February 22, 2015

Richard Armitage:Trailer New Adaptation of Far From the Madding Crowd + Time to Vote(see link) + Hannibal Writer Quote About Dolarhyde + Fan Artists

VOTE:Cast your vote for as Best Actor in the !
Trailer No 1 - Far From the Madding Crowd, coming May 1..
New Far From the Madding Crowd to be released May 1
Bryan Fuller & Hugh Dancy on as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal S3. Empire Mag April 2015 issue
Lovely manip by RA fan Zora, titled Giverny..reference to his Monet role in The Impressionists..

February 19, 2015

Richard Armitage:Gizzy Gets Some Love from EW + Crooked Smile Fri + Salem, Mass Needs John Proctors Snow Shoveling Skills(see link) + Greyjoy Brothers fanart + Wolf Hall New Trailer

Robin Hood via Giphy
Guy of Gisborne, Robin Hood
Right-hand man to the cartoonishly evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisborne exists on an entirely different plane of villainy. He rocks guyliner and leather jackets, pines for Lady Marian, and slaughters villagers who don’t pay sufficient taxes. Melodramatic, snooty, pathetic, and murderous, he’s also pretty adorable, too. It doesn’t hurt that The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage plays him with angsty sincerity and rocker charm. With the bland on-and-off romance between Marian and Robin (plus the overall blandness of Robin altogether), Guy of Gisborne stands out as the complicated, emotional leading man to root for. Yeah, yeah he develops into an antihero later in the series, but I’m on Guy’s side no matter what.
What other “bad guys” are so good at being bad, you don’t want to be good? Sound off in the comments below!
Urban and The Shed Crew already submitted to a film festival:
Fantastic photo's by resident of Salem, Mass: 
The town has a tshirt project which expresses residents snow feelings:
Refreshing our Normans in England/Ireland history for April's Pilgrimage:
This Greyjoy brothers fanart by AyakaUchiha has renewed meaning:
Fans of the Clairmont trilogy explain why they want RA for their fav vampire

 Holbein: Eye of the Tudors, and The Last Days of Anne Boleyn - The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor Britain  Holbein: Eye of the Tudors, and The Last Days of Anne Boleyn - Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home, The Mary Rose: A Timewatch Guide, and Shakespeare's Mother.

February 11, 2015

Richard Armitage:The Thorntons Valentine Gift from Their Cotton Mill School on the Facts of Capitalism

The following article discusses how some bite the invisible hand that literally feeds us.They harbor feelings of antipathy toward the economic system known as Capitalism & are usually either uninformed or, for political reasons, deliberately misinformed of facts. Our instructors today are John and Margaret Thornton:
Excerpts are from this well written article on the subject:
http://fee.org/freeman/detail/biting-the-invisible-hand-an-interview-with-peter-foster  What is the psychology of anti-capitalism and where does it come from?
REPLY: I’ve always been fascinated at peoples’ lack of appreciation of, and sometimes outright hostility towards, capitalism — despite the system’s enormous achievements. I concluded that anti-capitalist sentiment is a combination of economic misunderstanding, moral condemnation, and POLITICAL exploitation. 
We are born with certain implicit evolved assumptions about the way the world works. Those assumptions inevitably lag the light-speed evolution of commercial society, particularly in the past two hundred years. We are inclined (and politically encouraged) to conflate inequality — which is inevitable in a free capitalist society and goes along with the rising living standards of ordinary people — with inequity, or “unfairness.” If you are rich, you must be “greedy,” like some tribesman making off with a bigger hunk of the carcass than he can eat. We still retain primitive zero-sum assumptions: that if somebody has something, then somehow it has been acquired at the expense of someone else. Hence inequality is morally condemned. This led me to look into the origins and nature of morality.
The final element in the anti-capitalist mental stew, I suggest, is the urge to power, which effortlessly, indeed subconsciously, exploits economic ignorance and moral confusion for its own ends. That’s why the left perpetually carries on about “gaps” in wealth and income. 
The worst misrepresentation of Scotsman Adam Smith(writer of 'The Wealth of Nations') is that he was somehow a promoter of greed and selfishness, and of grinding the faces of the poor. Another is that he imagined that humans were rational and markets perfect, thus — say his critics — his “system” doesn’t work. In FACT, Smith was an insightful student of human irrationality, and noted that the process of the market was inevitably a messy business. His key point was that the invisible hand, which coordinates myriad individuals’ contributions and needs, works much better if left alone than under government “guidance.”
To understand Smith you have to read both his books: The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments. He understood that human nature was complex, inclined to self-deceit, and that it tended to lose all sense of proportion when it came to “faction and fanaticism,” that is, politics and religion. But since he had no idea of the vast wealth that the world of the Wealth of Nations would generate, he never considered what problems the Moral Sentiments might have with it, or how those sentiments might be politically exploited in pursuit of grabbing control of the wealth, although he was extremely cynical about politicians.
Ironically, Smith has latterly been embraced by some on the left, who, since they believe they have a monopoly on “moral sentiments,” imagine from merely the title of the book that he must have been one of them. Some claim he was a revolutionary, which indeed he was, but for smaller government, not larger.
In some ways, his message has been hijacked. The Adam Smith lecture in Kirkcaldy has in recent years been given by the likes of Kofi Annan, Amartya Sen, and, most recently, Harvard pseudophilosopher Michael Sandel. All are staunch leftists who despise free markets. Smith must be spinning in his grave.
The entire article: 
Hard right to a Guy of Gisborne fan vid, title 'Prayer'--RA was asked at Audible how he warms his voice before narrations. He replied that he sings Aerosmith's Love in An Elevator and Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. Unfortunately we don't have fanvids to either of those songs, so here's the closest thing to it..

