March 4, 2013

See Leicester Radio Details Below + Eyebrow Forming Everest + Today's Lorraine Interview(see vid) + Baby Tweets & Chocolate Treats + File Under 'Small World':Gisborne & Rollo Encounter Over The Pond + GoT Interview:Jaime,Brienne,Tywin(See link) + New 'Vikings' Series on History Channel - Written by 'The Tudors' Michael Hirst

Here's the link to listen realtime, Sun interview--8am,EST:

  1. Hear Richard  on BBC Radio Leicester with at 1pm on Sunday then more from him with  after 11am next Wed.

  2. Good news for Richard Armitage fans. He's spoken to us about his career &  - details of when you can hear it in our next tweet.
Richard III Article:

Richard's very first tweets;D Read from bottom up - his baby,baby,baby tweets:
3 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Thanks fans for supporting the film. Come back and keep watching. - Richard Armitage

3 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Richard: His nobility and bending will to succeed. We share a propensity for a bad temper and anxiety of care.

3 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
RT @sadie72733929: #AskThorin- what characteristics do you admire of Thorin and why, & what do you recognize in yourself?

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Richard: Chocolate ice cream. Treat others as you would want to be treated. And lots of chocolate ice cream.
Retweeted by RAblogger
4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
RT @karolinazajc5: @thehobbitmovie What is your recipe for life?  :) #AskThorin
Retweeted by RAblogger
4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Chocolate ice cream. RT @anaradubh: @thehobbitmovie #AskThorin What's your favorite dessert?

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Richard: The face because it was the most uncomfortable, it stings, and fills up with sweat.

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
RT @mitsuhachikuro: @thehobbitmovie #AskThorin It must be hard putting on all those makeup and costume! Which part do you dread the most?

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Richard: Climb Everest.

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
RT ‏@inged3: @thehobbitmovie Richard, what's currently n°1 on your bucket list?#AskThorin

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Richard: Peru. I would like to climb Machu Picchu.

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
RT @hannahmcspadden: @thehobbitmovie Somewhere in the world you've always wanted to travel to, but not had the chance to yet? #AskThorin

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
Richard: Yes. I would like to know which songs you think fit his character. Master and servant.

4 hrs The Hobbit ‏@thehobbitmovie
RT @gizgunslinger: Do you like #DepecheMode? I won't believe if not, cause their songs match greatly with most of your characters #AskThorin

Richard's fan Maraiad's version of the dinner party he proposed:
RA was asked which 3 figures he'd like to enjoy dinner with - he mentioned Richard III, Pres John Kennedy and Ian McKellan
Just discovered Mariaid is also a fanvid creator. After the long wait we endured for tweet replies today, I'd say he owes us this one;D

When historic-legend thespians collide, is it merely coincidence, blog's magnetic ethernet pull or fact there is only one pond between NYC & London??;D (thanks to dear Musa/Fabo for the lovely news)
A Rollo(Clive Standen) tweet reveals he and Gisborne(RA) were pleasantly surprised to bump into each other on recent trans-Atlantic flight:
Great to bump into my old pal Richard Armitage on flight back from NYC...He hasn't changed a bit...A gentleman.

Interesting interview with Game of Thrones Jaime, Brienne and Tywin:
Not just air travel in common - also time travel.  Nice to see bros united again.
For those following the new series Vikings.  Here's the history of their first attack on the island and monastery of Lindisfarne:
Guy of Gisborne's little brother in Robin Hood3, actor Clive Standen, plays Rollo in new series 'Vikings'(History Channel).  Filed under "Only thing new in the world is the history you don't know" are these newly learned historic facts: Rollo was the Duke of Normandy and the ggggrandfather of William the Conqueror:
For those following the new History Channel series 'Vikings', the first ep of following series explains the enormous effect the invading Scandinavians had on English history:


Ricrar said...

Clive Standen tweeted this morning that he and Richard were surprised to bump into each other on a trans-atlantic flight within past couple days. Here's his tweet:

Great to bump into my old pal Richard Armitage on flight back from NYC...He hasn't changed a bit...A gentleman.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good afternoon, Ricrar! And top of the afternoon to you :) :) (ref. last post and conversations about seemingly everyone's Irish ancestors. Mine weren't mentioned, of course, but they came from the NW of....)

