April 11, 2013

Richard Armitage:New Fan Vid(Bad Tempered & Moody--Really?) + Mariaid's Thornton Wedding + daVinci's Demons:CGI Florence, Costume Designer + RAndom Friday Photo Blitz

A pause that refreshes - Some of the lucky few during the Victorian era:
Fan Mariaid's Thornton Wedding:
For those of us who find it impossible to go half way around the world for RA's appearance at the Cremorne, NSW Hayden Orpheum(restored art-deco theater) here's an idea of what it might look like. Figure is deliberately out of proportion, because Richard is *larger than life*(lame excuse;)  
Does sitting on the floor fix everything? 

daVinci's Demons is a joint effort by US Starz tv channel and the BBC.  Here's an interview with the award winning costume designer. Excerpt:
Period dress does seem to be very much your thing…I think it’s because unravelling the past is such fun really. The things that get me going are the bizarre elements. It’s definitely not surface decoration - that comes later. It’s structure. If I wasn’t a costume designer, I think I would have been a structural engineer who builds bridges. I’m really into engineering and how these shapes are built. What I get excited about is the kind of analysing of shape and form and how that functions within the society you’re creating. That’s why I like period stuff. I read avidly and I love history. It’s a life-long interest really, the past.
http://boards.ancestry.com/SearchResults.aspx?db=mb&gss=ancMB&hc=10&rank=0&adv=&p=localities.northam.usa.states.pennsylvania.counties.northumberland&csn=Northumberland&cst=board&gskw=holmes&psrch=on&_F00029CB=&_F00027E2=&period=&_80004003=&_F0002BF1= http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.pennsylvania.counties.northumberland/3092/mb.ashx


Sue said...

I've just been listening to Richard on the radio. Apparently he let slip that he used to go ice skating in Nottingham. He does like the cold doesn't he? How about auditioning for Stars on Ice Richard? (Or would he have an unfair advantage - and I'm not talking about his ability to ice skate here!)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

So many pictures, so little time! LOVE the RA 007 photo. Now we just have to convince the filming powers that be what we have all known for some time now. ?? I just don't get what the holdup is! RA. 007. Synonyms.

And the Monet Kiss! All we need now is RA in water lilies! :) :) (Or Lotus blossoms) :) :) :)

Have a great weekend, Ricrar. Thanks for all the photos!!! Cheers :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Re: "Sexy and I know it" video.

"So sexy they had to cage him," indeed! “Reveal the secret of your sexiness," please!!!! "Sexy when I subtly lift my brow...." I don't think I've seen anything so funny in my whole life.

Question: is going from Sergeant Sexy to Mr. Sexy a demotion?

Ricrar said...

Sue, as you know the answer is a definite yes that Richard always has an unfair advantage. Most recent example is the latest pic I've posted above. It's the very last one.
I stumbled upon it and wondered how RA would look in place of Leonardo Davinci (from last night's ep 1 of the new series).

After my tinkering, Richard resembles Hugh Jackman in those Wolfman movies more so than anyone else BUT, he still looks sexy;D

The gold medal olympic ice skater, Evan Lysacek is also 6'2" tall. More than one tv announcer has commented that it's very rare for a man that height to be graceful on the ice. We know someone else who no doubt could've accomplished the feat, if that's where his ambition had taken him.

I was surprised to learn that after the 2010 Olympics Evan participated in Dancing with the Stars and came in second. The vid above gives us somewhat of an idea how our fav actor would look on one of those shows. ONLY, he'd prob win first place;D

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo, always happy to hear when you've enjoyed a vid or particular photos.

I was just telling Sue about the U.S.'s 6'2" olympic gold medal figure skater. While searching for one of his vids, I learned Evan's costumes are designed by Vera Wang. Then read an article saying Evan had moved into 65yr old Ms Wang's home in California. He's about 31, so what could possibly be going on? I know there are May/Dec love affairs but this age gap seems extreme and unlikely, don't you think so?

The same blurb that mentioned she designs his skating costumes added the detail that he's always in on that process as well. Which brings me to the conclusion possibly Evan works as a designer for Vera Wang?? Although moving into her residence still seems a wee bit unusual IMO. Oh well - to each his own - hope they're both happy with the arrangement.

BTW, the photo above of the art deco theater in Aus is the authentic restored structure. Richard is deliberately out of proportion because otherwise he'd be as tiny as the other people in the pic and who wants that? Not me and prob not you either.

Hope you and your daughter are enjoying the wkend. give the horses an extra pat from auntie Ricrar;D

Sue said...

I've just noticed that piccy of Richard arriving at an airport (I think), complete with sunglasses. Who is that lucky gal with her hand on Richard's shoulder?

It reminds me of something I once heard on the TV by a Paul Newman fan. Apparently a lady had asked him to remove his glasses so she could see his beautiful blue eyes. Unfortunately he didn't remove them, but responded with a mouthful of expletives! She may have been a little cheeky, but to be honest was such language really necessary. Would Richard respond in such a way I wonder. (Maybe not, but I bet he'd be thinking those expletives, or saying to himself, cheeky bugger!)

Ricrar said...

Happy Sunday Sue,
I believe it's a young male fan with Richard in that photo. He had just left Comic Con last summer and was prob on his way to the airport when he was stopped for an autograph.

Don't like to speak unkindly of the dead, but that was very rude of Paul Newman. In his dotage, Paul became one of those annoying actors who do not stick to their professional knitting and instead he made uninformed, emotional outbursts against those Americans whose more objective political opinions were at odds with his own.

BTW, the new series Davinci's Demons will begin over there in a week or two. I highly recommend it - episode 1 was very entertaining and the star, Tom Riley, might not have Richard's level of droolworthiness but he does provide some eyecandy - Walks around most of the time with his leather jacket open revealing a Renaissance man plunging neckline which exposes medium crop of chest hair. Always prompts me to wish someone had taken an electric razor before shooting began...buzzzzzzz. All gone!;D I'd rather have an unobstructed view.

Sue said...

I do think some actors become too big for their boots sometimes, as we say over here. They start to take fame for granted, big mistake! Thank goodness Richard seems so grounded and humble.

I must admit I find celebs who get involved with promoting politicians and ramming down people's throats their political opinions rather annoying (okay blo*dy annoying in fact). Personally I think they should keep their political allegiances to themselves. As for politicians getting celebs involved to scrounge a few votes is a bit demeaning and should be avoided at all costs.

I wonder what Richard will have lined up when he finishes filming the Hobbit? Give us a clue Richard!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

So many beautiful photos, so little time! Thank you, Ricrar, for a beautiful display, as always. Between tax day, end of the semester, and working on publications & PAPERWORK, I have been delinquent in my otherwise dedicated perusal of your beautiful blog! I especially love the photo of RA in front of the (is it a Russian?) mansion. Any news on War and Peace for him? We have so many plans for him, his fans :) :). My daughter and I did have a lovely weekend and did pat the horses for you. We took an international guest with whom I'm doing some work on a tour of the rural parts of our county. Some of my friends feel you need a passport to go to the country -- you don't -- really! :) :)

Is RA already in New Zealand / Australia in advance of his theatre appearance? Inquiring minds and so forth....