March 31, 2013

Richard Armitage: New Interview(see excerpt & link) + Game of Thrones Premiere + New Series DaVinci's Demons

Was very happy to see RA's reply to the following question because I'd always had the feeling those who consider themselves *method* actors are a tad too preciousss for my taste.  It's entertainment, not life-saving surgery..
QUESTION: Would you describe yourself as a method actor?
RICHARD ARMITAGE: No I wouldn't.  I wouldn't describe myself as a method actor.  I think other people apply that label.  I think I'm a concentrating actor.  So in order to do my work in the course of a day, particularly with a character like this I have to concentrate.  So it's about staying in the scene, staying with my head in the scene and attempting to keep the character with me.  It doesn't mean I can't have a conversation or go and make a cup of coffee. But I actually stay with the character for 18 months.
This freshly learned fact about DaVinci certainly triggered a moment of reflection.  He was a gravedigger - wanted fresh corpses to learn to accurately draw human anatomy. yccck! Were there no living breathing bods available to study? Hopefully we'll learn the answer during the new series. Ep 1 airs on Starz channel, April 12.[Update:have now read enough about the show to realize the artist will be portrayed as providing equal-opportunity in his love life. That appears to be the strategic business tactic with most historical drama these days--sly entertainment industry foxes want to lure as many viewers as possible; therefore, if a historic figure didn't have many or any children they can suddenly have a fictitious  revolving door to their boudoir. This is not a complaint - if that's what it takes to draw large enough audiences to historical be it!;]  Here's the macabre grave-digging artist with one of his subjects:
Lara Pulver played Guy of Gisborne's sister in RH3. She's wearing lovely costume designs in DaVinci's Demons:
Somewhere online there's a hilarious compilation of the major Game of Thrones characters with their corresponding *cat* version.  Here are my 3 fav characters beginning with Ser Jorah. I don't agree his feline companion resembles Dany's protective knight because he has glorious blue eyes while the cat does not;D The other two furry friends certainly do capture a certain aspect of their characters. They are blonde, blue-eyed Daenerys and pudgey yet adorable Samwell Tarly.
Highlight week 3 DWTS: Prom Night Theme. Ingo definitely playing against type this time:

March 25, 2013

Richard Armitage:Wears Chocolate This Time--No-cal Easter Treat + April's Split Personality + GoT3 Geo Martin Interview + Coffee Fixes Everything + New Development for Richard III (see link) + Thorin in THE HOBBIT - Plus Other Roles

Richard III News:
Virgin Media's month of RA as Thorin, Guy and Lucas.. 

Game of Thrones author, George Martin, has more than once made it obvious he has an appreciative eye for female beauty.  Will never forget my first introduction to him while reading posts at his journal.  He described his activities that day to book readers.  This was prior to Season 1 of Game of Thrones - he was part of the casting process, along with those working for HBO.  George said he was on his way for a cold shower, after watching four beautiful women audition for the part of Daenerys.  The writer obviously dallied longer with the following reporter than he might have with a male in the same position--even she seems aware of it;D
Rock star character Euron Greyjoy's entrance in Martin's book#4:

Barefoot RA cocktail - Don't understand why it has received 0 votes? Definitely looks inviting..*tickle,tickle* [Update: Barefoot RA received it's first vote--thank you! Will tickle that person's feet if ever given the chance;D..err..if it's a male. Why waste effort unless there could be a reward?...well, that's not very noble, is it (must've caught Gollum speak;) He's preciousss]
Just read this from article describing the questions asked of director Peter Jackson yesterday - coinkydink:
..does Peter always edit barefoot? A resounding yes, and he props his bare feet on the table in the editing suite to demonstrate. He says that, unfortunately, he has to wear shoes most of the time when he’s working on set due to safety regulations.

March 21, 2013

Richard Armitage: Recent Interview(see vid) + US writer, Anne Rice, Praises RA(see below) + Best Collection - The RA Kiss

Information for Spooks fans: The writer with the original idea for the Spooks tv series is David Wolstencroft.  He was born in US, grew up in Scotland and attended UK schools.  As of today, he has two published novels.  Hubby received both from me for Christmas - he's currently reading the second; therefore, I'm hoping the writer is at the moment scribbling away on another;D - because hubs is a difficult person to buy gifts for and he is thoroughly enjoying Wolstencroft's books.

A springtime kiss to THE HOBBIT:An Unexpected Journey. If you want to cut to the RA chase, you'll find him throughout but especially at 8:00, 11:00 & 15:00
Anne Rice has mentioned several times that she believes RA would be perfect as one of her vampire characters.  Today she posted this at Twitter & Facebook..
"Just watched The Hobbit. I thought Martin Freeman did a really great job as Bilbo; and loved Richard Armitage as Thorin. "
There are fine art collections, historic artifact collections, but none better than the *RA kiss* collections..

Daydreaming about Richard III...
PBS Masterpiece Theatre:History of Boudicca, Celtic warrior queen..
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March 16, 2013

Richard Armitage:Answers question - Did You Splash Out?Interview w One Ring(see vid) + Richard III News Article(see link) + Thorin Hits Middle America Walmart Shelves(RA has def arrived;)see Sunday newspaper ad below + Sat Nite Movie:ARGO + THE HOBBIT: "They're Holding Down The Fort" Video - Family Love

From The Hobbit dvd extras:
UPCOMING tv series:
It is interesting that Richard Taylor, the head of famous Weta Workshop  for THE HOBBIT saga, will produce a new tv series in New Zealand called Joan of Arc.

NEWS:Interesting latest details about Richard III reinterment - thank you Sue, who said:
(Do you think he might have had more peace under that car park?)
Apparently Richard III would have wanted a Catholic burial according to academia!

Latest HBO trailer brings "nobody does it better" to mind.  Sadly that's not true of the vast majority of their shows, but definitely captures their Game of Thrones:

Some interest in dance is usually a natural byproduct for RA fans. Pro dancer Kym Johnson definitely took advantage of the 6'2" athletic build of her dance partner for week 1 of DWTS. A judge mentioned that her feet were in the air more than on the dancefloor for their "contemporary" style offering. Never noticed her partner before but I can certainly see why he was on a popular soap for 13yrs.