Please send many congratulations to Mr. Standen, both for the Vikings show on History Channel, and for the great good fortune of running into Our Elegant Hero.

I absolutely love your polls, Ricrar, as always. I find myself unable, however, to vote on the most recent poll. I cannot think of any of the above as Vikings. (You left out the classic professor answer: "None of the Above.") Thorin is a shoe-in for Viking, but none of the others, at least not in my imaginations :) :) Sir Guy goes Persian every time for me :) :) And the others, well....we'll just leave it there.

I have a new short story about a little girl who goes out on a quest to find God in the jungles of Polynesia. It is very fanciful and sweet :) :)

Had not put that together about the white and the red roses (ref. your last post). How very sweet.

I hope you are having a lovely week. Cheers!

Ricrar said...

"Sir Guy goes persian" sounds like an erotic movie title. Maybe "Sir Guy goes Brazilian" would be even better.

More good news - tomorrow Richard will be answering fan questions at a hobbit account on twitter. Then of course he'll have the Lorraine verbal obstacle course challenge on Thurs;D

Porter reminds me of an invading Viking - take no prisoners other than to celebrate victories in their traditional way. Writer Hirst says he's giving a human face to the ancient Norse culture after eons of public image abuse.

Hubby watched ep 1 and hesitated to say if he'd continue to watch until I mentioned the vikings will next invade historic monasteries along Irish & English coasts. He couldn't resist that intoxicating prospect - said he'll be there for certain next Sun evening.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, I don't know quite what to say to that, Ricrar, except....I suppose you may be right! :) :)

I don't think I could handle watching RA play a Brazilian. I don't think the world is ready to handle that yet...although, he would do quite nicely as 007 set in Brazil, now, wouldn't he??

Vikings. Bad press? I always thought they sounded pretty cool. Are you saying some people think they were more nasty, brutish, and violent than other human beings? Hum. I missed this week on the Vikings series. Will try for next Sunday. Cheers!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! Well, I asked my question on Twitter (I made a Twitter account for the first time ever for it -- nice way to keep up on the news, as it turns out!).

They didn't answer my question, which I asked first of RA and then all of them. Perhaps you know the answer(s)? Question: “What is the city you find to be most beautiful in the world, and which is your favorite type of coffee or tea?"

:) :)

I did catch Vikings last night on a re-run. Very nice! I will certainly tune in Sunday as well. Just the right degree of violence and realism. LOVED the woman he-man. She was gorgeous and slight and knocked the patootie out of some big marauding guys. Gotta love it. Cheers!!

Ricrar said...

Great to hear you're now on Twitter Cleo. I've posted RA's first baby tweets above;D

In an interview a few years ago Richard said Rome is his fav city and Italian his fav cuisine. He did answer "chocolate ice cream" today when asked his No 1 dessert.

I've never heard him mention tea, although it's prob illegal for him, as a Brit, not to have a cup now and then;) He was often shown drinking coffee as Lucas North, but I don't know if that's his fav in RL.

Good to hear you enjoyed Vikings. Believe this Sun they'll take off to raid that famous monastery. It's a prominent place in the history of Christianity.

Ricrar said...

Lindisfarne! That was the very first western European raid for the Vikings. They carried away quite a fine haul of gold and other valuables. After that their raids became quite frequent into No Eng and coastal Irl. The cities of Waterford and Dublin were Viking strongholds. The Irish people can thank(or blame;) the invading Northmen for their red hair and brilliant blue eyes.

After a few centuries they finally agreed to be satisfied with the land they already held in No England - settled down and eventually totally assimilated.

Their attitude towards women is the thing I most admire about Viking culture. They could inherit land and had equal rights of all sorts at a period of history when that was rare.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. Well, I'm not sure I see the use of Twitter so much, as a fairly analog person myself, except that it is great if you hook into multiple news sources. That is pretty cool. Little updates from around the world on stuff one would be hard pressed to follow thoroughly by reading the presses (try as one might). Already got some good tidbits from it.

Lindisfarne looks very, very beautiful. What an interesting place.

You know, after your earlier discussions of Irish ancestors, I looked up mine, and it turns out they are not from NW Ireland. They are all from county Antrim. Heart of IRA country, I believe. Go figure. Must be a lot of us out here.

