May 30, 2014

Richard Armitage:See WSJ D-Day Blended Photos + In the Vortex of The Crucible(see video)

Note Old Vic Theatre in the round in background...
Do you have an ancestor(s) with roots in New England? Might one be among the original Puritans to arrive in Massachusetts Bay Colony/Commonwealth:
No need to tell other history buffs that Jun 6 is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Wall St Journal has assembled a brilliant collection of photos from that day and blended them with the same sites today. Here's Omaha Beach, then & now..

It's this type of message from Twitter that can be very intimidating;) Minded my manners and followed The Bard back..
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May 27, 2014

Richard Armitage: Battle of the Five Sultry Gazes + Battle of the Five Suits + Blogger Says It's Working on Resolution of Poll Problem

The Battle of the Five Sultry Gazes:
This one is at Margaret...
Battle of 5 Suits:
Still no word that Euron Greyjoy role has been cast in Game of Thrones..

Blogger says it's working on resolution of their poll problem:
Belle Rosada
It appears that the blogger "poll" widget is broken. For some reason it suddenly isn't reflecting votes accurately (basically saying there have been none at all) and when I tried deleting and reposting the widget the issue persisted. Has anyone been experiencing similar issues?
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May 27
Hi Belle,
Thank you for letting us know about this issue. A few other users have posted about the same issue and we are currently looking in to this. I will update you when I know more information.

May 23, 2014

Richard Armitage: Various and Sundry (including Crucible fun--2 words rarely paired together;)

                           Starting Jun 22 on BBC America, The Musketeers

                                           The Proctors, Elizabeth & John - Salem, Mass..
                     Abigail haunts the streets of Salem, wearing Puritan version                                                              of a modern tshirt..
Next - one of the best voices in RA's new narration 'Hamlet: A Novel' -- Gregor, the Scottish warrior..note the strong resemblance to Thorin..

May 21, 2014

Richard Armitage:New Narration 'Hamlet:A Novel' Currently #5 on US Audible Fiction & #3 on UK List--PARTY! PARTY! Happy Dance..we like to move it, move it;)

NEWS:Tweet from writers Hewson & Hartley with good news RA's narration is currently #5 and #3 respectively on US & UK Audible best selling fiction lists.*Yippee* Time for the happy dance..

May 16, 2014

Richard Armitage:Swinging on Vine(see link) + D-Day's Underwater Secrets RA Narration(see link) + Audible Interview Video + Crucible Tweet + Climate McCarthyism - See link to Article

RA's Hamlet:A Novel on Vine:
Hamlet:A Novel writer's FB:
Wonderful RA narration of D-Day's Underwater Secrets. It brought tears to my eyes more than once, because one of my great uncles landed on Omaha Beach on that day.  He was wounded - bullet entered his cheek - a fantastic US Army mobile medical unit saved his life in the midst of the chaos.  All that remained years later was a slight indentation in his left cheek...and the memories.  Here's the link and thank you to the British RA well wisher who provided it. 

Where are They Now?..Lucy Griffiths(Marian) stars in NBC's new series 'Constantine':

The stars of Into The Storm - opening Aug 8..
Great meet&greet for yesterday. Brilliant to see in the cast and Mark Maughan as AD!

                          Climate McCarthyism: The Scandal Grows

History of witchcraft trials: