April 5, 2013

Richard Armitage:Listen to Today's Radio Interview(see link) + Interview in Sunday's Independent + Newly Released Interview Videos + Link to Another: Mon Apr 8 Radio Interview

The onering website tweeted this photo a short time ago:

Listen to today's Radio Interview available at

INTERVIEW: I never like to go out of character when filming starts I fear that if I do, I might not be able to pick it up again. This was particularly the case with the character Thorin Oakenshield [in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit]. He's moody and broody, so people kept their distance from me during the production. I wish I was good at jumping out of character in between takes, as I'd be more popular socially.
Publicity for 'The Hobbit' was relentless I was travelling and doing junkets around the world, being asked the same questions every day for three weeks. Then at the end of the working day I'd have to get down the red carpet. It's pretty hard work. I much prefer being in front of a camera.
I love how Gary Oldman disappears into a role You see a character before you see him; you believe him as he's so invested in that character, such as his George Smiley in Tinker Tailor… That's what I'm striving for.
I'd like to act in a film without special effects I've spent the past two years in a special FX environment for The Hobbit. I also need to find something where I'm not fighting or inflicting violence on someone, as a lot of the roles I've had, such as Lucas North in Spooks and Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, have involved that. I don't know why that's been the case!
It's bloody annoying being shy I'll spend a whole evening at a party asking everyone else about themselves. I'm not being self-deprecating; it's because I'm too shy to talk about myself. So people come away from the evening actually having learnt nothing about me.
I hate selfishness in people I lean towards the Japanese idea of "you first", such as always allowing another to walk through a door before you. Though admittedly, in their culture, this [thoughtfulness] is shame-based, to some extent.
I'm an avid skier Most of the time that I've been skiing, I've been about to go and film something, so I'm always living in fear of a broken leg and I ski very safely. I've taken a few tumbles, though. I once flipped and bounced on my head, landing in a mess on the floor; it's a dangerous sport but it's exhilarating and it allows me to unwind.
Snowboarders ruin the piste They shave off all the snow so it's like an ice patch, and they sit in the middle of the piste, chatting with friends in a line, so you have to jump over them as you come over the crest of a hill.
I'd like to live off-grid I'm fascinated with the documentation of the environment [and its degradation] through photography, and our hunt to move away from fossil fuels and towards new technology. I'm attempting to build a home that uses water, wind or solar power. Right now it's just a pastime, but it's an exciting prospect.
Richard Armitage, 41, is a British actor. 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is available on DVD from tomorrow

After today's interview, apparently RA found more than one table soccer opponent
In keeping with a mens' fragrance sub-theme for this post, RA's devoted fan
Mariaid designed the stunning ad, container label for an RA signature fragrance.  All we need now is for a parfum manufacturer to formulate the blend. What ingredients might they use?..scent of yellow roses(JT), blue snapdragons(Thorin), Johnny jumpups for Porter and Standring - maybe black orchid for Guy and Lucas?
Following is an actual Calvin Klein ad that's been somewhat enhanced.  Suddenly faded jeans look far more alluring...Just remembered a similar scene in Spooks8.
What is a king to do, when his wife requests he wears his crown? If a wise king, he'll do as his lady requests, for the good of the realm and peace in his castle.
[True costume drama connoisseurs might recognize the scene below from the movie The Other Boleyn Girl]
Ahhh...new houses need to be filled:D


Sue said...


I've just watched and listened to Richard's radio interview. He was as luvverly and articulate as ever (would we expect anything less).

One thing did rather distract me (only one you ask?). Have you noticed his foot and leg waggling about as he was being interviewed? (I must admit when I'm nervous I have been known to do that, and sometimes even catch someone elses feet, and quickly had to remind myself not to get carried away, as they might think they've struck lucky and I'm playing footsie with them!Anyway, I know he's got long legs, but it does look rather strange, almost as if he's kneeling down, not sat in a chair at all.

I wonder who that charming, quiet, well behaved little boy, who was sitting next to the interviewer, was? Is there something Richard hasn't told us?

Ricrar said...

How are you Sue?

Your remarks re RA's leg and person sitting beside the interviewer sent me into sleuthing mode. I'd not paid any attention to either in initial viewing.

Just rewatched the vid and have a couple theories:
1) It appears Richard's chair is set too low for his height and in order to reach the mic, he had to double at least the right one back under the chair. Doesn't he appear to be stooped toward the mic to you? That would support the wrong heigh chair level. They're prob not used to having 6'2" blokes sitting in that chair.