Hope you're having a cheery Thursday. It is freezing cold here, freezing at night and the works. Thankfully, no snow. Horses don't like that.... I have my big down parka on. Probably overkill. But I do like to keep warm.

Ricrar said...

Love hearing about someone else's family history, Cleo. I believe Co Antrim was populated by many Scotch Irish - those granted land by the English gov when they were determined to keep the rebelling Irish suppressed. Were your ancestors Presbyterians? If so, the chances are high that they were originally from Scotland.

In fact, that group were the ones who forged new frontiers in America. They pushed south from original Mid-Atlantic colonies until they finally reach southern most points of TX and FL. Is that the area where you grew up?

What did you think of Richard's interview w Lorraine? Were you happy to hear he wants to return to the stage, possibly Chekov?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Just finished watching the Lorraine interview from this morning, UK time: (although you may already have posted it).

Loved it, of course. He is very thoughtful about his characters. Makes me want to see Black Sky! I am sure it is full of something more than one might expect from your average twister film, with RA on board.

I believe my family has been Catholic pretty much from every corner of the globe from whence it comes, except possibly Holland. The Irish side was definitely Catholic, and did settle in the Kansas Land Rush in mid-19th-c. I always imagined the film, "Far and Away," to be about them; it is almost exactly their story! :) That part of the family stayed in Kansas and became big farmers. The other side of my family has an even more interesting history; my great grandmother was Polynesian (from the Philippines), and her husband was a Spanish colonist. So, very Catholic there as well, although also possibly animist and Hindi. My grandmother met my American grandfather (whose family was originally from Prussia and then moved to England before coming to the U.S.) during WWII in Manila; he had to change his state residency from Alabama to his brother's state of New York in order to be allowed, legally, to marry her. That was due to anti-miscegenation laws across the U.S. They moved initially to Alabama, but racism there drove them to Alaska, which was much more multicultural at the time, and where I was born. Now I'm back in Florida, having lived in several parts of the world (Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, as well as New England, which is its own nation, in my humble view). None of it made me a great fan of puritan forms of Protestantism :) :). But many members of my family are now Protestant, of course, which is a predominant religion here in the U.S. :) :) I, personally, am Buddhist (true story). And I teach and have made my professional home in Jewish Studies. So. Go figure. I also have a great affinity for Islam, particularly for Sufism. I named my writing blog after one of my biggest literary and spiritual heroes, the Persian love poet and Sufi, Rumi. Eastern Orthodoxy has always interested me (perhaps the Prussian past?), and one of my very favorite spots on earth is the Ethiopian Chapel at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem. I highly recommend going to hear the Orthodox monks chant every day at 5 p.m.! It is a very ancient form of male chanting akin to Gregorian chanting, I believe.

Puritanism versus religious pluralism is a theme in many of my stories, and a major theme, together with race, in Cleopatra, A Screen Play.

Love the idea of RA on stage. Chekov? I, of course, would LOVE to see him play Tristan -- did you hear there is a great new rock opera of Tristan and Isolde situating it in ancient Jerusalem? This silly professor in Florida wrote it.... Race is the big theme in Tristan and Isolde. You might begin to see why it interests me so much, given my family lineage....

Sue said...


Thank you so much for uploading the interview of Richard today! I managed to miss it live!

Lorraine didn't seem to gabble so much in this interview, thank goodness. It wasn't nearly long enough though (as the actress said to the vicar!)

More, more, more please! (Again, as the actress said to the vicar - or was it the other way around, also , not I'd better leave it at that!)

What a smashing lad he is!

As for chocolate ice cream (oh god that conjures up another naughty thought!)

Richard wants to visit Cheshire. There's an incredible farm here that produces it's own ice cream (all flavours)fresh from the cow, quite literally! My goodness it's good! Better than the pre-packed muck you buy from the supermarket!

Ricrar said...

Your family history would make a fascinating novel/film Cleo. Did you do the research or were you fortunate enough to have an ancestor who recorded it for descendants?

