April 16, 2013

Richard Armitage:Which is Moodiest chaRActer of them all? + After 1 ep,DaVinci's Demons Renewed for 2nd Season

Link to Leonardo DaVinci's sketches:
Game of Thrones weirwood set...
Menswear designer recently tweeted the following (thank you Sue for the headsup). Nice leather jacket but what's up with lumberjack plaid shirt?..and 4 undone buttons might be gratuitous....not that I'm really complaining;D Scratch last thought. 
                     Lara Pulver played Guy's sister. He joins her in her current series 'DaVinci's Demons' on Starz channel.[Season 2 has already been greenlighted]


Sue said...

Why does Richard keep saying he's moody and bad tempered? I don't believe it for a moment! Maybe his characters start to take over his brain after a while and he gets mixed up. I remember him describing himself as 'quiet and placid', which is a far cry from being mean and moody. (Although he did make himself sound a bit like a pet labrador, when he said that. He can sit on my lap anytime!).

Ricrar said...

Sue, IMO Richard is convincing himself he's moody and bad tempered whenever he needs to convey those emotions onscreen.

Remember when he said it was fun playing Guy because you can't get away with such uncivilized growling in real life. He did sound somewhat frustrated at that time when he added "well I certainly cannot" (words to that effect).

Apparently the Armitages years of teaching their sons good manners often have to be discarded by RA during filming, BUT cannot be ignored in his daily life. To which I say Hooray! There are enough bad mannered people in the world. It's great to see a celeb who isn't spoiled into believing the world revolves around him.

It isn't just Richard who describes himself as "quiet and placid" - during a Hobbit interview in Japan, Martin Freeman said Richard doesn't ever show an ounce of arrogance and PJ said he's very stoic. Apparently he just shows up for work, never complains and gets on with his job. Knowing that makes him seem even more adorable, just when you thought it was impossible.

Only 2 wks until RA's appearance in Australia. I understand a number of fans have already purchased their tickets. Will they manage to get close enough for his autograph? If so, we should have another flood of new fan photos to drool over together.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I can see it being fun to invoke moody and bad tempered for a while. I would LOVE to do that for a while!!! :) :) :) Might do us all good -- next to our standard American efforts to achieve Nirvana and perfect composure through meditation :) :) :). Talk about a pointless and doomed effort there.....

Cheers! I think RA does a great job of it!

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, believe I'll look for a fanvid with RA characters at their most bad tempered. John Thornton wasn't exactly a lamb after one of the rioters hit Mgt with the stone.

Other than the bad-tempered kings Thorin and Guy of Gisborne, I'd say Porter is a close third. He displays righteous indignation when it comes to protecting innocents. My fav chaRActer is determined to keep terrorists in their place - either in the grave or behind bars.

Hopefully there are many Porter types currently in the FBI. They've taken over investigation of yesterday's cowardly act in Boston.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Would love to see it! While maintaining composure (inside and out) is certainly a virtue in my book, so is righteous indignation (and ACTION!!!) in the face of harming of innocents. I believe we have a tendency to condemn those who protect (police, military)...and while there are certainly problems there, there is still a whole lot of need for them, unfortunately. Turning a Zen face to tyranny doesn't help anyone, even Zen, in the long run :).

So, here's to grumpy and righteous! :) :) :) Can't wait for RA's righteous indignation fanvid!

Sue said...

I think Richard may well have difficulty playing downright nasty characters, somehow during his onscreen arguments he never seems 100% convincing. I remember Richard mentioning something about pretending to be someone who
was supposed to be angry at acting school and his tutor sounding a bit critical.

On to something about Richard which is even more enjoyable to discuss. I've just come across this piccy of Richard, shirt unbuttoned almost to the waist, showing a fair amount of hairy chest. Do you think this is all Richard, or could there be a bit of hairiness left over from Thorin, as he does seem a particularly hairy dwarf?



cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hairy shirt picture. My vote:

:) :) :)

Ricrar said...

hahaha...I see we're all in agreement that 4 undone buttons is not really gratuitous. In fact, it's downright chest-hair perfection;D I've eliminated the designer in cropped pic above--enabling closer inspection of a hairy situation.

Thanks for the heads up Sue. The menswear designer tweeted the photo in April, so we're almost shopping with Richard in realtime.

What about the plaid shirt? Do both of you approve. The red makes it a little too lumberjack-like for me. Perhaps a darker plaid? I don't know why RA doesn't simply tweet photos of himself from the try-on room and we could give a thumbs up or down. *it's very doubtful we'd be concentrating on the clothing if that dreamy scenario ever occurred*

Ricrar said...

Sue, I was always convinced of Richard's onscreen anger. But there was one particular scene where I found an overabundance of conviction in his voice. This time He was conveying an emotion other than anger.

The scene is in Moving On when John Mulligan supposedly jokingly says to his romantic interest in the piece - "stupid woman" He said it with such total conviction that it left me startled and puzzled.

Didn't both of you find Guy's anger credible when he shoved Marian to the floor (after she'd set fire in her chambers in order to escape Nottg'm castle)? Even Marian looked very concerned at just what Guy was capable of doing at that point.

