February 28, 2013

RA Scheduled to Appear on Brit Talk Show on Thurs(Thx Musa;) + Game of Thrones Season 3 Countdown: Starts 4 Wks from Sun

Another clever fan creation..
Clever RA fan on twitter apparently felt Thorin needs something soft & cuddly..

      Vol II: A Clash of Kings(Geo Martin's  A Song of Ice and Fire)
..for the first time, Jorah tells Daenerys of his ill-fated marriage to Lynesse Hightower. He mentions that Daenerys resembled his dead wife, and Dany realizes for the first time that Jorah loves her romantically. She doesn't speak of her realization nevertheless, she increasingly begins to worry that Jorah sees her primarily as either the child she once was or as a potential romantic partner, rather than truly respecting her as a queen.
Falling more and more in love with Daenerys, Jorah eventually stops sending reports,[7]sending the final one from Qarth...
Vol III:  A Storm of Swords
Jorah finally makes his move, kissing Daenerys when they are alone. He confesses his love and repeatedly suggests they marry, but she always refuses. Although Dany still treasures Jorah's friendship and advice, his advances begin to make her uncomfortable.


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Wow. I really like that photo of Sir Guy and the gal from Game of Thrones. That is nice.

2/28 is a whole cornucopia of photos of Sir Guy. Be still my heart, Ricrar!!! You are an artist, as always :) :)

How was your reaction to Parade's End last night? Mine was sort of -- Eh. I found the on-going virginity schtick of Cumberbatch's character to get tedious after a while. He and his wife just need to put an end to it already. Greatest argument I've seen in some time for divorce. I don’t think I will watch tonight – it’s on a bit late for me anyway.

Sir Guy, on the other hand, is breathtaking. As always :) :) Thorin for Game of Thrones works quite well, too. I cannot wait for the day you announce to us that it will be real!!! :)

Cheers! Thanks ever so much for the new photos :)

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the thoughtful words Cleo:)

I've been dreaming about Richard as part of Game of Thrones for a couple yrs, so seeing how well he compliments the stunning sets just confirms the feeling he'd make a glourious addition to the show.

As for Parade's End, I did watch last nite's eps and found it a bit more interesting than the first two. However, as you said - the Cumberbatch character is totally frustrating. He finally started to show signs of generating some heat towards his wife and poof! it was gone as quickly as it appeared.

It would really have been a frustrating scene for the audience if BC had a dram of sex appeal, but he doesn't so it was more laughable than anything else.

I didn't watch tonight because my very fav wkly show - Person of Interest - was on at the same time. I'd never miss hottie Jim Caviezel and that exciting drama for slow-moving, terribly disappointing PE.

The real tragedy is that HBO could've expended those financial resources on RA's Richard III instead of on dismal and boring Parade's End. C'est la vie! Perhaps next week we'll learn the date for Black Sky's release..hope springs..;)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good evening, Ricrar. Well, I can report that the photos of Sir Guy as The Game of Thrones/The North Remembers are just as nice one day later!! :) :)

Don't get me started on men like Cumberbatch's character. He is clearly frustrating, and frustrated, and causing frustration in more than one person around him (female and male). I would shake my glove at him in a minute!

BTW, who did you vote for for most likely to have a kitty cat? I voted for Sir Guy...of course :) :)

Sir Guy in Cathedral. (Audible intake of breath.)

I absolutely agree about the tragedy of television and movie funding choices. Why, HBO could fund RA to play Cleopatra's Julius as well, don't you know! And wouldn't the whole world watch! I bet'cha money Julius would not have these...Parade's End issues....

It is officially spring break here. Sing Hallelujah! Cheers!

Ricrar said...

Most likely to have a kitty cat is Porter for me;D The strong silent type usually have something soft and cuddly to hug when they get home. If not a female, an affectionate feline will do or an adoring canine. Of course the girlfriend would furnish more than a neck nuzzle - although Porter would no doubt appreciate that as well.

It reminds me of a photo manipulation of regal Thorin - he's holding a stuffed Sesame Street character under one arm. haha so cute.

Ricrar said...

Great news! Richard is scheduled to appear on the Brit daytime show called 'Lorraine.' The hostess during interview a few yrs ago told him he was a "beautiful boy". haha Doubt she'll do the same this time.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! It is chilly and breeze here in North Florida -- 42F and sunny. Not bad for a winter morning!

