March 31, 2013

Richard Armitage: New Interview(see excerpt & link) + Game of Thrones Premiere + New Series DaVinci's Demons

Was very happy to see RA's reply to the following question because I'd always had the feeling those who consider themselves *method* actors are a tad too preciousss for my taste.  It's entertainment, not life-saving surgery..
QUESTION: Would you describe yourself as a method actor?
RICHARD ARMITAGE: No I wouldn't.  I wouldn't describe myself as a method actor.  I think other people apply that label.  I think I'm a concentrating actor.  So in order to do my work in the course of a day, particularly with a character like this I have to concentrate.  So it's about staying in the scene, staying with my head in the scene and attempting to keep the character with me.  It doesn't mean I can't have a conversation or go and make a cup of coffee. But I actually stay with the character for 18 months.
This freshly learned fact about DaVinci certainly triggered a moment of reflection.  He was a gravedigger - wanted fresh corpses to learn to accurately draw human anatomy. yccck! Were there no living breathing bods available to study? Hopefully we'll learn the answer during the new series. Ep 1 airs on Starz channel, April 12.[Update:have now read enough about the show to realize the artist will be portrayed as providing equal-opportunity in his love life. That appears to be the strategic business tactic with most historical drama these days--sly entertainment industry foxes want to lure as many viewers as possible; therefore, if a historic figure didn't have many or any children they can suddenly have a fictitious  revolving door to their boudoir. This is not a complaint - if that's what it takes to draw large enough audiences to historical be it!;]  Here's the macabre grave-digging artist with one of his subjects:
Lara Pulver played Guy of Gisborne's sister in RH3. She's wearing lovely costume designs in DaVinci's Demons:
Somewhere online there's a hilarious compilation of the major Game of Thrones characters with their corresponding *cat* version.  Here are my 3 fav characters beginning with Ser Jorah. I don't agree his feline companion resembles Dany's protective knight because he has glorious blue eyes while the cat does not;D The other two furry friends certainly do capture a certain aspect of their characters. They are blonde, blue-eyed Daenerys and pudgey yet adorable Samwell Tarly.
Highlight week 3 DWTS: Prom Night Theme. Ingo definitely playing against type this time:


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar!! To respond to your last post, my "dau" and I did have a lovely Easter, thank you! I hope you and your family did as well!!!

Apropos Eastern bunnies, in looking at one of the new photos posted on today's allthingsrarmitage, I could not help but say under my breath, "Oh, what a cutie!" My dau immediately replied, again in typical nine-year-old form, "Come on, Mom! Aren't bunnies cuter? Yes. The answer is, yes!" My answer has to be -- No. They're just not.

:) :) Sorry bunnies.

I did not get to see GoT last night, unfortunately. I cancelled that when I changed to French and Hebrew news on my cable.... (I did catch the French news....) :) Will be traveling soon in hotels...will they be replaying it? What did you think of it? Up to par? Even without RA?

How much do I LOVE that photo with "Ricrar" tattooed on our very own Lucas. Any chances of adding "Patricia" to the list? (Patricia will do just fine in this case -- not Cleo!) There are so many Patricia's! No one will ever know!!! :) :)

Cheers! Happy Monday!

Ricrar said...

haha "dau" is the abbreviation used in genealogy. I've read so much of that over past few yrs that it seems natural to use it.

Cleo, hopefully you've planned to see a play while in NYC. I'm assuming that's the trip you referred to in above comment? The reason it's a wise idea is because your chance of possibly being fortunate enough to see RA would climb substantially by doing so.

For the second time he was spotted in the audience at a current NY play. This was tweeted Friday evening:
"28 Mar
The lovely richard armitage in audience tonight #sohandsome"

If your hotel has HBO, the chances are good as well that you might happen upon ep 1 of the new season.

It did not disappoint - Dany has found her army after searching for one through seasons 1&2. Her literal *knight in shining armor* ser Jorah was as usual by her side and yet again saved her from another attempt on her life.

This season should be especially exciting if HBO's writers have followed Geo Martin's plot closely - he has taken readers on a virtual thrill ride in vol 3. Ep 1 is indeed true to the book.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! NYC is, indeed, my destination. I will have a little time outside of meetings -- I'm hoping to get to the Met (I always like to go to the Egypt exhibit!). Someone I used to know now owns an art gallery there, so I may see that. And I thought to possibly stop by the GoT exhibit, although those things are not usually what one would hope. I've done all the big Manhattan sites over the years, so I usually just walk around. Any particular recommendations?

On seeking RA, I am unlikely to do so -- I wouldn't know what to do with him if I found him :). I wouldn't ask for an autograph, so what's the point? :) I would nod my head kindly, of course. And then I would be able to say that I had nodded my head kindly to none other than Richard Armitage. That’s worth something in itself, I suppose . :) :) Of course, if he wanted to meet to talk about my screen play, that would be another story! Then I'd have plenty to talk about :). I've updated the screen play, btw, with links to images, filming locations, actors, music, etc. It gives more of a visceral feeling of the story. And there’s a little explanation of reason for being of the story. It's not just text anymore!

Would love any NYC recommendations! It's now warm here – looks like I still need long sleeves there still.... :(


Ricrar said...