Yes, I agree Black Sky should be a thrilling movie. Fact that there's a tornado might even catch my attention whenever RA isn't on the screen;)

BTW, all my maternal ancestors were Irish Catholics from Counties Cork and Mayo. I'd thought their emigration story was rather ordinary, until a few mos ago when I discovered that my Cork gggrdmother had worked as domestic and married one of her employer's sons. He died about 30 after fathering 3 children. She told her relatives that her hubby's parents offered to allow the family to continue living with them as long as the children were raised in their Episcopalian faith. Gggm Johannah refused and due to fears their political influence might help them acquire custody anyway, she & her children fled to a brother already in Pontypridd, Wales. After a few yrs the entire family emigrated to the USA.

Story became more complicated recently when I learned members of her husband's family had also emigrated to the same area here, and in fact owned the company where Johanna's son, my ggrdfather, worked. I'd always wondered why he seemed to fair much better when it came to promotions than the other recent immigrants. I'm now in the process of identifying his father's family and believe they had business connections to Quaker families in Philadelphia.

My paternal ancestors emigrated from a village 8mi NW of Nottinghamshire,Eng. They were strong Methodists - helped build the first church of that denomination in their new location. Whenever my parents had one of their infrequent arguments, now chuckle at the memory of my mother telling dad that he had "johnny bull" stubborness. haha Believe that was a reference to his English ancestry.

Ricrar said...

Live to serve, Sue;)

What was your impression of the Lorraine interview - did Richard sound to you as though he has a cold? Other fans are saying he seemed to have sniffles and other signs of an annoying cold. I didn't detect it, although upon reflection he did seem more subdued than during most of his recent interviews. Thought it was only the fact that Lorraine does tend to carry the conversation without too much input from her guest;D but perhaps Richard had taken some medication if suffering cold symtoms.

Your ice cream fantasies don't have anything to do with conveniently portable choc syrup and pressurized can of whipped cream, do they? teehee Tasty treat indeed.

BTW, your vicar and actress stories are never *short* on triggering a gigglefest. They tend to *grow* on a listener.

BTW, we Americans apparently shortened the word "gabble" in common usage. We have gabfests and enjoy gabbing - especially about our fav actor;) just in case you didn't notice.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

LOVE the new Game of Thrones video for math nerds, Ricrar. So awesome. That may be my favorite yet -- although I think "Sir Guy of Gisborne Season 3" is my all-time favorite :)

BTW, any man who lists chocolate in any form as his favorite dessert is alright by me.

I was able to put together my brief family histories on most sides through talking with most of my relatives when I was about 30 years old. I was the subject of the U.S.'s wrong-headed racial policies on adoption in the early 1970s and so didn't get to grow up with my own family (African-Americans, Native Americans, and poor mixed-race adults were encouraged to put their kids up for adoption to give them the chance to grow up white, protestant, and middle class -- a fairly draconian top-down social experiment; my brother and I were thus taken from my poor, divorced Irish Catholic mother, and mixed race father, who only looked colored to them in that day and age so they would not allow him to keep us. People often tell me I don't look like a woman of color and so must not have experienced institutional racism in our era, but I can assure you, while it is different for everyone, I have some fairly profound personal knowledge of it). I found my family through a private detective when I was 30 and traveled around to all of them. They were delighted to tell me all of their stories of where our people came from on various sides, I was able to see one family bible and some other records, and put it together into something of a narrative for myself. Can't vouch for the absolute accuracy, but it's as close as I can get.

My new short story, “Sophia: The Magic of the Jungle,” is based on a story that part of my family told about my great-grandmother in the Philippines. Top of the page:

Back to the chocolate: We need more men who like chocolate!

Love the new photos as always, Ricrar. Thanks so much!!! Cheers.

Ricrar said...

Math nerds is hilarious - best statistic is the fact Geo Martin's 5 books so far have more words than the bible or dictionary. haha

I'm inquiring whether the Leicester radio interview will be available for us to listen on Sun morning. Not sure I'd make it anyway because if it's 1pm their time, it's 8am our time. Might not get up that early on Sun. I'll let you know if it will be available and where.

When Richard narrated Clarissa a couple yrs ago, we did tune in realtime but that was 9:30am - perfect timing. We sipped our warm cups of coffee and listened to his intoxicatingly evil rendition of Robt Lovelace.
Believe there's a YT vid with at least an excerpt from that show. Will post above if I find it.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Would love to know if there's a link!

