July 31, 2010

Final Vote Count: Apparently RA's Fan Base Won as Most Amicable & Sane

Announcement & message at her website from The Hunkess..
>The votes have been tallied and stripped of all duplicates… and its concluded. July 2010 Hunkie of the Month winner is   ALEX O´LOUGHLIN

It looked close and fans of Richard Armitage put up a tough battle. But his fans overcame in the end. Congratulations!

So, if you are one of those poor unfortunates who took my attempts to inspire competition literally, glory in the fact you (to quote a fan from H 50) “proved me wrong”. If however you are a fan from the saner fraction of his fanclub then glory in the fact that a beautiful, talented and downright sexy man won a HUNKIES!

Now, to the only real issue to overshadow this otherwise fun and frolicy closure to a hectic month. I hate to raise it now but raise it I shall.

Certain comments were made by fans of Alex about the honesty of this poll and about comments I made on the site of Richard Armitage. I tried, in vain, to address the issues raised by some AOL fans. Remember I do clearly state that comments on this site, especially by me, should never be taken seriously. Unfortunately, however, even that was seen negatively by some and one even referred to it as a “dirty tactic” (wake up love, its a fun poll, you know FUN). Apparently its a dirty tactic to try and explain AOHell is actually an abbreviation to the dreadful company American On Line – AOL , to me, was an abbreviation of said company. At that time it never even occured to me that AOL was also used to abbreviate Alex O´Loughlin. Now I know better, but we live and hopefully learn by our mistakes. If its a tactic to try and respond to the hurtful comments which have been flying this way, then so be it, I can only do my best to ensure a fun, fair and frolicy site.

Fans of various Alex O´Loughlin sites, including Hawaii 5-0 Fans, are stating they will never come here again. To quote one fan “She seems to be playing games with all of us. After tomorrow, I will not grace her site any more.”

Well, if that is the case, I will be happy to continue running the site longer. Delighted in fact. If you are of that branch who sees conspiracy at every turn, suspects dishonesty and makes the most innoccent contests and polls into a war – then please don´t come here again. That sort of negativity is not welcome here. Its a voluntary poll run for fun, as such you are perfectly free to voluntarily stay away.

If you are here to share in a fun poll, have a little light hearted banter and otherwise enjoy yourself – then you will continue to be more than welcome.

It was only ever fun guys. Life is too short to cheat at something so inconsequential. Hell, I dont cheat even when it does matter.

Here are the results
1.Alex O’Loughlin – 1,280 votes

2.Richard Armitage – 1,235 votes

3.Jason Dohring – 296 votes
4.Michael Muhney – 169 votes
5.Robert Pattinson – 162 votes
6.Eric Winter – 160 votes
7.Johnny Depp – 104 votes<
No matter those results, here's the hunkiest actor walking planet Earth today...


Which is the Hunkiest? (poll)

1.   Anti-fluff Meister
2. Is the Hand Preventing Red Eye?:)
3. Is the Bicep Distracting?
4. How Long Did it Take 4 U to Look at His Face? ;)

July 29, 2010

The Cutest Thing on Twitter

His/her? username is 'commonsquirrel' and it currently has 691 followers:)

It's tweets read:  hop,hop,hop,  or  stare...hahaha  absolutely adorable.  The fluffy tailed cutie isn't following anyone - bet that would quickly change if he found a username 'commonacorn';)    http://twitter.com/commonsquirrel
Geo RR Martin's recent journal post demonstrates why many passages are scorching hot in his Song of Ice & Fire series.  He's again discussing clues provided to readers in order to decipher the identity of players chosen for latest roles to be cast...

>You Guys Are Scary Good, the Sequel

And it did not take you very damn long to figure out the second role as well.

The part of Shae, the camp follower that Bronn the sellsword finds before the battle of the Green Fork and delivers to Tyrion Lannister, will be played by the amazing SIBEL KEKILLI.

Shae needs no introduction to any Ice & Fire reader, I would imagine. If you've forgotten her, you obviously weren't paying attention, so get off the internet at once and go and reread the books. There may be a pop quiz.

Sibel Kekilli is a German actress of Turkish descent, who crashed onto the film scene in a big way in 2004 in an award-winning film called HEAD-ON, after being discovered by the casting director while shopping in a mall in Cologne. She's won both the Bambi Prize (the deer) and the Lola Award (cherry cola, L-O-L-A Lola, and if you missed that clue, you obviously haven't been listening to enough Kinks). The Lola is the "German Oscar," and Sibel has actually won it twice. She's also won the Tribeca Award and the Golden Orange Prize.

