October 15, 2013

Richard Armitage:Reveals All About Barrels of Laughs + New Series REIGN ep 1 tonight on the CW channel(see extended preview below) + TORN Announces LA Premiere Will be on Dec 2

Screencaps from Cinemax interview graciously provided by RAC:
Whenever the left brow starts to form Everest, you know there's devilment afoot:
Crinkles time...
What's being termed a 6 part sequel Strike Back Origins will begin Fri, Oct 25, 9pm on Cinemax

Richard Armitage, the Barrel Scene and Wetsuits

Party with TORn in LA – for the Desolation of Smaug premiere

OCTOBER 15, 2013 at 9:48 AM BY GREENDRAGON  - 
Japanese premiere of The Hobbit: Anm Unexpected JourneyA little bird tells us that the world premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be in Los Angeles on Monday 2nd December.  We’d like to invite YOU to join TheOneRing.net to celebrate this event, with a party the night before.  Mark your calendars –  details will follow, but for now, plan on partying with fellow fans in LA on Sunday 1st December; and then get ready to line the red carpet the next day!
This event won’t be as big as our Oscar parties, but it will be a wonderful time to celebrate the second movie, hang out with friends, and maybe even meet some special guests…  Watch this space for more information, and a definite confirmation of date and venue.  Hope to see you in Los Angeles on December 1st!
Tonight is the final ep of The White Queen.  As this preview makes perfectly clear, hubby will finally see exciting battlefield action.  He's actually quite a civilized man;) simply enjoys some action with his drama.  Until this episode, he's been accusing me of false advertising when describing what the York/Tudor conflict entailed..

                          Would've known him anywhere - even the Thorin vinyl figure is a hottie!! Just in time for Santa
From a teeny vinyl king under the mtn back to Richard and Anne in The White Queen.  Being aware of what is coming in the final ep, it was somewhat soothing to see this behind the scenes photo:
Reign, ep 1 Review: Blogger sounds taken with it:
This week feels similar to the end of one period of history and start of a new REIGN.  The latter new tv series starts tonight on the CW channel. Extended preview:
These are two locations where Reign was shot.  first is Charleville Castle in Co Offaly, Ireland..Second is Ashford Castle, the former Guinness estate which is now a luxury hotel in Co Mayo, Irl.

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