April 6, 2018

All Things RArmitage: RA Tweets Sarah Dunn Go Fund Me link(see below) + Berlin Station 3 Will be Filmed in Budapest, Hungary

To Sarah and family, thinking about you my friend. I hope we can help some how.
Recent RA interview for 13 Rue EME in France..


April 5, 2018

All Things Richard Armitage: Prayers & Good Wishes Needed - Evidently Photographer Sarah Dunn Has Been In a Serious Accident--See Message Below From Her Friend

                                           Some of Sarah's RA photos..
RA's tweet from Aug 28, 2014..
Sarah Dunn my old friend and favourite photographer

March 31, 2018

All Things Richard Armitage:'Sleepwalker' Clips + RA Won Best Actor for 'Urban' at NIFF(see tweet) + Happy Easter Weekend!

                         RA's designer t-shirt by Alexander McQueen...

thank you won best actor for Urban and the Shed Crew x
5:10 PM - 1 Apr 2018 from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England                             
1/2 selfie taken during filming of the  movie 'The Lodge' showing camera in back seat of vehicle..
                                   beaming during recent audible Q&A..

March 22, 2018

Richard Armitage: RA Included in The Crown Casting Speculation (see excerpt/link) + Tweets in Reference to Urban/NIFF(see below) + Wolverine and All Things RArmitage

Recent RA tweet...
I’ve been subpoenaed by Marvel. Going into HQ tomorrow to explain why this was happening...in a…

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Season 1 of TNT's The Alienist has ended without word so far of renewal...*sniff* ;D They have to renew it - there were 47 MILLION viewers each week...just a matter of time. They're probably renegotiating contracts...

New film Urban and The Shed Crew is about growing up in a disadvantaged family in Leeds. Thanks to @RCArmitage, who stars in the film, some of the profits will be donated to us, to help us reach even more disadvantaged children. @NewcastleFest http://bit.ly/2pBJcms  pic.twitter.com/K1CiAimFal
I can’t really take credit for this, Candida Brady and Titus Ogilvy always intended that should the film make profit @actnforchildren would benefit Lets make that possible.


March 16, 2018

Richard Armitage: Here we go Again! See Wolverine Character Description Below + Vote for RA(see link below) + ScreenGeek Endorses RA's Wolverine Chess Move (see comments below)

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New discovery! For those watching TNT's current series The Alienist, the actress playing Sarah - Dakota Fanning - will appear in an undisclosed role in Oceans 8
Wolverine Article..

     NEWS: ScreenGeek describes RA as "Hollywood A-list" Entire article at


March 9, 2018

Richard Armitage: Marvel's Wolverine:The Long Night Review(see link) + New Zealand Real Estate(see article link) + Tweets Thank You to Women Past & Present in His Life(see tweet)

Wolverine podcast review:
Berlin Station 2...
After closely watching New Zealand during The Hobbit years, found this article very interesting. Seems wealthy land investors are driving up house prices..
'Sleepwalker' screencaps..
             Yesterday, International Womens' Day, RA tweeted the following..