I want to say a few words about her audition, which I thought was extraordinary. A lot of beautiful young women read for Shae. The scene they were reading was the first meeting between Shae and Tyrion, in his tent on the Green Fork the night before the battle. Shae is a camp follower, a prostitute, and she is, of course, coming on to Tyrion in a big way. There is a LOT of sexual heat in the scene, as written and as played. And all of our Shaes were sexy as hell. Watching them one after another would fog up anyone's glasses.

But there's another dimension to Shae as well. She's not as practiced and hardened at this as a more seasoned pro. There's still a girl next door quality to her, a sense of vulnerability, playfulness, and, yes, innocence. And it's that quality Tyrion responds to, that quality that brings him back to Shae, and drives all that follows. He knows what she is, consciously, but down deep he wants to believe that he has found another Tysha.

All of our Shaes were hot as hell. But only a handful of them captured that other quality, maybe three out of twenty, and Sibel was the standout. It's easy to see why she has won all those awards. Watching those auditions, any red-blooded male would want to take every one of our Shae candidates to bed. But Sibel made you fall in love with her as well.

She's going to be amazing. And I can't believe you figured out who she was so fast!
Mood: impressed<
Tweetosphere report:   Not only the common squirrel has discovered Twitter, but also a gay guy working for GoT near the construction crew building Castle Black (somewhere outside Belfast). He's tweeting reports on  'hot riggers' taking their shirts off on schedule.  Obviously he has his priorities - we have ours:)  Naturally his definitely do not include us in any way.  Here's one of his latest tweets..
 >paul in belfast:  "Got an e-mail today from "Bored local housewife 43. Looking for some hot action!"...I sent her my ironing."     3:18 PM Jul 26th via web<

haha...good one!
Latest report on the GoT guy playfully stalking hot riggers.  His followership has increased substantially which made him happy - clear to see w/his latest message that he's taking his twitter commitment seriously...

TWEET -  >paul in belfast:  I'm having a good old chuckle at all new followers thanks to #ff from @kulia @wicnet etc. I'll update on the rigger stripper daily. Lol
4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone<
Hunkies website tweeted an amendment to closing time - it's tomorrow at 9PM,UK--4PM US

Strike Back: John Porter - My Body is a Cage by bccmee

Richard Armitage: Strike Back - Wake Me Up Inside by LadyeAnn

July 28, 2010

Good Morning John Porter! -- he's back...Yippee!

Why are we crazy about lovable, sweet *cough* Mr. Porter?....let's count a few ways...

1.  The actor occupying his body...(isn't it supposed to be the other way around?)
2) We enjoy trying to interpret the hand signals from said actor.  Is that an authentic knuckle gouge?...any volunteers to kiss it and make it better...Queue up:)
3) Warm feelings about hot men sitting next to powerful black machines...which motor would we rather get humming first?;)
4) Laser-beam focus...hmmm, what could be so interesting?  Is it the lunch sandwich menu?..
Game of Thrones in UK news
For those wondering if HBO's Game of Thrones will be broadcast in the UK.  Here's the answer via the Westeros twitter site and The Guardian newspaper..

TWEET: westerosorg BSkyB to Broadcast Game of Thrones in UK: Via the Guardian, we learn that Rupert Murdoch’s BskyB has... http://bit.ly/9MThnh #gameofthrones about 2 hours ago

July 28, 2010  -  From The Guardian:

>BSkyB to Broadcast Game of Thrones in UK

Via the Guardian, we learn that Rupert Murdoch’s BskyB has bought exclusive U.K. broadcasting rights to HBO’s programming, including their archives and all forthcoming programming. According to the report, this is a 5 year agreement worth £150 million.<

[Detective Ricrar wonders if this new development will make a role in GoT/season 2 a stronger possibility for RA.  Afterall, Strike Back is financed by Sky1.....fingers and other assorted body parts crossed for luck.]

