February 1, 2011

Most Moving GoG Vid:My Confession + Match Your Hot Brit Superheroes and Raise You a Scorching Hot American;) + Peter Jackson 2009 Comments + Richard Armitage Pix

Very powerful fan vid: My Confession by OlerySt

Has anyone else noticed the recent flood of internet articles declaring American actors can no longer play superheroes.  Well! Huh! Hmmmm,,,the topic seems to have struck a chord with this red-blooded American female:)

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for the current surge of all talent from every nationality unto our screens - simply defending the qualified hometurf variety that's come to my attention.  Competition is always healthy and productive--whether athletically, economically in a capitalist sense or by global artists of every genre. 

IMO, many of the hot Brits(UK, AU, CAN) mentioned in the articles are indeed delectable, BUT it's not as though Hollywood doesn't have a fertile field of strong home-grown contenders it could use in current films IF it was not so intent on foisting boring, blah inspiring long-time creatures of LaLaLand on us -  despite the fact they are in no way superhero material.  I'm referring to the following so-called 'stars' who I find devoid of any reason to ever reserve at NetFlix, let alone pay a hefty ticket price at the boxoffice.    They are Robert Downey Jr, Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Geo Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp (sorry if that last one offends but I've still not identified what's sexy about tons of makeup and Alice in Wonderland fantasies;).  What can possibly account for this stupid business strategy by the LA film industry--are unionization rules to blame?  Do they consider only senior actors in the Screen Actors Guild as qualified for the numerous superhero roles?  Couldn't believe the way they stuffed Robt Downey into the Ironman costume..haha..he looks hilarious.  We need to be strongly under the influence of some of his 'former' fav recreational drugs in order not to laugh:) 
That type of unionized restriction usually, IMO, results in mediocre results for everything it touches. When will the powers that be in Hollywood finally admit the aforementioned actors have had their day, and move on to the next more exciting generation - here represented by my first choice of 2011 American superhunk/hero - Channing Tatum. 
In the film DEAR JOHN he sensitively played a member of the military who's helped by his love interest to understand his autistic father.  It's a very romantic story with a stunning twist to the plot.  Channing is not only a good actor, but also provides an abundance of eye candy(always very much appreciated) for audience females.  Do you agree? [True confession time:...although a fine actor and gorgeous man, Mr Tatum has in no way replaced RA in my affections...Richard is still numero uno as my virtual mesmerizing male.  Of course my beloved hunky hubster is, as always, #1 in RL:]  Channing is currently starring in The Eagle...

January 2010 Past Post of the Day: Discussing the announcement that RA's agent had moved to LA, etc--Hindsight:
One year later and he's scheduled to appear in his first major big-screen movie as well as about to start filming(Feb 21) The Hobbit..

Guy of Gisborne Version...
Ooops!  Deleted -- Had not watched the GoG version of Gimme, Gimme in quite awhile - forgot that it's one of the few RA fan vids, due to some content, that I'd never post to this blog.  It's available on youtube if you want to compare the acting range between the Guy and John roles.. 
                                                       John Standring

In the following video, THE HOBBIT director, Peter Jackson, makes interesting comments (in 2009) about casting, etc.  His timeline was off by one year; however, in fairness to him we need to keep in mind the global financial meltdown that occurred during that period.  It inevitably delayed all epic movie plans for an extended period of time...


Laura said...

I have a question for BEG, when she comes on... I've searched all over the place for a torrent of SB episode 5. I'd been happily watching 1-4 on YouTube, and someone uploaded only the first half of ep 5, much to my consternation. And now I cannot find 5 in its entirety ANYWHERE!!! You'd mentioned the other day that you found all of them on a torrent site. Can you steer me in that direction?

Laura said...

Heh. I decided to give up on ep. 5, and went straight on to 6. And now I'm all twitchy! What is it with the Brits and their cliffhangers??? AAK!!

Brown-eyed Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

BEG... I KNOW!!!! I'm hoping for a Series 2, so they can pull his butt out of there! Those two girls (Layla and Danni) are resourceful, they'll get him.

(don't worry about the download site, I can live without seeing the last 15 min of Ep. 5. Eventually, someone will post it, I'm sure)

And now, I must go dig my driveway out from under a whole bunch of snow.

RiCrAr said...

hahaha..neither one of you, BEG & Laura, need to worry about John Porter, if the legitimate American forces catch him:) We'll take verrrrry gooood care of him - tons of TLC will be applied. Would unselfishly volunteer my services, of course. Although, he might disappear for quite awhile...necessary lengthy debriefing of course *cough,cough* Heehee

Brown-eyed Girl said...

I think I read somewhere that he would be back for a brief appearance in series 2. Let's hope so, I'd like to see John Porter again :)

RiCrAr said...

Yes, BEG, a few mos ago an RA fan contacted an executive at SKY and asked if Richard will appear in SB2. Believe the reply said he would appear in it but not in the leading role. They've replaced him with TWO other actors. The exec didn't elaborate on how many episodes Richard will appear in - hopefully it's more than one.

Laura said...

RiCrAr, I have to agree with you about American Actors. What does Rush call it? The "Chickification" of men? Seems like every "hero" they put out there has to have some sort of angst, doughy abs, and homoerotic fantasies. What happened to Superman?

That's one of the reasons I'm so drawn to RA. The men he plays are MEN. They *like* women. They *look* like men. They don't shave, they sweat, and they bleed... but they keep going. It's why I love Harrison Ford, too. They're very similar in the roles they choose. Meaty, but unashamedly Male. And not a bit wimpy. Even when they're vulnerable dads (I'm thinking of HF's character in Air Force One), they're still kicking butt every chance they get.

Long live the American Hero. (but I'll take a Brit every now and again, too...)

Laura said...

ps... LOVE the "Confession" video. I'm adding that song to my iTunes list. I know it's a good tune when my brain starts skating to it!

RiCrAr said...

Agree with you 100% Laura about the boring 'chickification' of America. Here again we have pretentious, downright silly liberals and their wrong-headed political philosophy to thank for the phenomenon.

Any female who's ever been involved in a truly loving heterosexual relationship doesn't want to denigrate men and promote women as having all the answers for every problem on the planet. We do want to have an equal partnership with men and work together to raise happy, healthy children for the greater good of all mankind. *descending from soapbox*:) haha

I've posted the Heinz Kruger pic in latest post. The director was wise enough to keep RA's hot image almost intact, except for slicked back hair--suppose that's supposed to make him truly evil:) I'm doing the happy dance while typing -- celebration time! Hooray!

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Amit said...

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Van Nic said...

Nouveau Restore

Always be sure to wash off your makeup prior to going to sleep. Use a solution that is geared to expel all of the makeup from your face. Then, wash your face as you normally would. When you leave make-up on, pimples and rashes can occur.