BTW, what is your favorite dessert? Mine would have to be Haagen Dazs Chocholate-Chocolate-Mint :) :) A rare treat :)

...or French silk pie...or chocolate cheese cake.... I suppose the list goes on, really....

Yes, that stat on the number of words in the GOT books vs. the Bible was pretty choice. :) :)

Ricrar said...

Here's the link to UK radio station Cleo.

BTW, all BBC radio station programs are available for foreign listeners. That's not the case when it comes to TV series but yes for radio.

If FL is in same time zone as PA, it will be 8am Sun morning for the interview.

Even earlier on Wed--6am.I'd never make latter, but just might be up by 8am on Sun.

Sue said...


I didn't detect any sniffles in the interview with Lorraine. She didn't seem to gabble as much, but I don't think Richard quite knows what question she is going to ask next, or what she will say (who's a pretty boy then!)

You read my mind about the ice cream and whipped.

Talking of chocolate goodies to eat, one of my favourites is the Mississippi Mud Pie! (High on calories, but what the heck, you only live once!)

None of the rest of the Hobbit cast seem to be promoting the film. Surely the next film won't be out for a while either. Me thinks he is sizing another role up, or trying to promote a prospective project. Could it be Richard III? the Radio Leicester interview may be a clue. Presumably Richard will also be nipping home to visit mum and dad while he's at it (being interviewed that is!)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar and Sue!

Sue, I have to agree with you, Mississippi Mud Pie is a thing a beauty. I have developed my own philosophical justification of my support of desserts, and of chocolate and cream in particular. As with my short stories and legends, I find it useful to dip into mythology to find my support of such things. And my answer is three words: Fruits of the Universe. (To be distinguished from "Fruit of the Loom.")

Some ancient cultures felt that partaking in the Fruits of the Universe was part of how we can each contribute to making this world a Paradise.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!! I've gotta do my part! Happy Chocolate!!!

Ricrar, thank you so much for the link to Radio Leicester. I've got it up on my computer ready and waiting! We'll see if I'm up by 8 a.m. to listen on a Sunday.... :) Hope you're keeping warm in PA!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Ricrar, I am so delighted to see that you have overcome the time and space travel issues of our Sir Guy!!! You may recall that I suffer from the same problem, as I can travel neither in time; nor in space, really, since I have to teach and take care of my daughter; nor am I able to travel into that magical world of the TV set. I was just wondering....

Alas, I am afraid you will say no....

:) :)

Ricrar said...

Well, on recommendation from both of you, can see I'll need to remedy the fact I've never tried Mississippi Mudpie. The name alone sounds calorie ridden BUT a chocoholic such as myself feels compelled to give it a go. *salivating at prospect*

I hope you're right, Sue, about Richard's primary purpose for the interview with BBC Leicester. He prob committed time to them when Richard III's earthmover(or would skeletonmover be more accurate?) Phillipa made certain to include RA's name in her remarks referring to the "king in the car park."
Will be cause for celebration if Richard actually has some concrete reports on progress for his new Richard III project.

Cleo, 9 times out of 10 when choosing a dessert I will pick something with heavy amounts of chocolate; however, when pressed to reveal the one that the mere thought makes my tastebuds tingle, it's Greek Baklava. All those crushed walnuts and delicious honey oozing over thin delicate pastry layers sends me into a gastronomic orgy. Must have some as quickly as possible...nom,nom,nom;D haha

Ricrar said...

Uh oh, just realized we start daylight saving tonight. So, does that mean we need to tune in at 9am or 7am Sun morning? *down on knees praying it's the former and not the latter*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

You and me, both! Ugh, 7 a.m. is asking a lot. But not too much, perhaps :) :)

I suppose since you didn't answer my "P.S.," Ricrar, that having a Cleo shot pasted in next to our fearless hero, Sir Guy, in Vikingland is out of the question. :) :) As a dedicated RA fan, a photo of "Cleo" pasted next to Sir Guy would be -- better than Everest. :) :) That would take care of my Bucket List for a good while!!!

Will be tuning in tomorrow, bright and early!

Ricrar said...

Cleo - check latest post. Lucas is doing his best to warm you up but your profile pic is rather standoffish;D