Another Scotsman - Apr 4 seems forever until Outlander returns..

February 9, 2015

Richard Armitage: New Game of Thrones Behind The Scenes + Classic Love Poems

Sample of audible.com Richard Armitage performance of Classic Love Poems:
Bright Star by John Keats read by for Classic Love Poems
Recording his Valentine's special--Classic Love Poems. The look is Francis Dolarhyde's(Hannibal) closely cropped hair and lighter color..
Highly recommend The History Channel's exciting drama 'Sons of Liberty' - the theme composed  by Hans Zimmer. Ben Barnes stars..
Evidently Ygritte was wrong about Jon Snow - he does know something about mens cologne...among other things..GoT 5 returns in April..
The following does explain one thing that's been a puzzlement - why all the other shows on HBO are pure crap (excuse the language..I save it for those times when it's most accurate) Obviously, the lion's share of their production budget is funneled into the folowing massive undertaking, which is enjoyed worldwide. GoT 5 begins April 12..
Why the Crusades? They were not purely an aggressive attack, rather they were a  defensive mechanism. Land once held by Christians had been invaded and conquered by Mohammed's followers. The former Christian territories that had already been conquered reached deep into the west, including all of Spain and part of Italy. Western Europe became concerned for it's own safety from the onslaught which triggered formation of forces culminating in The Crusades to retake Christian territories in the MidEast. 
EXCERPT: "From the outset the Crusades were defensive wars and checked the advance of the Mohammedans who, for two centuries, concentrated their forces in a struggle against the Christian settlements in Syria; hence Europe is largely indebted to the Crusades for the maintenance of its independence."

February 5, 2015

Richard Armitage:Follow Link Below to Free Classic Love Poems read by RA(Thanks to www,richardarmitagecentral website) + What do Khaleesi & Dolarhyde have in common? + Glamorous Tweet #16 + The Crucible NZ Interview

A L M O S T...

Found it totally free, via this link - adbl.co/1Aaohqm
Good to see he placed far higher than the silverspoon actors who are currently making boring films but somehow manage to capture the spotlight..
EXCERPT:....By the time he started preparing for The Crucible he had also wrapped up commitments for The Hobbit shoot. "The Hobbit was a dim and distant sweet memory, there was still a great deal of promoting to do for that film, and also Into the Storm was opening, so there were three weekends when I had to do a 24-hour dash to Anaheim, Vegas and New York. That was tricky, but all part of the job."
                                        Into The Storm premiere with co-star Sarah Wayne Callies:
.. I found Proctor in a room on my feet, and sometimes on my knees. I found him through the text, but like music, words reverberate through the mind, memory or imagination, and into the body. That body was a farmer, a husband, a lover, a father, a master and a prisoner."

Armitage says the more he explored Proctor, the more the character surprised him. "So many things . . . his fall, his descent, the more solid and alpha he became in the early process, the greater potential there was for collapse, and the biggest surprise and challenge was the 'heave' to raise him from the bottom of that pit of despair to something almost metaphysical in the final moments of the play. There were moments when, in yielding to the character, I was 'tumbled in the waves'. Proctor was far greater than I, and his ascent was far greater."
As to the play's length, Armitage says Farber took Miller's advice and "grabbed the audience by the throat".
"I like that no one was permitted to relax. There wasn't really an option to 'pace' [yourself]. Sometimes we were all so exhausted especially at the eighth show of the week, but the play had a momentum that was undeniable. Act 3 always terrified me.
"The energy needed to push through to the crescendo of the hysteria in the courtroom was always a challenge."
                                                                          Proctor with Abigail Williams...
Armitage is also aware of the enduring popularity of The Crucible since it was first staged 62 years ago as an allegory to McCarthyism. But he says it's almost impossible to explain why it remains popular without writing a thesis.

February 2, 2015

Richard Armitage:Past Post from 2010 About The Rover + The Crucible OnScreen Currently Showing Worldwide + News About Clairmont Trilogy(See link--RA follows writer on twitter) Was It the Foretelling of Francis Dolarhyde? 2010 'Loin of Beef' Interview Excerpt

Past Post "An affinity for rakish roles?" 
Richard Armitage as John Proctor in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. The digital recording is currently playing worldwide..
 · Feb 4
Empire Mag Teases 's XXL Trailer Dances In | Movie News | Empire

NEWS: Clairmont Trilogy in development by BBC..
Clairmont saga readers have been very busy for quite awhile and they've focused on one particular actor to play their favorite vampire. If RA does play Matthew he'll move from human monster Francis Dolarhyde eventually to fantasy monster Clairmont..
Will Hannibal's serial killer Dolarhyde climb thru the window of one of the homes he invades?The actor playing him had a rehearsal of that scenario in 2010..
John Thornton and Guy of Gisborne seem to be most appropriately costumed for a vampire role..
Lucas North bares his teeth with extreme prejudice..