July 15, 2012

Recognition in US After CC + CC Panel Vid + Classics Get *50 Shaded*(see link) + Category Six: Stormy Weather

The "not just Spooks bloke anymore"(quote from Empire Mag) actor is already recognized enough in US to be stopped for autographs while wearing shades:

Go to at least what seems like 5min to hear RA's comments:  

It was only a matter of time..

True confession time - have you ever fantasized that you were discussing world events with Lucas North? No ;) must be just me. hehe  Although, if you truly want to hear political brilliance (besides from hubby-in-chief) the following is your man.  He's a writer, speaker and as he puts it "undocumented worker" currently living in US:  http://www.steynonline.com/

There are only 2 tv shows hubbs and I enjoy watching together each wk, besides an evening news program and special series such as Game of Thrones and Homeland. Following is the theme song from one of our fav weekly series - 'Covert Affairs' - The other show is 'Burn Notice' (starring Jeffrey Donovan, who might be a long-lost cousin *undoubtedly* :) Donovan is one of my ancestral surnames)



Musa said...

PJ made a good stuntman choice for RA and Thorin, didn't he?

I'm still recovering emotionally from all the Comic-Con online live stream, videos, interviews, photos, tweets, everything! I can't be sure I've seen it all yet ...and more to come from those that were there and are just getting home.

We had a long drought, but now a happy deluge!

Was thinking today what a change of scenery for RA next week. From beautiful and friendly Wellington, in the winter no less, to urban jungle Detroit and hot/humid summer!

Should we organize a field trip to Detroit?

Ricrar said...

Lol..already packing Musa:) We'd better throw in plenty of shorts & tank tops to cope w/current 100deg temps in our area.

Yes, I've thought as well that RA cannot seem to escape heat. He often mentioned that his GoG costume was a problem during hotter than average summers in Hungary.
Followed by relief in London as Lucas North. Then returned to hot weather for his 9mos in Africa filming Strike Back.

During one of his CC interviews Richard was asked about wearing the Thorin prosthetic & his reply included the challenge of coping with "a hot sweaty dwarf".

And yes, as we both know, from living in the so-called temperate zone mid-atlantic, USA -- it's anything but temperate at this time of year. Jul & Aug in Detroit is usually hot & steamy, until the Sept breezes start to cool things down.

Did you notice today's headlines out of Detroit? It seems there were arrests. Suspected terrorists planning to blow up the bridge connecting the city to Canada. There's also the Windsor tunnel - apparently it's another artery running through to our northern neighbors.

Sue said...

I enjoyed watching all the various clips of RA interviews. One thing though, he comes across as incredibly serious and I just wished that once in a while he could reveal that wonderful sense of humour to the interviewers/audience. I think RA may well have had some tutoring in the fine arts of conducting interviews, especially the handshake exercise. These training and confidence building courses, if not already been completed by Richard, should definitely be taken up by him. I've had some training of this kind myself and it really boosts your self confidence in certain situations, particularly if you are the shy and retiring type (like me of course).

Watching Richard during these publicity exercises I've noticed how slow and quiet his movements seem to be, not very alert. Is he just dog tired do you think, or is this the normal everyday thoughtful and reflective RA?

One more thing though, Martin Freeman and those zany clothes and hats he sports, what an earth does he look like? The first time I saw him talking about TH I thought he must have been in costume, but nope their his own choice of clothes. Eccentric or what!

Ricrar said...

"shy, retiring type" haha Oh yeah, that's you Sue. teehee

First RA interview I'd watched was recorded during shooting of Robin Hood. It was interspersed with his contagious laugh, so yes I agree we need to hear that more often in Hobbit interviews. Although, you know the character Richard plays permeates his bones during filming. It was a very brief time between the wrap and Comic-con. Thorin is far from a barrel of laughs, even though he does spend some time in one. The same one you've fantasized sharing with RA in the not too distant past:)

IMO, once The Hobbit premiere brings Richard all the international professional attention he so richly deserves, we'll no doubt notice his demeanor during interviews has evolved into the type of secure assertiveness you've described.

IMO, it's deliciously refreshing to see an actor chosen for a major movie role displaying personal humility. That charming feature to his personality will also, IMHO, be warmly received by an appreciative public, once Thorin has won enthusiastic accolades from both the audience & his industry.

Can't believe he'll start filming in Detroit on Jul 23. WooHoo! Bring it on!:)

Ricrar said...

IMO, some peeps use the term IMO too often.

*my kingdom for an edit feature at blogger*