The Judith-Bond Poll

Thank you, thank you, thank you Judith for suggesting the following poll & pix.  Found a few personal inspirations as well along the way:)  See poll asking you to choose the strongest of the following reasons why Richard should be the next James Bond:
                                                   1.  He already has a Saville Row tailor
Well-appointed down to the finest detail...
2.  Consummate babe magnet
3. Accustomed to being Tortured
4. Already experienced in handling firearms
5.The Martini Connection

Richard Armitage as John Porter News

From the UK Mirror via Annette’s informative website - see link below - Thx also to Musa for her news report

>Global Strike action

By Tim Oglethorpe - 28/07/2010 - TV LAND

Rugged stars of Sky One's acclaimed action drama Strike Back had better make sure their passports are up to date - the show could be going global.

The USA, South America and Europe are all possible locations for series two, which will focus on the further adventures of action hero John Porter (Richard Armitage).

"The first series was shot in South Africa and part of series two is likely to be filmed there, too," says an insider. "But there are ambitious plans to take Porter, and the series, further afield."

Comment by bccmee - 11:03 AM on July 28, 2010

If this is true, it is happy news indeed. Richard Armitage was a great casting choice as the lead in Chris Ryan's Strike Back. I love this show and look forward with great anticipation to a second series. I'll be the first to pre-order the DVD.<
Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/07/28/global-strike-action-115875-22445455/#ixzz0uyvLm0Xn
[Ricrar:  John Porter might come to the USA.  hmmm...need to find a contact at the Pentagon or CIA who'll make an excuse to confine him indefinitely for interrogation purposes.  Our guest room would do nicely.. teehee  Oh, now wait - forget that idea - we saw what he did to the room ep 1&2 SB.  Then again, might be worth the destruction to see Porter burst out with fire in his eyes:]
Sincere Thank You to http://www.acemarsupial.co.uk/ for reporting this most welcome news.

>More Strike Back The Daily Mirror (28th July) reports that there will be a second series of Strike Back. It quotes 'an insider' on the show as saying that although part of series 2 will be shot in South Africa, the new stories will take John Porter further afield, possibly to South America, the USA and Europe. The first series, set in Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Pakistan, was filmed in South Africa.

There has been no official announcement from Sky yet about the show's recommissioning but the intention had always been to make more than one series if possible. Speaking at a public screening of the first two episodes at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London in April, executive producer Andy Harries (from Left Bank Pictures, the production company that made Strike Back) said, "There's no end of potential places John Porter could go."<

July 27, 2010

New Photos? Poll

...out of the valley of death--he's only +3  Yikes!
Update July 28:  He's *+14*
 As of this split second RA is +1...(WooHoo! he's +12) it's a roller coaster ride..makes your stomach flip:)  for anyone who has not yet voted:  http://www.thehunkies.com/category/thenominees/
The following photos are new to me - are they for you as well? (see poll)
                                                                    1. Good to be Bad
2. Guy Candy
3. Droolography
Bonus pic to celebrate what could be promising news from Judith who explains in the comment box that Daniel Craig recently signed to do a film other than his usual major brand name.  Perhaps we'll finally get a chance to see 007Sexy Armitage in that role.  We've gone from encouraging votes in the Hunky of the Month poll to envisioning Richard as James Bond.  Another peaks & valleys ride:)  A sterling grey sport coat & BMW have a Bondesque aura when worn by the right actor...

Almost embarrassed to post the following:)  It's the trailer to Andrew Lincoln's 'The Living Dead', however it appears to be of poor quality.  The explanation is it was recorded - probably by someone's cell phone - inside a conference room(or makeshift theater) at the recent Comic Con event.  That's the only place the trailer has so far been shown to the public. Andrew has plenty of screentime - his zombie friends don't appear until almost the end; and the audience seems to appreciate all the horror.  Lincoln's  heavy stubble is attractive, plus appropriate for any self-respecting horse riding, 10gal hat wearing, western US sheriff

July 26, 2010

Inside the Mind of An in Demand Novelist

Should be rather exciting days for writer, Geo Martin, but he seems conflicted between the first day of shooting for Game of Thrones, and the fact many of his friends are assembled at the Comic Con festivities. Geo knows how to make his readers feel guilty as the wordsmith plugs away:)   His last 2 journal posts…(the snow he refers to is one of the main characters - he's writing a Jon Snow chapter)
>The Only Living Boy in New York
Jul. 25th, 2010 at 8:08 PM

... or Santa Fe, as the case may be.