I would love to see Thorin hugging a stuffed animal -- a big stuffed, stripey tiger would be my preference (over Sesame Street, but perhaps it's only my age)....

I still think RA should do children's cartoon movies. Didn't I see videos of his reading short stories for a children's show early in his career?

Yes, Porter with a kitty cat would work just fine for me as well.

I have Anna Karenina (the movie) and War and Peace (the novel) slated for our spring break here. (Spring break is not quite the same thing for aged, professor, single moms as it is for the college kids.....). Should be fun! Just found a new home for one of our ponies, so we're down to two -- lots of riding! Too bad RA can't join us and show off his equestrian skills.... :) :) :) (haha)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Great news on the Lorraine show! Do we get links to it here in the US?

Ricrar said...

We'll see it eventually Cleo.

While checking different sites for the Richard/Lorraine details, I noticed the hostess was recently kept overnight in hospital after falling from a horse. Happily she avoided serious injury - she was practicing for some sort of charity even when the accident occurred.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Love the new interview video!! Very nice. And I love that chair in the first photo! Did you notice that same photo is also up on the richardarmitagenet.com site? Pretty cool.

Sir Guysie, indeed. Where's his kitty cat??

Like the little fuchsia mark on House Guysie. Is that like the warrior equivalent of little "smack" kisses? Inquiring minds want to know....and so forth.... Those spikey quills behind him in one photo are ferocious, indeed.

I have to say, I begin to like Ser Jorah Mormont for the quote you have him down for....a very wise man!!!

Happy Sunday :) :)

Sue said...

Looking forward to watching Richard being interviewed by Lorraine. She's interviewed Richard before. She's got a thick Scottish accent and gabbles a bit. I remember thinking that Richard couldn't get a word in edge ways and I'm not entirely sure he could understand what she was saying. Hope he does better this time. Maybe he'll sweep her off her feet like he did with the interviewer in America? That should leave her lost for words!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the fushia marks represent one of the lesser houses of Westeros, I borrowed that banner for House Guysie;D

The "spikey quills" are actually the back of the iron throne of Westeros. Guy is visiting that throneroom. If we cannot get RA into the Game of Thrones cast, at least we can enjoy the delicious mental images of him there.

Someone on twitter did give Thorin his very own pet cat..they look so cute together.

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue,
I remember Lorraine telling Richard that he's "a beautiful boy." RA is rarely at a loss for words but that time he looked flummoxed, and forever the diplomat, he did not reply "a boy in his 30s?" as no doubt he mentally observed.

So, it's a Scottish accent - thought it was Irish. She reminds me of some waitresses who hovered over our dinner table at a hotel dining room in Dublin. When one of them took my platter away, she commented "you didn't eat your veggies." haha I lol and told hubby she reminded me of several elderly aunts with the same endearing attitude.

Lorraine had also obviously done some homework on the internet before her first RA interview. She mentioned to Richard that many of his fans make statements that they'd like to see "more of him". He again stayed silent as she added "if you know what I mean--literally more of you." The poor man, who is usually quick and articulate with replies, seemed perplexed yet again how to respond.

Should be an adventure this Thurs to see if the years of intervening interviews have prepared him to handle anything Lorraine throws out there. Something tells me he is definitely up to the task this time and will field all her questions/comments with aplomb.

BTW, last evening hubby again watched the latest ep of 'Ripper' - during a commercial I related your remark that you're bored by drama that doesn't have some violence. He replied that obviously not all females have my delicate sensibilities when it comes to entertainment. Lol haha

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar. If I might chime in on the Lorraine dilemma.... My personal suggestion, as someone post-40, is that if she calls him a "beautiful boy," he should hand her a little stuffed puddy tat (Tweety's famous pronunciation) and tell her she is a "lovely girl indeed." I think, after 40, we all need to appreciate such compliments where we can get them!!!

Is there ANY chance you might possibly paste a little puddy tat in with Sir Guysie?? Maybe Sir Guysie and the spiney throne? That throne is so blatant. Whose throne is it anyway, in Game of Thrones? Someone who wants to be called a "beautiful boy" more often, I am guessing..... But what do I know....


