December 6, 2016

Richard Armitage:Trailer Berlin Station Ep 9 + 'Pilgrimage' Writer Says Spring 2017 Release + Free Season 1 Berlin Station Epix Trial(see link) + Romeo and Juliet Behind the Scenes Vid

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Epix free trial for all of Berlin Station season 1:
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2017 historic epic series 'Britannia' currently on location in Wales and Prague:
Quote from a 'Britannia' exec...
"Here we have a war between two pantheons ... the Roman gods vs. the Celtic gods. It's the Heavyweight Clash of All Time, the one which most shapes who we are today. And we see it all from a human perspective, of individual survival, ambition, courage, lust, loss, revenge. All the stuff the gods have always loved us humans for the most!"
"Somewhere...two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled.."~Robert Frost Bavaria , Germany by Ilhan Eroglu

December 1, 2016

Richard Armitage:Listen Excerpt Romeo and Juliet + Berlin Station, Ep 8 Caps + Possible Dec 12 TV Appearance on Today Show + Watch The Jane Hotel Interview--Everything Old Seems New Again(Fascinating hotel History) + Romeo and Juliet Narration Excerpt(see link)

Monday, December 12
(7-9 a.m.) What The Heck Are You Eating. Richard Armitage on Today. Golden Globe Nominations with Dave Karger. Jimmy Buffett performs on Today. ( Can we assume this is not US diplomat RArmitage?)
He returns to using a vintage background for latest photoshoot..leather, mellow lighting and a fascinating location history. The Jane Hotel was designed a century ago sailors were billeted there, hence it's guest rooms are the size of a ship's cabin...very small rooms(reflected in the reasonable rate) They're even smaller than Royal Caribbean's ;D However, downstairs facilities have been luxuriously restored. Look at this ceiling...believe it's the bar lounge "where celebrities are sometimes spotted"...definitely on this day!
When the 700 survivors of the Titanic returned to NYC, they were housed in The Jane Hotel.  Some guests say a few might be currently haunting the halls..bwahahahaha! Ghostly tales are needed to lure many tourists to the older hotels.  IMO, the guest rooms of this particular hotel look as though you might at least imagine there's an unexpected visitor in your room in middle of the night;)  This is probably the lounge area where these RA photos were taken..flatscreen TV not exactly in keeping with the historic era, is it. There's dancing in the mezzanine off this area.  Description of weekend action at this particular NYC  nightspot states it's an eclectic mix -- including hookers! 

Video interview:
After quite a longtime, RA again mentioned his Richard III dream - in the above Jane Hotel interview.