Half the editors I know have spent the weekend at comicon in San Diego, hobnobbing with many writers I know, attending fabuloous parties, enjoying great meals, and drinking in bizarre but fascinating human tapestry that is SDCC.

Tomorrow, off in Belfast, the cameras begin to roll on the HBO series. Northern Ireland is way ahead of us, so it's tomorrow there already. Only a few hours now.

And here I sit at my computer, still shoveling Snow. And snow. The snow won't stop. The squids don't like it much.


I'm missing all the fun, just to make more fun for you guys. Mood: tired
Lights, Camera, Action
Jul. 26th, 2010 at 1:03 PM

It's evening in Belfast, and the first day of shooting is now in the can.

Feels strange. Exciting, but also... I don't know, maybe I'm feeling a bit of empty nest syndrome. My kids have left home, and are making their own way in the world.

I'd wish good luck to everyone involved in the HBO production, but I recall that you never say that in the theatre. Maybe everyone concerned break several legs.

And me... well, a blank computer screen awaits. Still a lot of story to tell.
Mood: anxious<
Stannis Baratheon

Richard Armitage Video: Give a Little Love by campcurry123

Another fine vid that flew under my radar until today when it was recommended on twitter by RAfandreamer--to whom we give a THANK YOU shout out. It almost encapsulates Richard's career. Can't think of too many characters that don't make an appearance..maybe Monet?

Prestigious :) 'The Hunky of the Month' Title - Will You Help Win it for RA?

 #1 hunkiest Update:  Vote is currently RA trailing by 10 points- Richard Armitage 737; Alex O'Loughlin 737...
Just discovered the latter is an Australian which explains why he's giving the obviously hunkiest a run for his money:)  Here's Alex...
Spirit of fairness, had a choice of the following pics & brought both--almost like 2 different people..
Quantum leap in hunkiness..

Richard needs your vote at http://www.thehunkies.com/richard-armitage/  (Click on the small red heart) He currently trails Alex O'Loughlin by about 5   10 votes. Does anyone have any doubt that Richard is the hunkiest actor of at least the century?  More evidence...

...and to erase all doubt and inspire a few more votes...

Richard Armitage - Sex on Fire - by Elva75

July 25, 2010

Richard Armitage Photos

Li'l bit of serendipity--tripped over glowing comments about Strike Back - pleasantly surprised to see the above randomly posted pics are in logical order for adding the following link.  It's apparently UK military members (correct me if that's wrong) expressing their enthusiastic approval of Strike Back's entertainment value & attention to authentic details.

More glowing remarks and comparisons to Spooks(esp since it's the same chap:)

Richard Armitage: The Stayin' Alive Strut - by spookslucas

How did I miss this one until today?  RA is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't he:)  Only complaint about the following is that it's too brief - should be played on a loop for the entire song...

We can imagine Richard in place of Donny Osmond for these tangos - Donny's hot but RA would leave scorch marks on the dancefloor:)

Believe it or not, Donny has 5 - that's FIVE children and all with the same woman--his long-time wife. 

Richard Armitage as Capt Ian Mc(something:) - Ultimate Force

Definitely one of my fav RA lesser-known characters.  Laura's ultimate resistance was as incredible as Marian's and Margaret's..

July 24, 2010

Guy of Gisborne's Planned Wedding Gift to Marian

Guy planned to hang it over the Locksley Manor fireplace mantle - what a wonderful surprise for his new bride, if only it had come to pass...:)  Know it would've made me very happy...

Sean Bean Wallpaper:Game of Thrones Readers Getting Giddy w/Excitement + Andrew Lincoln + Lady Chatterley

Following wallpaper of Sean Bean as Eddard or Ned Stark is posted on twitter...
Personally, I'd prefer one of these...
or Col Sharpe(bottom left)who was definitely rather sharp & swoonable...
[Ricrar:   News about someone who knows Richard quite well due to a professional linkup.  Andrew Lincoln appeared at Comic Con with the cast of his new US tv series 'The Walking Dead'...no doubt will be a classic;)  Hope for his sake it makes it past season 1.
First a couple pics, then the report by tv.com and their biography for Andrew...was anyone aware his real name is Andrew Clutterbuck?..can't understand why he changed such a mellifluous sounding surname..hehe..
Will admit I'd felt somewhat sympathetic towards Andrew's acceptance of 'The Walking Dead' role UNTIL today, when the following pics were provided along with the TV.com article about Comic Con.  First photo of Andrew is charming - my thought upon seeing the second one..."Huh???  why did you ever have a moment's concern for his self respect as part of the zombie show, IF he'd already appeared professionally in THAT costume! hahaha]
>From TV.Com -  The Comic Con Panel for 'The Walking Dead': Several zombies. OK, they weren’t actually on the panel, but they were ambling around the room. On the actual panel: AMC’s Senior Vice President Joel Stillerman, executive producer Gale Ann Hurd, makeup artist Greg Nicotero, creator of The Walking Dead comic series Robert Kirkman, cast members Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, and Emma Bell. Kind of a lot of people, right? I’m not trying to be insensitive, but it would have been helpful if the zombies had just taken a few out.