2) When you first mentioned the "well behaved boy" sitting with their back to camera, I wondered if RA's nephew might've accomapanied uncle Richard to the studio. Upon observation however, I realized the person was much older and even at one point reached over to the control panel in front of the woman. Then in the last few second of the vid that same person gave the *wrap it up* circular motion with one hand which brings me to the conclusion that it was a technical assistant to the interviewer.

Any thoughts to refute my conclusions? Didn't I see another radio interview scheduled for Richard this Mon afternoon on a BBC station?...are they all still BBC stations or has some competition sprouted in recent years?

Sue said...


Those chairs are always a bugger to adjust. I've managed to sit on one, only for it to drop in height, and I'm not that heavy honest! I think it must have been set for a dwarf (no pun intended, well maybe a little!)

I must have another shufty at the 'little boy'. Thinking about it I'm sure you must be right, they were just too quiet and well behaved for a child. I did see them briefly get up, but they seemed so tiny, I still thought it was a child!

I'm burning the midnight oil at the moment, trying to get a darn report finished and ready to present at a board meeting. I just thought I'd have a little RA break, well it beats a milky drink, and is more reviving!

Ricrar said...

One of my recent RA breaks involved wondering why the song "Love in an Elevator" came to Richard's mind first, when he was asked what he sings in the shower.

Second line makes the curiosity even stronger: "living it up while you're going down"...hmmmm
Why was that one fresh on his mind? Any thoughts?

Believe you'll agree that's a more reviving thought than adjusting the height on an office chair;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Trying to catch up on the RA news front. Had a VERY interesting discussion with a gentleman who's spent a lot of time in Egypt on the flight home yesterday....trying to catch up on that news front, too! Who's the model with RA in the first photo? (Jealous!!!) :) :) :)

Just kidding! :) Got to see the Egypt exhibit at the Met yesterday before my flights. Gorgeous, sunny day. Loads of people sitting on the stairs, etc. Taxi cab driver drove me through Central Park on the way (I love Manhattan taxi drivers!). The Egypt exhibit was completely packed with all sorts of people paying their respects to Isis :) :) :). I loved it! Almost made me cry :) :) :). Saw several wonderful likenesses of Tut (Tutenkamen). I loved the shapes of the women's bodies in the statues....real legs (human legs, you know?), and actual bellies. It was very reassuring for a modern woman!

I found an incredible sauce at the little Thai place I used to frequent when I'd visit Manhattan in my 20s. Some sort of lemon-hot-pepper vinaigrette that they put over avocado salad. It was incredible with just a dash of soy sauce for veggie dumplings....will have to try to reproduce it! It inspired me to find our Thai places again locally...haven't been in a while. (My daughter and I do tons of Mexican here...fresh and frequently available.) Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday with sunny, cheery weather!

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo,
You met a man who shares you interest in Egypt? Did you happen to ascertain his marital status - might he be interested in further *discussions* in the future;)

Quite a coincidence that I just read this fresh news re that country's political turmoil:

The model, in fact the photo, is actually the same one underneath with Chris Evans(RA character Heinz's Capt America) I replaced Chris with RA but either way, that ad is scrumptious, isn't it.

Sounds as though you thoroughly enjoyed your recent trip to NYC. Very happy to hear the weather Gawds of the North cooperated during your visit.

As you can see in the above post, there were several RA happenings last wk. Announcement of tomorrow's radio interview(see link) and an interesting one in Sunday's UK Independent.

Were you surprised to hear Richard is building a house or that he stills considers himself shy? When I read his evidence of the latter - the fact he asks others about themselves instead of constantly talking about himself - my reaction was to conclude the other party goers prob consider him a very refreshing celebrity. One who, unlike most, doesn't expect the world to revolve around him.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. You are ever so kind. Alas, I do not engage in trolling. I observe it frequently. But I do not engage in it myself. There are simply no heroes around sufficient to make it worthwhile! As for the very kind gentleman on the plane, he had simply been to Egypt far more recently than I, so I had many questions for him. I like to take advantage of that when I have the chance! (I am, after all, a political ethnographer by profession.)

I did enjoy my trip to NYC, immensely. The taxi cab drivers treated me like royalty -- which is quite something for a middle aged professor! Quite refreshing, I would say! I think our society could learn a great deal from taxi cab drivers! We might all get along a whole lot better if we did.

