Richard Armitage to play the role.(See below)

Ya know, the watch Richard says belonged to Lucas really does look very familiar...wonder why;)  Maybe because I've seen it almost everyday for 3yrs??(Look at the header and ye shall see it too) OMG! I just checked and it's 4yrs this Nov. *Whew!* I return to this RA blog the way the Lucas watch returns to RA. Karma...in the stars?...coinkydink? 
INTERVIEW EXCERPT:So what's the deal with that watch you always wear Richard?!
"Is it this one? [lifts up sleeve to reveal a very fancy watch]This was a prop from Spooks!"
He goes on to tell the story: "One day they saythat the woman from Swatch is coming to give you one for your character, there were three of them. And you know Swatch is like those rubber watches. And they turned up and these were like Omega watches and they said yea they’re the same company! So I picked this watch for the character which I thought was kind of cool and when the series ended they said ‘we can’t sell this so you can have it!’ And I’ve never owned an Omega watch before so I said ‘I’ll take that!’"
We then asked if it just became the fancy watching he wears everywhere?
"Well I don’t know I never thought it was fancy at the time and I kept leaving it in the gym and they kept saying I shouldn’t because it’s quite an expensive watch. But it’s managed to keep finding its way back to me so it’s my favourite watch, it’s my only watch!"
- See more at: http://clickonline.com/movies/richard-armitage-reveals-the-mystery-behind-his-everpresent-watch/20532/#sthash.ni5PeQua.dpuf
Kelvarhin: I’ve gotten the impression that filming The Hobbit was quite gruelling at times for the actors involved. Did you find that it required more physical preparation than other films/roles you’ve had?
Jed: Yes, without a doubt this is the toughest film physically I have ever been a part of. I am sure it is the same story for the Other Dwarves as well. We were lucky to be given so much time and help to get us to the fitness levels required for this shoot. I was lucky enough to train alongside Richard Armitage a lot during the early part of the shoot and again on location, and he inspired me to train the hardest I ever have for anything. He is so strong mentally and physically and like his character I felt compelled to follow him. Graham McTavish too. And the great team of Stunt performers, we all pushed each other to succeed. Myself and Mark Hadlow and Adam Brown occasionally trained together and that was great for our bonding.

Screenwriter wants Richard Armitage as Richard III in film

Last updated Fri 4 Oct 2013

Screenwriter and author, Philippa Langley, has confirmed she is involved with talks over a potential Hollywood film about King Richard III, and she wants Leicestershire actor Richard Armitage to play the leading role.
Speaking at the launch of her new book on the last Plantagenet King, she picks out the Spooks and Hobbit star as her choice to play Richard III, but does not know if it he wants to take on the part.
Fellow dwarf Graham McTavish has a role in upcoming tv series Outlander which is currently shooting in Scotland.  Must be quiet up there judging from this series of his tweets.  First & last are about RA.  Funny mental image is inevitable after reading...
  1. : Laughing my head off! Yes, that counts. ........Did he enjoy it? xD”It was a bit bumpy I think...
  2. : I'm going on an adventure will you come with me?”Count me in!
  3. : it's my birthday on wednesday what alcohol would the dwarves recommend to celebrate?”The strong kind....
  4. : Could you lift Richard? :D”Once had to run with him over my shoulder in training. Does that count?
Greatly looking forward to the Outlander series - First of many links with interesting details:
Latest development in the meow/woof incident. It appears he might be warming up to the idea.