July 30, 2012

"PJ is Christopher Columbus"(see excerpt) + The Hobbit Trilogy:What to Expect(from TORn--see link) It's Official:There Will Be A Third Hobbit Film

Jackson is Christopher Columbus here, sailing right off the edge of the map.
Whatever else happens, however these movies succeed or fail artistically and financially, nobody can ever claim the powers behind them didn’t swing for the fences. Mark this down and I sure hope somebody is taking notes, because the events of the last couple of weeks are going to be legendary. Soar or sink, the ambition at work here just boggles the mind. If your mind isn’t boggled a little, you aren’t fully grasping what happened. Also, how good are these behind-the-scenes stories going to be?

Large professional movie studios (big businesses) like MGM and Warner Bros. spend a lot of money but the do so by making smart risks and minimizing exposure. They plan and they execute the plan and they market and the have a lot of moving parts to make that happen.
The two “Hobbit” movies had titles and marketing plans and product tie-ins like toys and books and all manner of things. By now items are well in the pipeline. Licensing and marketing and publicity are working hard to make sure things go right in December. They don’t leave it to chance or wait until the last minute.
When Jackson wanted to change and when he convinced studios to do it, the ground shifted under the feet of hundreds and maybe thousands of people. Film 1 books for example are well into production with those now dated movie titles in mind. Consider how complicated this becomes for book publishers who feature certain characters from Film 1 that might not be in the film any more. The same goes for action figures. The same goes for publicity tours and what if marketing laid plans to have support characters at premieres or press junkets when they no longer even appear in the film? I am sure I am missing a lot of people and plans that were disrupted on Monday.
To Jackson’s credit, he just wants to make what he feels is the best possible movie and he is willing to stick his neck out to do it.
Don’t think for one second that the studio just ships out a shorter movie and calls it a day. A gigantic machine, imagine the one that carried the space shuttle to the launching pad, was in motion with all its moving parts and the studio was willing to put it to a stop, change its direction and start it up again at a quicker pace than it is used to. This wasn’t done lightly and multiple studios had to sign off on it.

Countdown to Downton Abbey 3.  Shirley MacLaine says there was no need for anyone to tell her they expected  a bawdy aspect to her DA character.  She added that's because it has always been her personal style..and don't we Americans know it. That's why the first news of her addition to the DA cast was greeted with a low moan from me - not in a good way;) teehee. I'm certain her and Violet will be hilarious opposite each other in the upcoming series.

The Hobbit’s Thorin Oakenshield tells us what happens when you get a dwarf drunk...by Meredith Woerner
The Hobbit's Richard Armitage plays the stoic Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the dwarves and a very strong presence throughout The Hobbit. But how will this lofty, Lordly character play with today's movie audiences? We asked, and Armitage answered — plus find out what other songs we'll be hearing from Armitage in the movie!
Is [The Hobbit] going to be a little bit more musical than The Lord Of The Rings?Richard Armitage: Yeah, yeah, and there are other songs in it [besides the one we've already heard]. Which I was kind of hoping for. But I thought, "are they gonna shy away from that?" But I think the culture of the dwarves, the dwarves are kind of raucous dirty, filthy beasts. And when they party, they party hard. So there are a few drinking songs in there.
What makes a good drunk?    A smelly dwarf — and boy, do we smell.
Oakenshield is kind of this classical Lord figure in the books, how do you update this character for modern audiences?  I never really thought of updating it. I actually did the opposite. I thought of it as more kind of Greek tragedy. I looked at Shakespeare, a lot of my preparation I was looking at Henry V and bits of Richard III, just to find roots in British literature that were deeper. But I think making it feel contemporary the big themes of the story — loyalty and trust and camaraderie — I think those things are contemporary.
There's been talk of splitting the second film in two, do you have strong feelings about that?   Um, I have no concept of what you're talking about. But I think the book has it's natural points of peak and trough, so hopefully our story will musically honor what Tolkien was writing.
Where do [the current two movies] split?  Nobody's quite sure yet. We've kind of shot it as one long story, so that will be one of the surprises we may get when we see the final films.

