October 18, 2015

Richard Armitage:RA Discusses Thorin's Death Scene + All 3 Urban LeedsFF Showings,Sold Out! + Stanley Weber Interview Excerpt + Art Appreciation Monday

French actor Stanley Weber plays a Cistercian monk in one of RA's recent movies titled Pilgrimage. In a recent interview Stanley made following comments:

He plays a monk who travels to an Irish  monastery after being sent by the Pope. A group of monks plan to deliver a sacred relic - a stone used to kill St Mathias - to Rome.  The journey through Gaelic lands is very dangerous, therefore the monk makes a deal for security with a Norman lord.  RA plays the Norman knight  Godfrey's son Raymond de Merville.  The latter chases the group in order to retrieve the relic.  Weber said it starts as a movie about religion and faith and transforms into an adventure.
Nov 8th viewing (shown above) is sold out as well!
Following examples of Thorin fanart are very similar to the real thing above
Above and below Thorin fanart: Found on x-celebril-x.deviantart.com