Cleo, I'll look for a vid with a number of angry lines from RA's character. We can all assess whether he sounds truly outraged.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! The plaid shirt photo is certainly not gratuitous. And I don't mind the red plaid at all. But, then, I value those who can throw hay! It's pretty much a requisite for horses. You think RA knows how to do that?

I have bought the anger of RA's characters in pretty much everything except for Moving On. That seemed very stilted and added on the end at the last moment to me, not on RA's part as an actor, but I always felt it was an add-on by the writers. Just a feeling or a guess. Could be completely off. In his other characters, from the delectable Sir Guy to Porter to Lucas, all of their anger always had some rationale from my perspective. (I know I am in a minority in regards to Sir Guy on this, but I always thought he was surrounded by a bunch of hooligans)....

Love the Sir Guy video. Oh, the righteous hero fending off chaos on all sides… :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Can Richard throw hay? hmmm there's a question about him that never entered my mind. Although I do suspect he might've purchased land and/or a residence in NZ. Therefore, considering he had/has a strong interest in his equine co-stars and probably wants to keep his riding skills honed, I'd say there's a great chance that RA has thrown hay at some point, if not on a regular basis.

He mentioned when asked where he's currently based that he's in the "New York area" - which could signify a more rural location where he might indeed have enough pasture to keep at least one horse.

There you go - one thought about Richard throwing hay for horses and he's suddenly a property owner in NY state where land is extremely expensive and taxes very high:D Hopefully his Hobbit income can handle the extra expense.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Re: Throwing hay. Well! He certainly has the physique for it!

Good luck to him with his horses in NZ and NY :) :) You know, there's a scene from Hair (the movie/musical) of the very wealthy riding through Central Park on their lovely horses. Of course, land is far cheaper in Florida! :) :) :) Just a thought...


Sue said...

I thought his performance in Between the Sheets as Paul, was a little stilted. His arguments with Julie Graham just didn't seem to ring true. Of course Richard's acting prowess has come on in leaps and bounds since then, and to be honest I never liked his character or the drama for that matter, he's better than that.

Sue said...

PS: Mind you the scene where Paul (Richard) gets into bed with the nanny was rather good! Was she screaming out in ecstasy or surprise do you think? Personally if it had been me in that bed the poor bloke wouldn't know what hit him! I wouldn't let him up for air!

Ricrar said...

Sue, Paul often acted browbeaten by Alona. He rightfully stood up for himself, when he complained to her (and the counselor) that she would not let go of her first husband. He was not allowed to discipline her lippy son and still felt as though he was a guest in their home.

That's why it surprised me when he softened towards her as they planned another wkend at their friends house. Apparently, like the majority of men, he'd rather have an *eventful wkend* in hand than one in the...errr, nevermind;D teehee Started down that path without thinking ahead.

Didn't Paul mistakingly believe he was getting in bed with Alona? I don't remember him making advances to the young nanny. Upon reflection, that would be consistent with the reason he was under scrutiny on the job.

Cleo, if Richard is renting property in the NY area, it could easily be in more rural Connecticut. Huge numbers of CT residents commute to NYC and back home each day.

Although, the location would need to be fairly adjacent to NYC since RA said he lost power(same as all those in it's path) during the last devastating hurricane.
That's something I can say we truly had in common. We were without power for 48hrs.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

CT is far too high brow for me. And it's two hours, by my standards, to get to real horse country from Manhattan. Whereas, here in Florida, you can throw a stick just about anywhere and hit horse country! But, then again, we're near Ocala, which is a nationally known equestrian center.... Can't beat NZ, but I still recommend land in Floirda! It's not just swamp anymore!

Still imagining RA thorwing hay. Somehow, that just really works....that old movie, "Footloose," somehow comes to mind. But was that hay throwing, or just a beautiful guy dancing in a water hose?

Evening! Cheers!

Ricrar said...

The entire ep 1 of DaVinci's Demons was provided at youtube. It's posted above if you want to get a taste of it. Season 2 was already given the go. It's amusing to see vital body parts blurred and 4 letter words edited out for non-Starz subscribers.

In the case of the private areas, it's just as well for at least two scenes - they're both fleshy 50 or 60 something men. They're actually doing us a favor by blurring those particular appendages;D and I often wish it was possible to press a remote option and edit out the 4-letter words anyway.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Thank goodness for the blurring of images. This is one main reason I don't get the movie channels anymore. They've become just plain pornographic. I don't know what the story is with that. And "it sells" doesn't work for me as an excuse. However, in the absence of more reasonable minds, thank goodness for blurring! Whatever happened to *suggesting* something sexy without actually doing it in public in front of a camera? Movies in the 1940s had it much better along those lines, I think. Suggestive is much more sexy than flat out pornography, at least in my book. But, clearly, I'm in a minority, as the movie channels seem to do fine without me... My whole Cleopatra manuscript, for example, talks about her polygamous marriage in academic and political terms, but there is not even one instance of actual sex in the whole manuscript. But it is very sexy! :) :)

Hope you're having a happy Friday!