February 18, 2011

Hobbit Holes in Progress + Latest Edition Hobbitin5 + NZ Photographer's Website - OMG! His Photos Have the Quality of Oil Paintings

Spooks7 dvd extra - RA in Moscow(by Britu21)

Busy, busy, busy -  hobbit holes under construction..Looks like the address is #1 -- must be Bilbo's cozy hacienda:)

Sue suggests, in a comment below, that there appears to be a great deal of similarity between the Thorin and Guy characters

This photo reminds me of a scene in THE EAGLE when a thumbs down was given to the gladiator (meaning the Roman crowd's signal to kill) as they were gruesomely enjoying their fun and games 'friviolity'.  Someone in the blood-thirsty crowd convinced them to reverse their decision to one of 'thumbs-up'..hence today's thumbs up signal (something else originating with ancient Romans)

Photographer's Website:
Besides being a well-known NZ photographer, Ian Brodie is also the Media and Communications Manager with Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours   http://www.ianbrodiephoto.net/

                                                 RA by palomairi1

        Hobbitin5 gets into the weeds with the dwarves - many mentions of Thorin towards end...



Sue said...

Going slightly off piste for a minute (well it is Saturday night!) I notice that Amazon over here in blighty has already listed the DVD of Captain America - The First Avenger - with Richard Armitage billed alongside lead actor Chris Evans (I can't help but have a chuckle when I hear that name, over here in England is a mad, mouthy git of a DJ called Chris Evans, has great big specs - to match his big mouth!). Obviously there's no release date, but one can be alerted to it's imminent release!Here's the link:


Ricrar said...

Thx for the link Sue. I've just checked the amzn UK site and US. They both show the Capt America DVD with wording to register in order to be notified when it's available. Only difference between the 2 sites is that UK mentioned RA after Evans, while US has Samuel Jackson.

While at the amzn US site, said to myself "Richard has officially arrived at stardom!." Many of his past projects are available that were never there before.

Decided it would be wise to order my sister's Christmas gift while it was still available. Was hoping RH2 was offered but they've only region 2, so my next choice was the region 1 Spooks7. They, of course, insist it's MI5..which now seems ridiculous to me. Although, it is true Americans think first of ghostly images when they hear that word -- not hot spies and international intrigue:)

Sue said...

I've just heard that Sir Ian McKellen will be appearing at the Chichester Festival Theatre here in England during a five-week break from filming The Hobbit. He's to be in a Naples-set comedy. Where do these actors get their energy and enthusiasm from? (Perhaps Richard will do a stint treading the boards during his own break during the summer?)

See link for more about Ian McKellen's theatre role: