April 28, 2013

Richard Armitage:New CNET,Aus Interview(see link) +"if it comes through the fans will be pleased!" + New Pics..Converse Sneakers?? + New Interview(see link) + New Photos + Thorin in THE HOBBIT


Stylist tweeted the details below -  those who voted for sport coat, white shirt, jeans were closest:
Richard Armitage in a Calvin Klein olive blazer, Jbrand jeans, Hugo Boss boots for Hobbit DVD press

RA:What have I been doing recently? Oh god I can’t talk about it because it might happen as a potential job! But there’s a novel I’ve been reading...and then you read then novel, then you read the social comment on the novel that was written at the time, then you start looking at their other work. Now you’re going from battling flying dragons to twisters in Black Sky, so what can we see you in next?
RA:After Black Sky? Oh I wish I could tell you. Every script that I’ve read has got a book attached, and I think I’ve read five books. 
So I just need to steal your Kindle, is what you’re saying?
RA:(Laughs) You just need to steal my Kindle. There are some big scale projects, and then one incredibly charming book that I love so much. But I don’t have anything confirmed, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. 
That’s interesting, how do you go about selecting roles? Is it different after The Hobbit?
RA:It’s not as easy as people think. My job at the moment is to convince people that I’m not 5 foot 2 and hairy. (Laughs) But I suppose the priority for me at the moment is to try not to repeat myself, and also to really focus on how I want to stretch myself, and what kind of directors I’d like to work with. So that’s been the focus. 
So Thorin has opened doors then?
RA:A little bit, yeah, but I’m now swimming in a much bigger pond, you know. I’m going up for roles that are going to big actors, big actors! And I’m in my forties and those big actors have got big CVs. But hopefully I’ll win one of those roles that I love so much.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Those are some very beautiful pictures, indeed, Ricrar!! The islands seem to suit him! (Can't say that I blame him!)

Can't wait to hear more on Wednesday. Any chances of a youtube viewing of his appearance at the Australian theatre?


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh. Ricrar. These Sophie's choices you give us. Really. Black leather jacket or brown. I do declare. I will not choose (yet again!)!!!

The black leather jacket is hard and strong and is warmed up only by the gentle look in his eye. The leather jacket is all soft and and collegiate (a personal favorite) -- and inquisitive. Please thank him for wearing both!!!!!! :) :) :) From me, personally :) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Agreed the brown leather jkt looks very soft, Cleo -- perhaps lambskin? I'm trying to determine how a leather jacket can be inquisitive?..rather inquisitive about that topic myself;D

Do you have any suggestions which 5 books Richard has recently read that will be made into films? He says some are huge projects while he fell in love with one charming story? Are you aware of any books currently under movie development, with a role that seems to have RA written all over it? They must be in the casting process for all 3 to 5 films because he said he hopes to win one of the stories that he "loves so much".

It might only be 3 films because he said once you read the book the movie is based on, it leads to reading more of the author's works.

Have you heard of 'The Glass Castle'? It's an autobiography by woman whose father was a charismatic character. He'd be about Richard's age at the time the writer was growing up. Quite a true tale - maybe that's the one that stole his heart. Although I'd never use the word *charming* to describe her difficult struggle with her parents - which leads me to doubt this is the one.

Sue said...


Just listened and watched Richard's interviews down under. My goodness those aussies are a lively bunch aren't they!

Interesting that he said he had been reading the book 'The Great Gatsby', but unfortunately a remake of that has just been done with Leonard Dicaprio.

The question asking him what he had just been doing prior to the radio show could have proved a bit tricky. (Go on Richard you can be honest with us, you were in the loo weren't you! Checking his ipad for the latest news indeed!)Mind you the question about his best party piece could have come a close second!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, Ricrar, I hope one of the "books" is mine!!!! Although, I don't have books, I have plays (including screenplay), short stories, and musicals/rock opera. I'm hoping for Cleopatra, or Tristan and Isolde! Or perhaps The Lotus Cafe?? :) :) He would be awesome in ALL of them.