I found it very interesting that Richard is building himself an eco-friendly house. That is very nice, indeed. I wonder if it will be on an island somewhere, or in the heart of London? As for the other guests at his celebrity parties, I was caused to wonder -- why aren't *they* asking more questions about *him*? Polite interest in other people, and the like, you know?....

Love that gucci photo. :) :) Cheers!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. I have made a number of small changes to my Cleopatra screen play, including adding a far more robust suggested cast, directors and producers, including several people with whom RA has worked (and many others). It is a very international cast - US, UK, and local actors from Africa, India, Mexico, Eastern Europe, etc. Some of them are extremely famous in their own national contexts. Dream cast includes Laura Pulver, and one of my favorite US actors (from the Big Lebowski). :) :) Also includes some people from semi-private, semi-public life, personalities who are known for their fields (Salman Rushdie and Bill Gates, for example). :) :) It is an all-star cast! It includes an all-star and dynamic Council of Rome, giving a more robust sense of the variety and dynamism of life in my fictionalized, 4000 BC version of this early precursor to Rome, which is supposed to be filmed in contemporary Sanaa, Yemen (have you seen the architecture in that place??!).... All of the regional tribes and councils get to represent themselves at the round table – I mean, the Council of Rome… :) :) Looking at the dream cast, you can imagine what it would be like to get all of those people in one room debating the political issues of the day, the needs of their peoples, etc.! And, of course, RA is my dream cast for Julius, leading all of them.... http://patriciajwoods.blogspot.com/2012/07/cleopatra-screen-play.html

Sue said...

I love the idea of Richard living in an eco-friendly home. I must admit with the heating bills being sky high over here in blighty I fancy installing solar panels on the roof. Whatever it costs you are bound to recoup.

Didn't Richard say if he wasn't an actor he probably would have been an architect, so maybe he's having his cake and eating it?

As Richard's dad is a nuclear engineer, maybe he might consider the nuclear option? Hope not for all our sakes! I can't understand people protesting against using fossil fuels, and demand clean energy such as nuclear! Not much of a choice in my view, you either have clogged-up lungs or risk glowing in the dark. I once did some work for someone who had a mansion in Cheshire and created his own electricity by using water power, although having a river run through your land did help a bit! He had set something up similar to this in Peru, where they have no means of power, and it is incredibly cold at nights, in winter.

I reckon solar power is the easiest to install. There are loads of old Victorian houses where I live, which cost a bomb to heat, and they are all having solar panels on their roofs.

I agree with Richard about good manners, and holding doors open. I don't expect a man to open a door for me just because I'm a woman, it's good manners whatever sex you are. I always open doors for people and let them go first or make sure it doesn't slam in their faces if I do.It doesn't matter if they are elderly, young, handsome or plug ugly, they all get the same treatment, it wouldn't occur to me to behave any differently.

I wonder who won the game. It's ages since I've seen one of those, thought they'd become extinct and been replaced by the Xbox.

Sue said...


Just seen the mock up of the advert for 'obsessed' with Richard. Seeing as he's playing a sweaty dwarf, it should be for something called 'hot and brooding'. I did think of the phrase 'for someone with a face like a slapped a*se' but maybe not!Not that I think of Richard's face like that, but it does seem to be what he thinks of Thorin.

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the link Cleo.
For lower grades 1-8 my first class for one hour every morning was bible history. So, for years we'd start the day hearing about Egypt, Mespotamia, the roman emperors, etc. To this day, I can't shake the feeling I'm back in grade school whenever those topics surface. That's prob the reason I'm not watching the History Channel's current update of 'The Bible' - believe I'd reached a saturation point. AND 2yrs of Latin class in high school only seemed to aggravate the aversion.

BTW, I'm working on your Calvin Klein suggestion although with a slightly different twist. Will post asap;D

Ricrar said...

Sue, re energy for Richard's eco-friendly house - has anyone suggested he could just remove his shirt for a few hours each day;D The heat generated could prob keep half of London warm for 24hrs. *wink*

Might Richard's house be located in NZ? From what I've read, land is still considered a bargain there and he could use it as a ski holiday home once The Hobbit's a wrap.

Wind power is making inroads in our area. Mountain tops are lined with them in remote areas. Although, I think it's egotistical of human beings to believe their fossil fuels effect the environment. The universe is so enormous that the fuel burning population of Earth couldn't do damage. The alternative energy industries of course have spent billions and billions in self-serving propaganda(even to the point of compromising many scientists) over a couple decades. They will be the financial winners in the current game of energy thrones.

IMO, best reason to continue to develop alternative energy is the fact the supply of fossil fuels will eventually be totally consumed. It's always wise to plan for the future.

