August 19, 2018

All Things RArmitage: He is Currently in Moscow for My Zoe production

A Berlin Station cast member on set with fan

Above MI5 agent Lucas North came in from the cold prison cell he occupied in Russia for 7 yrs. (RA's surprise appearance as the new star of BBC's long-running SPOOKS series. The new role followed 3 yrs as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood) RA's Lucas character can be found in series 7, 8 and 9. 'SPOOKS' finally ended with year 10.

July 25, 2018

All Things RArmitage: Castlevania 2 Trailer + EPIX Announced Q&A with Berlin Station Cast

Castlevania returns in Oct--listen for the familiar voice of Trevor...
Moon rises over the Temple of Apollo at Corinth in Greece on July 27, 2018 via Valerie Gache / AFP / Getty Images.

July 17, 2018

All Things Richard Armitage: New Photo from Hungary + Home Video Release for Castlevania + Richard sighting in Budapest(see photos) + Is It the Lucas Watch? + $250 million Boxoffice for OCEANS 8 (see RA tweet) + He Tweets "reading Orwell's1984"

NEWS: Home video release for Castlevania

Michelle Forbes posted a photo of her dog 'Henry' on instagram. The plot thickens when one observes a man wearing a watch is petting Henry. Is it Richard? Is it the Lucas North watch?(see
 banner photo)

RA wellwishers researched recent news on the novel '1984' and discovered there will be a new film adaptation.

Richard tweets Congrats on $250 Million boxoffice for Oceans 8..
Above BBC's spook, Lucas North.  Below Berlin Station's spooks in Hungary..