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Earliest known usage of "O.M.G." in a letter to Winston Churchill, 1917: 

July 26, 2012

TeamRA Entries + 2012 Olympiad: Let The Games Begin!

Target shooting..
Middle Earth Decathelon..
Dragon slaying - Limited to middle earth venue
Event? Barrel rolling?Thorin has most experience for this one.

July 21, 2012

Lovely New Fanvid with Vocal Excerpts + Olympic Update:Men Worldwide Smiling + New Trailer:Anna Karenina + "..sweaty dwarves..know how to party hardy"(interview below)Today's VidBlog From Peter Jackson + Comment "King of the Hobbits" haha(see vid)

April 2010..

Olympic Update:  Womens' beach volleyball team USA announces they will not give up their bikinis despite option of alternate uniform. Men worldwide smile:)

Sincere thanks to www.richardarmitagenet.com for these screencaps from Vblog:
                                        What's up with that boot?

                                          Ahhh...heart warming comraderie..



July 15, 2012

Recognition in US After CC + CC Panel Vid + Classics Get *50 Shaded*(see link) + Category Six: Stormy Weather

The "not just Spooks bloke anymore"(quote from Empire Mag) actor is already recognized enough in US to be stopped for autographs while wearing shades:

Go to at least what seems like 5min to hear RA's comments:  

It was only a matter of time..

True confession time - have you ever fantasized that you were discussing world events with Lucas North? No ;) must be just me. hehe  Although, if you truly want to hear political brilliance (besides from hubby-in-chief) the following is your man.  He's a writer, speaker and as he puts it "undocumented worker" currently living in US:  http://www.steynonline.com/

There are only 2 tv shows hubbs and I enjoy watching together each wk, besides an evening news program and special series such as Game of Thrones and Homeland. Following is the theme song from one of our fav weekly series - 'Covert Affairs' - The other show is 'Burn Notice' (starring Jeffrey Donovan, who might be a long-lost cousin *undoubtedly* :) Donovan is one of my ancestral surnames)


July 11, 2012

Comic-Con:Thx to racentral.com & Musa for Latest Vid Link + 3D Poster at CC + Compliments from indiewire.com + Twitter Fans Write Plot of New Film After Hearing News + New US Voiceover Agent(listen to sample) + Empire Mag Says "Not Just Bloke from Spooks Anymore" + New Movie for Richard Armitage--Tornado Thriller--News Has Blown Me Away:)

The dwarves are freaking out, because the dragon Smaug has not been seen for 60 years, and people are looking to the East — assessing, wondering, and weighing the risk. "Perhaps the vast wealth of our people lies unprotected," says Thorin Oakenshield.

Quotes from The Hobbit panel on Firstshowing.net:
4:11PM - Time for The Hobbit! Lights go down, and the side screens turn on to be Hobbit images (the same imagery we saw in that epicly long banner recently).
4:38PM - Lots of footage, a couple of full scenes with Gollum and the opening meeting with the dwarves...
4:40PM - Introducing the rest of the cast to the stage: Andy Serkis, Richard Armitage, Ian McKellen and of course, Martin Freeman. Freeman gets a huge round of applause, and a bit of a standing ovation.
4:46PM - Richard: "We went through quite an evolution for the look of Thorin. Working with a prosthetic like that is quite a challenge. By Day 1, I didn't think I would make it 2 or 3 weeks... by the end, I couldn't work without it." "Managing the heat and 'sweaty dwarf' was a challenge itself."
4:52PM - Q&A question about how to select what makes it into extended edition versus theatrical. PJ: People think we shoot scenes specifically for the extended edition. "We write the script as we're shooting. You shoot, you shoot, and you shoot some more." We write a scene half way through the shoot to tell something we need to. It's not until the very end where they can look at a cut and see where there's repetition, and at the end of the day, they end up with a film that's too long. So they have to cut it down for the studio. You end up with a theatrical film, and then you look at what got cut out. We don't look at everything, but when we cut scenes with nice character moments, we love to put those back in, but you don't know until the very end.