Ricrar said...

For some unknown reason, suppose because it's topical, it's Thorin who fans are providing with cuddle toys. Will post one of them here asap.

I've just added a video that explains who is currently sitting on the iron throne of Westeros. When the series started, it was Joffrey's *perceived* father Robert Baratheon. Latter was gored by a wild boar and Queen Cersei's son Joffrey inherited the crown. It's his controversial claim to power that has fueled warfare throughout the 7 kingdoms.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Wow. That new "clever fan creation" photo reminds me of Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks," except that instead of looking through the glass into a stark, cold, empty, modernist interior, you get a reflection of a warmer (albeit soldiers practing battle) medieval past. How interesting. Love RA's reflection as the King...the (modern and medieval) coats are very nicely matched in the reflection :)

And -- oh, my Heavens -- THORIN AND A PUDDY TAT!!!!! You put a smile on my face for the day, at least :) :)

Love the new videos. They do explain, quite well, who is sitting on the that noteworthy throne. I like the actor playing the child king. He really seems to get the character (it was very nice to see he was not like the character at all!).

Very nice reading of North and South....of course. Can't wait for more!!! :) :)

Cheers, Ricrar! Happy Monday!

Sue said...


I think Richard will give Lorraine Kelly a run for her money in his next interview with her. He's more experienced now (so to speak).

Actually Lorraine was interviewed on a Piers Morgan's show over here at the weekend. It was really interesting. She grew up in a tough part of Glasgow and was originally a serious journalist before becoming a presenter.



Maybe now she knows what it like to be on the receiving side of an interview which might take pity on poor old Richard. I must admit I can't blame her for calling him "a beautiful boy".He's still that now, even at the grand old age of 41. He's got a twinkle in his eyes that won't ever dim with age.

Wonder if he's promoting Black Sky. Is it finished yet, or has he kept another project under his hat until now?

Ricrar said...

Cleo, the fan who created that clever reflection prob meant the battle to be Bosworth field where Richard III died. He was the last british king to die on a battlefield with his soldiers. Note the white rose she placed in his hand. Which house was the white rose?..York? and red for Lancaster? Never did nail down which was red,which white. BTW, Geo Martin has said Game of Thrones is loosely based on the War of Roses only he has set up the challenge of 7 kingdoms. Fascinating how he keeps minute details for the hundreds of characters and houses all sorted out with his trusty 'puter.

Ricrar said...

Sue, I'm told Black Sky had financial problems and was taken back under the wing of Warner Bros, which sounds very positive to me. Perhaps RA's performance in the film was more closely observed during the business transactions. Maybe he'll have the release date on Thurs. That would be welcome news or mention of a project other than the hobbit.

With the last name Kelly, I'd say Lorraine's family was prob originally Irish(hubby's paternal grdmother was a Kelly). I know our late night show host, Craig Ferguson, grew up in Scotland but always says his family is actually Irish. Apparently the short distance between those two countries has caused a great deal of migration over the centuries.

Thanks for the Piers Morgan link, can hardly wait to learn what happened.

Obviously Lorraine has her own talk show because she manages to generate plenty of it - it's her guests challenge to somehow squeeze in a word or two;D If it was one of us, he could talk his head off for an entire hour while we sat with silly smiles on our faces. haha

BTW, the new History channel series 'Vikings' started last night. Clive Standen still has it...by *it* I mean devinely tall, broad shoulders and a square jawline not even a heavy beard can disguise. Yum! His character is making advances towards his sister in law. *tsk,tsk but delish at same time*

Clive(Rollo) and his fellow vikings are currently preparing to invade you in No England so, best put out the welcome mat if they all look like him;D

Hubby's family originated on the NW coast of Ireland - he's 6'4" with bright blue eyes. Told him at least one viking had definitely invaded his DNA back in their glory days of terrorizing coastal Ireland and northern England. Half my paternal ancestors emigrated from Notts - part of the Danelaw region - but my eyes are green(didn't have the good fortune to inherit baby blues like Richard's)

Ricrar said...

There's fascinating, unbelievable news today about Richard. Our conversations must be emanating some sort of magnetic force drawing RA towards past acquaintances. That might be a slight exaggeration.*cough,cough*

I'll post today's news under latest post.