November 29, 2017

Richard Armitage: Announcement Tues of New Narration(see tweet) + High Praise in Professional Mag (see below) + New Selfie + Berlin Station Season 2 Finale on Sunday

Tweet promises new narration announcement Dec 5..
From Richard's instagram, a selfie with Molecule Man sculpture..

November 20, 2017

Richard Armitage: Thanksgiving Selfie from NYC + Agent Miller, CIA's Berlin Station, Goes Undercover with German Spy Esther

Fans amused by the expression on the NY cabbie's face..
Property Bros, Drew Scott, was eliminated from Dancing with The Stars25 this past Tues - he's still the winner in my eyes! Here's a compilation of all his dances:

November 12, 2017

Richard Armitage: Selfie With AlexaHD Camera + New Den of Geek Interview(see link) Happy 8th Blog Anniversary on Tues, Nov 14

New Interview with upcoming play comments, etc..
Tues, Nov 14 marks the launch of this blog 8 full years ago.  Of course, RA's upcoming film Oceans 8 opens in 2018. Are all the 8s an omen of some sort? Perhaps it means the new year will be gr8 ;) for RA's career. Let's hope so!
                                                     First blog post..
                           'Knightfall' series starts Dec 6 on History Channel..

             From Oct 14, 2011 blog post, a couple fan Richard's Babe manips..
                                                   and her masterpiece..

November 5, 2017

Richard Armitage:'Pilgrimage' Itunes Movie of the Week(see link) + Trevor - Castlevania Soundtrack

medieval action film movie of week