As for the brown leather jacket and inquisitive...it is the look in his eye that is inquisitive in that shot. Very inquisitive, indeed! :) :) Capturing, somehow...

Ricrar said...

What's a party piece, Sue?
Perhaps instead of the *loo* Richard was partaking of something even more *personal*..Wibble! Either way checking iPad for news is the careful default reply.

Yesterday he said he'd recently read a total of 5 books because one or more linked to a role was written by the same person. Might another F. Scott Fitzgerald book be in movie development? If so, I'd say there's a good chance that's one of the roles he's hoping to win.

What was your reaction to the new pic with black tshirt/jeans/sneakers/
biceps? *dribble*

Ricrar said...

Gotcha, Cleo. Agreed that Richard's expression is inquisitive in that photo.

I always wonder what's running through his mind for these photo shoots. Does he get into acting mode to convey a message, or simply think something like "I'm starving--wish this photographer would move it."

Can you think of a recent bestseller that's *charming* and about to made into a film? RA said he fell in love with that book.

Ricrar said...

See link to another interview above where Richard says he told Prince William he'd make a fine elf in The Hobbit. haha Good for him! Then Diana's polite son;D stopped after seeing the film and told RA it was a very good performance. Our fav actor turned to his father and said "did you hear that?" and his dad said "No, I'm deaf, I didn't hear him".

OMG! Can you imagine the frustration, but he said it was a proud moment for him, and well it should have been.

When asked how it feels to be a heartthrob, Mr Humility said "Am I a heartthrob? I always end up playing bad characters - I never get the girl. Well, I did in North and South."

Sue said...


What's a party piece? Difficult to describe. Basically it's a bit of a turn, where you mimic someone famous, tell a joke, or just do some kind of cameo to entertain a gathering.

Richard began by saying something about a can of petrol. I seem to remember he told a joke about something similar once before. I think it went something like, "how do you create a smouldering look, answer, a can of petrol and a packet of matches". You really had to listen to the joke to appreciate it fully. (Personally I think Richard probably has many strings to his bow, re party pieces, it all depends on his audience at the time.(E.g. whether it's a private or very public audience!Personally I'd love to see that calendar they created for Peter Jackson of a load of nude dwarfs wearing just a smile and their fat suits. What a lark!)

As for Richard's dad, saying he was deaf, I wouldn't take that too literally, my mum used to say something similar to me if she hadn't quite heard something, it's called sarcasm.

About some magazine photo's of Richard. I couldn't to understand why he seemed to look slightly different, thinner, not quite our Richard, in some photo's. I think I may well have the answer to this conundrum however. Magazines have a tendency to 'air brush' and correct certain things they feel should be smoothed or plumped a little. I must admit I did wonder where those thunder thighs had disappeared to, I think someone's been interfering with Richard's very individual characteristics. You really can't improve on perfection, and in Richard's case better not to even try! Don't mess around with Richard's long aquiline nose, laughter lines, or crinkles on his forehead, they are what makes him unique to his fans and what we like about him. Don't you agree? (Much better to age naturally, than look like you are fighting the force of gravity, courtesy of a cosmetic surgeon's knife or botox surely?)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! Hope you had a great week!!

I cannot think of a charming recent best seller -- unfortunately, I read so much social science all the time, I don't get much time for novels until I get a vacation at the beach. That happens every ... oh, every few years or so :) :) Then I stock up and read everything I've been missing while working on the grind! When I'm overseas, I catch up on English classics (it's often all you can find in non-English speaking countries). So that leaves my most recent favorites SNOW by Orhan Pamuk and AN EQUAL MUSIC by Vikram Seth. Those came out some time ago! So, I'm still hoping that his charming new read is -- CLEOPATRA!!!!! Or Tristan and Isolde. :) :) Or something more familiar to me :) :) That would sure make this fan happy!!! :) :) :)

Love the new "inquisitive" photo. He does those so well! :) :)

Cheers! Happy weekend!