Quality of these first pix are not the best but better than nothing:)

l than that.  We ave conducted many private screenings of Hobbit footage in the US and several international territories, running the same reel twice - once at 24fps, and secondly at 48fps. This has alloweistributors and exhibitors direct comparison of the twoformats.The response has been unersally strng for t higher frame rate of 48fp
Two teen-centered films from New Line and FilmNation have been quietly picking up steam as of late, and while neither production packs tremendous star power under its respective wings, our latest casting report shows they've decided to pull in some fine character actors and fresh talent instead.
After more than a year donning hours-worth of make-up every day in order to play Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit,” actor Richard Armitage (“MI-5”) must be pretty thrilled to be starring next as a flesh-and-blood human, this time in an untitled New Line disaster flick. He'll join Sarah Wayne (“The Walking Dead”), as well as newcomer Alycia Debnam-Carey in the film, which follows a group of high school teenagers who contend with the immediate aftermath of a devastating tornado. Helming the film is director Steve Quale(“Final Destination 5”), working from John Swetnam's script, and while no word has been revealed on the approach Quale will take (let the words “found footage” stay far, far away), having an actor as accomplished as Armitage in your arsenal definitely won't hinder proceedings. [Deadline]

Here's plot of new film as written by long-time RA fans on Twitter:

We have the widower a British man who was married to an American. His shirt blows off several times in storm, haha:) then right into the arms of the female storm chaser. Last thing standing in detroit after the 'Category 6' tornado is a train station, where the widower kisses the storm chaser and says "you're coming home with me."
However, they discover his home blew away as well, so they moved to Argentina where he does the tango wearing Guy's black leathers. And they live happily ever after. P.S. they did manage to save the widower's son in the middle of the important stuff.:DThe End

'Hobbit' star Richard Armitage lands major role in tornado thriller -- EXCLUSIVE

The Hobbit just wrapped shooting and the Dec. 14 opening of its first installment, An Unexpected Journey, is still months away, but one of its stars, Richard Armitage, is already enjoying a major career boost. The British actor, who plays the fierce dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s two-part adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy epic, has joined the cast of New Line’s untitled tornado thriller.
Armitage, who had roles in the BBC series North and South, Robin Hood, and MI-5, plays a widowed father who, with the help of storm chasers, tries to rescue his son from the aftermath of a string of tornadoese, which also will feature Wlm is set to begin shooting 


Category Six Lands Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies


Richard Armitage Battles A Tornado
From Hobbits to horrible weather...

11 July 2012  |  Source: Deadline
Richard Armitage Battles A Tornado
After this December, Richard Armitage will no longer be known solely as “that bloke from Spooks and Robin Hood” but as “one of the beardy Dwarves in The Hobbit.” All right, so he’s the party's leader, Thorin Oakenshield, which should give him plenty of chances to make an impression. But he’s also making sure he has other work lined up, including an untitled tornado action film.
While Deadline’s report on Armitage’s casting didn’t include many details besides that The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies has also joined the cast, the film – once calledCategory Six after the rating system for twisty storms – is a found footage natural disaster outing.
James Cameron protégé Steven Quale, who made his directing debut last year with Final Destination 5, is aboard to call the shots from a script by John Swetnam. The story will follow a group of high schoolers dealing with the aftermath of a massive tornado and, of course, shooting everything on their gadgetry. Kids, eh? If they’re not being swept off to magical lands of wizards and witches, they’re busy with their droids and their Me-Phones... 
James White


July 9, 2012

Nerdgasms Over 6" Thorin + Richard Armitage(Thorin) Signing at CC + Exclusive Thorin Collectible at Comic Con + Thorin in Scroll & Link

              Above and below are from The Hobbit Scroll--see link below..

Yet another Thorin 6" figure..MTV geek had nerdgasms :)

SPOOKS/MI5: Season 9..all eps available on YT:

                 Examine humungous The Hobbit scroll at link below:

Explore "The Scroll" from : An Unexpected Journey in all its magnificence exclusively 
Couldn't you get lost forever in large blue eyes below & shirtless     *sigh*:) haha