Were you referring to RA and Marian's soccer game? You know how competitive she was as the Nightwatchman. Devil made me do it;)

Have you seen the Thorin memes RA was asked about in a recent interview? They are hilarious.
An example: "I thought Richard Armitage's Thorin would be an ancient, boring dwarf" Next line is always the Thorin quote:

"Never have I been so wrong"

As for the suggested mens' fragrances, after staring at both Richard and Chris Evans in those ads, hubby is definitely getting some Gucci Guilty for his birthday. Hope it has a pleasant aroma;D - *not that of a smelly dwarf*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar. Look forward to hearing the interview.... I must say, in the photo you have posted now, the model looks like she is enjoying herself a whole lot more than what's-her-name, the CIA agent :) :) :)

Can't wait to see what you do with the other model photo. I have always wanted to see RA in that pose! :) :) (Knight in shining armor with self-actualized damsel *not* in distress, you know.....)

Male cologne. My picks: yellow roses, Sir Guy musk, and black orchid, me thinks. Smelly dwarf just isn't going to cut it for our hero! Cheers! :)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, You suggested a Calvin ad with someone riding on a gorgeous man's back. I couldn't resist when I saw the adorable little boy above on his dad's shoulders. If RA will soon have a news house, seems appropriate that at least one bedroom is filled with the pitter patter of imaginary little feet;D

You added a comment about the man in the fragrance ad coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress. The female in Guess ad looks to me as though she's in a certain type of distress, and fortunately for her that particular RA expression seems to almost sing "if you want it, come and get it." He def seems to be her knight in shining suntan lotion.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Very, very nice, Ricrar! Thank you. :) The Guess add certainly has a je ne sais quoi quality to it -- although, I have to say, RA does have a disembodied head quality to him in that one :) :) :)

Little kid photos can never go wrong. Very beautiful. I still want to see that gorgeous, self-actualized blonde in the CK link I sent climing on (preferably) Sir Guy's back! She is so regal in getting what she wants :) :) Would be nice to emulate :) A very fine model for all of we women :) :) Love this new genre of your RA cut-outs :) :) Cheers!

Ricrar said...

You were right about the disembodied head, Cleo. Replaced it with a crowned head instead.

Have you seen the movie 'The Other Boleyn Girl'? I wouldn't place it on the same quality production level as The Tudors, but it's fairly close behind. The story is a different take on the Boleyn/Henry relationship. Sets and costumes are lovely.

Henry VIII has been replaced by someone I consider more worthy of the crown;D He's carrying Anne Boleyn's sister Mary.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Love it!!! RA certainly is appropriate as King. And the model is closer to the one in the link I sent :). I haven't seen the Boleyn Girl. There are a few actors in there who really aggrivate me, so I avoided it.... I love to imagine RA in there, though! I didn't mean to cast aspersions on your Guess photo -- I loved that, too!!! :) :) :)

I tried to hear the radio interview from yesterday 2 p.m. I think I found the link on twitter -- where RA is interviewed in the same show as Rod Stewart. Couldn't get the link to work, though. Hope all's well in the RA-with-supermodels cutout photos industry!!!! I can't wait to see more :) :) Cheers!

P.S. That little kid shot is really very, very sweet. :)

Ricrar said...

I know exactly what you mean about "certain actors" in the Other Boleyn Girl. In fact I'd hesitated to watch but was lured by the striking sets and costumes. In particular, the actress Scarlett ?? whatever her last name might be. Judging from most comments about her, I'd expected a blonde bombshell. In this film she's the good girl - very subdued. In fact, as Mary Boleyn, she's very likable.

Natalie Portman is the classic b#tch. She received the Oscar afterwards for a different film that looked very dark to me, so I've not seen it.

Best movie I've stumbled upon for the latter actress is 'Closer'(will check to see if that's the accurate title). This particular movie strikes home for anyone that has experienced a love affair.

Julia Roberts plays the most annoying role in the film. She bounces back and forth between lovers Clive Owen and Jude Law's characters, while Natalie's role is the fragile victim of the piece.
Dialogue is very graphic but mature - meaning no four letter words.

I'm about to check for RA's latest radio interview.

Ricrar said...

Yes, that's the title. Just learned it was originally a play.

Ricrar said...

I've posted another portion of one of the RA interviews that took place when he was obviously suffering from a bad cold. You can see it in his eyes - they're a bit watery - and he needed to constantly clear his throat.