Ricrar said...

Actually Sue, I suspect Richard does take advantage of botox treatments. How could a 41yr old man have skin that smooth without some assistance? In fact, he's already mentioned that he wouldn't care about cosmetic appearances if it wasn't a strong necessity in his profession.

IMO, another one of your finest actors needs to be introduced to the advantages of botox (for a maturing actor) - it's Iain Glen. As Game of Throne's Ser Jorah, he has spent many days in the hot mediterranean sun guarding his khaleesi. Noticed in recent eps of that show the actor has developed severe crinkles. Hopefully, Mrs Glen will make an appointment for him in order to make certain a wide range of roles are offered in the future. Just noticed he's currently playing in The Borgias as well - planning to cancel HBO and renew a subscription to Showtime in order to catch Iain's latest role.

Certain you're correct, Sue, that Richard probably has a wide assortment of *pieces* to pull out of his party hat.

There's speculation among fans that the role RA referred to as pleasing us, if it comes through, is the WWII story set on the Isle of Guernsey. Readers feel it fits his descriptive word "charming" - he'd prob play the farmer who wins the heart of the primary female character. Sounds perfect to me - hope they're correct.

Ricrar said...

Almost goes without saying Cleo that Richard's fans would do backflips if he wins a role based on an English classic. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed in hopes that we soon hear that type of news.

Sue said...


I'm not so sure that Richard has partook of the odd botox injection, those crinkles wouldn't exist if he had. It's surprising what pan stick make-up, not to mention prosthetics, can do to make a huge difference to someone's appearance. You need to be able to use many facial expressions as an actor, in order to convey emotion, without that you simply can't act! Resist, Richard, resist cosmetic assistance at all costs! Otherwise you'll just look like another cloned, walking skeleton, devoid of all human emotion. (Not to mention those actors that fail to realise when to give up the ghost, when it comes to the knife, look completely ridiculous!) I must admit I was nodding in agreement when the english comic and actor hosted the Oscars, when he was skitting at all those actors in the audience who had undergone cosmetic surgery, not that any of them would ever admit to it, mind you!

Ricrar said...

If not botox maybe the treatment that somehow removes the top layer of skin. It takes awhile to recover, and then your complexion is as soft as a baby's bum. Either that or Richard has inherited fantastic genes - especially facial skin that barely shows any sign of aging.

His brain and voice are the sexiest parts of him anyway, so he might as well relax - with the right attitude he can keep them forever young. That infectious laugh of RA's is the best evidence that he's already enjoying life to the fullest.

Ricrar said...

New interview in latest post. Richard gives hands on dwarf- walking instructions to female interviewer.

Sue said...


Yes I saw Richard's 'hands on' approach. We she asked for it, and boy did she get some hints on how to walk as a dwarf! I love how Richard refers to his getting into the role as a dwarf by imagining he has 'stone balls'. I think some interviews are a little shocked at this, in England this wouldn't get a second thought perhaps, but in America? Personally speaking I have no experience of having any balls, be they of stone or made of any other substance, how about you RiCrAr? Maybe I shouldn't say that!)

Did you see how Richard kept looking at the girl he had just given some hints on how to walk like a dwarf? Not sure whether any of that particular 'party piece' had been rehearsed beforehand, but it certainly had some impact on the recipient. I'm guessing that some of Richard's past experience as a choreographer came to the fore during that clip.

You're right his skin does look very clear lately, although I don't think he spends much time in the sun if he can help it, which is why he usually looks quite pasty most of the time. Although he does look quite bronzed in his recent picture, so maybe he's getting a taste for the outdoors.

I do think aging is in the genes, and down to bone structure etc.

You're right about the Game of Thrones actor needing a little botox. He has very fair skin, which does tend to wrinkle and age more than most.