December 28, 2015

Richard Armitage: Color RA + Countdown to 2016 Including PBS Mercy Street and History Ch/BBC Adaptation of War and Peace

In a few days, out with the old...
Schedule for first couple wks, 2016:
Sun, Jan 3  -  Final series Downton Abbey,ep 1 PBS
Fri, Jan8, 8pm - Reign on The CW
Sun, Jan 17, 8pm - 21st Critics' Choice Awards(RA nominated)
Also Sun, Jan 17, 10pm - Mercy Street, PBS
also Jan 17, 10pm - Billions stars Damian Lewis(Showtime)
                               In new War and Peace adaptation, Aneurin Barnard is social climber Boris Drubetskoy Nikolai's best friend

December 20, 2015

Richard Armitage:Chosen Best Guest Actor by link) + David Copperfield Narration Interview(Video) + Christmas Message and new selfie Collage

H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S & M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

Lucas North looks restless in the MI5 safehouse. Hope the holiday lights are not keeping him awake..
Best Guest actor:
Winner: Richard Armitage
2015 saw a wealth of fantastic guest appearances (Sam Elliott has never been more devilish, Margo Martindale never more conniving, B.D. Wong never more beguiling), but none were more fully arresting than Richard Armitage on Hannibal. Transforming himself — even through his physical movements — into the Red Dragon character was astonishing, terrifying, and without equal. Hannibal was a show that grew and matured with each new season, and for Armitage’s exceptional portrayal of Red Dragon to cap off the show’s run was a fitting, if bittersweet end.
David Copperfield Interview:
Christmas 2015 message:
   Bond rehearsal in 3 SPOOKS series - as MI5 agent Lucas North:

Poem written 1863 by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow as he nursed his son who had been wounded in the US Civil War.  His wife had died in 1861 - much grief for the poet to overcome...

December 13, 2015

Richard Armitage:2015 Christmas Message(see link) + RA Says He Would Not Turn Down Bond Role(see link) + Digital Spy Mentions Dolarhyde(see link) + Vote Dolarhyde in IGN's Best Villain 2015(see link) + Critic's Choice Nomination for Dolarhyde Performance(see tweet) + Free 'The Chimes' Narration Available at

NEWS:digitalspy mentions RA as Dolarhyde in their 5 best shows of 2015:
Bond, James Bond...
Still, he admits hr wouldn't turn it down.
“I think it's a great premise. I'd focus more on him as a spy. I do feel like the franchise needs a breath of fresh air.
"It needs updating, which is what Daniel Craig did, but there's something else there, the old dinosaur needs to be brushed off. It's still a great franchise and who doesn’t want to go and see a great bond movie?”
nominees are: , , , , , & .
"Armitage had to deliver something different when he came into the series as Francis Dolarhyde. He was a tortured soul, and etc

December 7, 2015

Richard Armitage:Vote for Best Guest Star in Drama(see link) + Red Dragon Review(see excerpt & link) + Agent Daniel Miller Must Be Doing His Christmas Shopping;D

                   Time to vote:  will star in Vote 4 him as the Best guest Star.
Time to Vote! RA nominated as Best Guest starring in a drama 2015..

Trailer for new War and Peace adaptation that starts Jan 18. It will air in US on A&E/Lifetime and History channels...

                         Red Dragon Review excerpt and link:
Relatively faithful to Thomas Harris's novel, the Red Dragon arc stands apart from both its cinematic adaptations with its own aesthetic, its extreme patience of character development, and the human portrayal of Francis Dolarhyde by Richard Armitage, who apes neither Ralph Fiennes's exaggerated performance nor Tom Noonan's detached psychopath. His is the first truly pitiable Red Dragon, a man constantly fighting back his madness, and losing nearly every time. Francis's relationship with the blind Reba (Rutina Wesley) no longer feels like a blatant signifier for his struggle, but a real connection with consequences for both people when his illness gets the better of him.

MI 5's agent Lucas North, Spooks 8 revisit..