July 26, 2012

TeamRA Entries + 2012 Olympiad: Let The Games Begin!

Target shooting..
Middle Earth Decathelon..
Dragon slaying - Limited to middle earth venue
Event? Barrel rolling?Thorin has most experience for this one.


Ricrar said...

Sue's comment (under second post down) on last night's Olympic Opening:
Sue said...

Maybe I should write in a strategic place "up The Hobbit, dwarves do it for me (especially Thorin)", well probably not that exact phrase but someything similar!!!(Poor Richard would probably choke on his choccie bar!

Looking forward to watching the opening ceremony tonight. It's been created by Danny Boyle (film director and northern lad). I like what I've heard about it so far, it's supposed to include the British countryside as the theme. There really is nothing to beat the English countryside as far as I'm concerned, even when it rains. I think Danny could be on to a winner!
July 27, 2012 2:29 PM

Ricrar said...

My reply to Sue:

Hi Sue, I enjoyed last night's Olympic opening - especially the Industrial Revolution smokestacks, workers. Yes, also the previous agricultural era transforming into economic powerhouse of the 18th-19th centuries. Of course, there wasn't time to demonstrate every phenomenon during that era, but the one most fascinating to me, as I researched family history, was the land enclosures that triggered many cultural changes. One major historic result was to send millions of former farm laborers & unemployed factory workers across the pond to labor hungry America. That included my immigrating ancestors. Paternal ancestors from No England - Maternal from Ireland.

The Bond/Queen Eliz scenes were hilarious. Those Corgis really know how to act:)*woof,woof*

I'll be watching closely for your streaking event next few days. Then you & RA will share another similarity - revealing all for the common good.*cough* (might be a stretch:)
July 28, 2012 9:54 AM

Sue said...


I thought Danny's interpretation was rather romanticised but I think he got the tone just right. As you say the Enclosure Act, not to mention the troubles in Ireland were omitted, as to any reference to the British Empire and in particular the British involvement in slavery. I must admit it's a shame Richard couldn't have took part as John Thornton from N&S.

Unfortunately us Brits haven't done well in Olympic archery. Perhaps Sir Guy should have taken part in that, he was after all pretty handy with the old bow in RH. Pity there isn't a category for Olympic hunkiness. Maybe one day!

Ricrar said...

Thought Beckham did his part for the olympic hunkiness factor Sue:) Why does he cover that well-toned bod w/so many tatts? Detracts from the appreciation of his dedication to his sport.

A number of RA fans are bemoaning the fact John Thornton wasn't chosen to don his tophat once more & represent the 19thC Industrialist entrepreneurs.
Those whose vision combined w/collaboration of laborers, resulted in lifting multi-millions out of poverty on both sides of the pond.

Don't tell me archery competition is over already. I'd planned to compile Guy & Thorin pics as RA character olympic entries:) Family overnight guest slowed the process for at least 24hrs.

The Mary Poppins portion was lovely - also the musical revisit of what was here referred to as "The British Invasion."

There was a tweet last night mentioning Richard,Martin & James Nesbitt were in a bar in Jersey,CI. At first we only noticed Jersey & didn't know if it referred to Isle of J or New Jersey. After some poking around, I found the explanation. CI = Cook Islands administered by NZ & located north of that nation. Makes me wonder if Richard is still filming in that area?

Sue said...


It seems there are talks with Peter Jackson and producers about a third Hobbit film. It will need extra filming of course. I think perhaps that the second Hobbit film may well be behind schedule, what with PJ's ulcer and weather conditions etc. This will inevitably mean it will be over budget, which isn't good in these austere times. Unfortunately Richard won't be in the third film, due to the fact that he died in part two - a trifle, but important fact never-the-less, that will prevent Thorin from re-appearing. (Unless he re-appears from the shower? It has been known to happen!Unfortunately not to me!!!)

In honour of the Olympics can we see Richard in his various sporting guises please RiCrAr? E.g. Lee - swimming, Ian - Rugby, Sir Guy - archery, not forgetting Paul, taking part in that age old sport of playing footsie under the table. My goodness that boy likes to keep fit!

Ricrar said...

Your wish is my command, Sue.

Keep in mind, overnight guest needs to be fed. Might even expect some conversation:) A son can be so demanding. haha Joking of course - love him to pieces and enjoy every moment of his visits.

I'll gather TeamRA pics asap.

Just read a news article saying blocks of seats are empty at some Olympic events, despite the fact many who requested them were told they were sold out. Wonder if it was a computer glitch?

I enthusiastically second your suggestion that Thorin could miraculously appear in the shower for third Hobbit film. What might a middle earth shower look like? Stream of cool water cascading between rocks into a high,narrow cave? Know your imagination will easily fill in the 6'2" TDH bloke.

Sue said...


Those empty seats were due to them being corporate seats (freebies and the most expensive of course) and people hadn't turned up to use them. It makes me very angry that people who weren't able to get to see their own family members take part in the Olympics weren't able to get seats, or people that may have wanted to watch the games couldn't afford the very expensive prices. Typical! These should be called the Capitalist Olympics (and not just because it is being held in the capital of London!)

Back to the more important subject of Richard. Yes, Richard/Thorin coming from behind a waterfall to reveal those bulging muscles will do very nicely thank you!(No costume please!)

Ricrar said...

Now, now, Sue;) Neither you nor I would be here today if 'Capitalism' had not given our ancestors the means to feed their families, and thereby triggered a survival rate that substantially increased the human population on Earth. That economic system works & both our nations histories prove it. That said, I totally understand your frustration w/empty seats--apparently someone on the Olympic Planning Cmte made a bad decision.
o.k. as you said, back to the really important topic - RA:)

Oooh..thanks for the mental image of Thorin emerging from the middle earth shower for The Hobbit third movie. While we're creating our ideal scenario, would it be possible to shave Thorin's beard & cut his hair a wee bit? As long as we're dreaming, might as well do it large. *thud*

Sue said...


I've just come across this video clip on my travels. I haven't seen it before have you? If you fast forward to around 10.58 you will see Richard in a barrel with his fellow dwarves and who throws something into his (the other dwarf's)barrel and who calls Richard a "b'stard". Little monkey!



Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, I saw that clip a few days ago. Looks to me as though the others had thrown a fish or two at the one to RA's left & he followed their lead. The target then jokingly said Bast#rd! Cute..fun & games on the set. Might've taken him awhile to feel comfortable enough to do that, and the others were happy to see it:)

I related your idea to have Thorin show up for movie3 in a middle earth shower, assuming he had already gone to the great hobbit hole in the sky in original movie2. They approved of your plan:)

Will PJ write around Thorin's death in order to include him in film #3? How could he possibly make the third without including the leader of the dwarves?