Yes, Pat, temps are still cool up north altho that could change any day now. It's the time of year when we can go from 40deg one day to 70deg the next. Best to plan to bring layers - short sleeves w/coordinating sweater/jacket and even your lightest coat, just in case evenings are chilly. That way you can always shed a layer if necessary.

You're one of the exceptions among RA fans when it comes to hoping for an opportunity to spot him somewhere. We've already had many fans wait around the Black Sky set with what he called "rubbish" signs in order to catch a glimpse. They were usually rewarded with him walking over at the end of the shooting day to happily pose with them for photos, signing autographs.

My attitutde from day one has been similar to yours. I'm not an autograph collector and have never written a fan letter to anyone, so it's not necessary to see him in the flesh. Perfectly happy to enjoy his performances, interviews, photos, etc and of course keep an online journal of sorts about one actor's career.

No, I don't really have any recommendations for NYC because I've been there very few times myself. To a degree, that's deliberate. Whenever we plan trips it's usually to a quiet beach or historic site elsewhere.

There were a couple Christmas shopping trips to the big apple years ago - after that only the necessary bus trips into the city, in order to fly out of JFK, or the start of a cruise to New Brunswick as we glided down the Hudson past Lady Liberty. The latter was a thrill - it looked so much smaller from the deck of a humungous ship than it ever does in photos.

When do you leave for the trip? Weather was sunny here today - hopefully you'll be lucky and arrive in Gotham just in time for some lovely Spring weather.

p.s. There was a Hobbit Convention recently in Germany. Most of the dwarves other than RA attended. They were asked about him and had very complimentary remarks about his personality. I'll post a few quotes here asap.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Sigh. Well, Ricrar, I mean no offense by it. Here's my position. Unless he's going to (1) have a business meeting with me, or (2) take me out to dinner, it's really not worth my getting all worked up over.

:) :)

Going tomorrow. Should be fun. Looks like 50s day, 30s night. Layers sounds like the way to go! You sound just like me :). Thanks!! Always nice to have good recommendations :)


Ricrar said...

Hope you enjoy NYC Cleo.
I'll request the Gawds of the North(as opposed to Richard's Lords of the North) send nothing but sunshine and 70deg temps your way.

Bon voyage!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I'm in New York, Ricrar! Safely arrived and quite content, after some very nice Thai food for dinner. (We have nice Thai in my home town as well, but I had been to this place years ago, and it was nice to go again.) Staying in a very international hotel, which I love. Lots of languages all over. NYC is not the same as pastoral fields of horses and the periodic cow, but it has its up sides :) :). I walked by Times Square for a bit of exercise and the like. A bit of H&M (pretty much required) looking for dau presents. Business meetings tomorrow and hope to catch the Met before I have to go. Love, love, love the new RA-collegiate-look. Somehow, that just really works for me! :) :) :)

Cold breeze here. But not too bad, all things considered. Hope it's warm where you are!

I've had a whole bunch of views of my Cleopatra screen play this week, so thanks so much in as much as that is the result of your letting me chat with you about our beautiful hero!!!!

Cheers and all best!

Ricrar said...

Weather report;) Sunny but still chilly here today. Will springtime temps ever arrive? Hope you have a warm jacket/coat with you - if not, it's not like there isn't a countless number of clothing stores currently at your disposal.

BTW, a new series called DaVinci's Demons starts Fri, Apr 12 on Starz channel. See above video for a sample of the drama. It certainly looks like a visual stunner - now if the storyline matches quality of costume designs, we should really enjoy learning of which demons they speak. Apparently gravedigging is one of them. Yikes!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar! Long day here in the Big City, but absolutely lovely. Got to walk all the way from Battery Park through Soho in my work boots after my meetings (my work boots for Manhattan are, unfortunately, pretty big heels, so not like hiking boots!) before finding an **absolutely heroic** cabbie to whom I will forever be grateful!! I didn't need my overcoat most of the way (don't usually wear it when hiking) :) :)

Gorgeous weather here today. Your layering idea fit the bill perfectly. Overcoat and wool sportscoat are all that is required. I forgot my gloves at home, but, then, I'm not doing a lot of outdoor work here....(no loading of hay or anything like that) :) :)

Re: your comment about historical dramas gratuitously drawing upon the "revolving boudoir".... Fortunately for me, in my story of Cleopatra, she doesn't have a revolving boudoir, although she is known for it historically, so everyone will assume it! Instead, she has two absolutely devoted husbands to whom she is equally devoted. That might turn a few heads.... (heee, heee).

I loved the DaVinci's Demons video. Laura Pulver looks very interesting in it!!


Ricrar said...

Sounds as though you wore some leather off those boots, Cleo. Apparently the taxi driver watches for "ladies in distress wearing high heels" in the concrete jungle that is NYC - wise man.

Enjoy the rest of your trip and may you have a safe journey home.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I had a lovely trip, Ricrar, thank you very much! Safely home. Manhattan was awesome. Someone asked if I was some model called "Saban," and another guy said "Gorgeous!" at me as I came around one corner. Nothing like that to put a smile on the face of a 45 year old professor! Is everyone that nice in Manhattan?? I'm sold!!!

I LOVE the new RA pix, and the new interview. Very, very nice. And that RA-Florida picture is always a hit with me (the FL crowd). Am out of the loop on RA news....will have to catch up this weekend on your recent posts! Cheers!