Show, Not Tell: The trailer for The Walking Dead looks fantastic—dark, suspenseful, all kinds of creepy. Unfortunately, it was cut down for Comic-Con. “There’s a big George Romero splay of blood,” Darabont said. “We couldn’t show it to you here because Comic-Con said no.” Lame. Who brings their kids to a panel for The Walking Dead anyway? The only downside to the footage was that they showed it twice. I would have rather heard a few more questions than seen the same thing over again.

What They Talked About: What to expect from the show, mostly. (Zombies, if you were wondering.) In fact, Hurd put it rather simply: “If you’re a zombie fan, look no further than The Walking Dead.” But because this is Comic-Con, panel attendees wanted to know how the show will relate to Kirkman’s series. And they were pleased by what they heard. Kirkman is actively involved with the show—he actually wrote episode four. To the fans, Bernthal assured, “We’re really trying to get this right for you.”

Most Valuable Panelist: Nicotero. I mean, he was no more interesting than any of the other panelists, but have you seen his makeup work? Unbelievable. I was also charmed by Lincoln’s natural English accent. (For those who don’t instantly recognize the name, he was in Love, Actually. You know, the “To me, you are perfect” guy. Sigh.)

Best Question From the Audience: Here’s the thing. I purposely zoned out during many of the questions. Most of the questions seemed related to the comics, in terms of how they’ll play out in the show. Great for longtime fans of The Walking Dead but no good for newbies like me.

Missing in Action: Zombies. Shouldn’t they have a chance to speak, too?

Most Exciting News: There was a bunch! I already mentioned Kirkman writing for the series—a far cry from author Charlaine Harris’ complete lack of involvement in True Blood. Darabont also hinted at getting notable horror directors to work on upcoming episodes. (Maybe even zombie legend George Romero? Don’t quote him on that.) Battlestar Galactica fans will be delighted to find out that composer Bear McCreary will also be doing the music for The Walking Dead. Oh, and Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker have joined the cast. Is that enough for you?

Quotables: Callies admitted that the show legitimately freaks her out. “You guys, I’m not even kidding,” she said. “I woke up this morning like this—shaking, fists balled, eyes squeezed shut, coming out of a nightmare. Yeah, Greg Nicotero has ruined my life.” Hopefully his uber-realistic zombie effects will do the same for us, too. I also got a kick out of Kirkman’s tongue-in-cheek assertion that, “This thing’s gonna be chock full of dead children. Just watch out.” Which is way funnier out of context.

But Wait, There’s More!: Just in case some of you reading this are also fans of the comic series, I should note that the show will include the characters and plot lines that you’re dying to see. All in good time, though. “Patience,” Darabont said. “This show’s going to roll out in its pace.”

The Bottom Line: I can’t wait for The Walking Dead, and this panel only got me more excited about the series. It was great to see the whole creative team along with the cast—and all the insight from Kirkman really tied everything together. I love the idea of zombies on TV, if it can be done correctly. And if the panel was any indication, we’re in for a flesh-eating treat.

Biography:  Andrew Lincoln   Born: 9-14-1973 Birthplace: Hull, UK
Birth Name: Andrew Clutterbuck
Despite being born in Hull, Andrew attended Beechen Cliff Secondary school in Bath in Somerset when his family moved south when he was young. He then went on to train at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
Andrew's voice is familiar in the UK as he provides voice-overs for both television and radio advertising, as well as narration for documentaries.<
Thank you Judith for the recommendation - Sean Bean in Lady Chatterley is available for viewing at youtube.

Also a narration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpxPiniGIe0&feature=fvw

Richard Armitage Photos: More Weekend Inspiration